What is the Work of an SEO Expert?

SEO expert

Achieving a high ranking on search engine results is important for the success of your online business. However, achieving this goal requires a lot of hard work and persistent on your part as a webmaster. You also need to adhere to the many guidelines set by search engines. Although this may scary, there is a way around; working with an SEO service provider.

Many webmasters have worked with SEO companies before but most of them don’t know what these companies do until they hire them. If you are thinking about working with an SEO firm, you probably have asked yourself many questions on what exactly these professionals do. The purpose of this post is to answer some of these questions.

Research, audit and analysis

The first responsibility of an SEO professional is to help with the initial research, audit as well as analysis. Experienced experts understand that every website is different and so each company has to be handled differently. It is for this reason that most experts are hesitant to give predictions or guarantees before they take the time to review your website.

There is no set formula for results when it comes to search engine optimization. The professionals only focus on overcoming challenges and solving problems. The research, audit and analysis stage is meant to unveil the hidden challenges and problems that a website may be facing. These findings will then be used to find the ultimate solution that shapes the professional’s approach.

Keyword research

Using the right keywords is the key to ranking well on search engine results. One of the many services offered by the SEO companies is the keyword research service. The goal here is to help you identify and research the keywords that will give the best results. The keywords selected are usually relevant to the client. This is done to reduce the chances of the keyword being targeted too much by the competition.

Google analytics

It is not possible to determine whether you are moving forward or stagnating unless you take the time to see how your campaigns are faring. A service offered by the optimization companies is that of performance review. This is mostly done using Google analytics. There are other analytics tools that can be used but the Google analytics promises the best results.

The professional will help analyze the results and give you advice or help you achieve better results.

Google webmaster tools analysis

An SEO expert will also make use of the Google Webmaster Tools to help identify technical problems that may be affecting your website. This includes penalties that may be affecting your rankings negatively. By taking a look at the history as well as the status of a website, the expert is able to tailor solutions that help overcome your limits.

Link profile analysis

Link building is important for search engine optimization. The more the number of links your website has, the more quality it will have in the ‘eyes’ of search engines. However, it is important to remember that search engines don’t just focus on the quantity but on the quality of the links.

An essential service offered by SEO companies is that of analyzing your link profile. The professional will analyze your link profile keenly and eliminate the links that may cause your website to be penalized. The service starts with the cleanup of the spammy links. This is important because links from spam sites have the highest potential of impacting your rankings negatively.

Website audits

A site audit is important if you want to fully understand your website and how it is faring.

The audit includes several factors like:

  • The load speed of a website,
  • The URL structure,
  • Meta descriptions,
  • Title tags,
  • Internal link building,
  • The quality of content

Different firms offer varying services. Other companies will extend the audit to include many other things like metrics that impact conversions and profits. This includes design, message and usability.

The above are just some of the key services hat SEO companies offer. The above list is not complete. There are other services offered such as code overhaul, web redesign, link disavowal/removal, link building and link monitoring, brand monitoring, competitor research and so much more. Hire a reputable company that offers the widest range of services.