Why You Need Red Pumps to Use Pinterest

Red Pumps And PinterestOne of the fastest growing social networks right now is Pinterest – but do you know why you need red pumps if you are going to use Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard. With Pinterest you can organize and share your pictures on the Internet.

People are using Pinboards to share everything from wedding and how they decorate their homes to pictures of their dog and favorite recipes (and yes red pumps).

You can browse all the Pinboards on Pinterest created by other people and get inspired.



ReferralTrafficUse Pinterest as a source for traffic

Pinterest has a huge potential to drive some serious referral traffic to your website.

Take a look here at the percentage of total referral traffic. As you can see the referral from Pinterest is almost just as high as Google and Twitter – and higher than from YouTube, Reddit, Google+ and LinkedIn.

So it’s time to use Pinterest seriously as a source for traffic.


AMarketersGuideToPinterestPinItToWinItInfographicSmallWho are the users?

Maybe the most interesting part is that 87 percent of the users are women. Yes you read correct – 87 percent (I have also seen the percent being 68 – but it’s still a high percent).

And it’s most popular for people between 25 and 54 years old. It has 11,7 million unique monthly users in the USA.

So if most of the users are women between 25 and 54, we need to pin some red pumps to get attention right?

The Infographic to the left is from mdgadvertising.com (click the image to see much more information on the Infographic).

You can also read much more about the users and the user activity on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn right here.


How to get started with Pinteresst

  • Start making a profile on Pinterest – remember to write the www of your website in the description and to use hashtags with your main keywords too. Read more about hashtags here.
  • Now start to pin some of your images to your board.
  • Install a button on your website so can make it easy for people to pin your images. If you have a WordPress website you can install a plugin to make it easy to pin your images. I have installed a plugin here at SeoCustomer.com so when people hover over an image they can pin it right away (try that)
  • Be careful about the titles of your images. You titles will be the default text when somebody is making a pin from your web site.

Now lets us take it to the next level.

  • Start following same interests on Pinterest. You don’t have to follow people (you can do that too), but instead you can follow just a board/interest.
  • Check out who repin your pins. Do you know that you can check out who repins your pins. Type http://pinterest.com/source/Seocustomer.com. Instead of SeoCustomer.com you just write your domain.


Get more traffic  strategy from Pinterest – community boards
So how can you really rock the boat and get your traffic from Pinterest? One way to get more traffic is to create a community board.

A community board is a place where you can invite people with the same interest (and they have to be Pinterest users too) to pin related posts into your community board.

This way you can build your followers quickly and also building trust among the Pinterest community.

The only problem here is the promotional part. Well I have my awesome email club here at SeoCustomer.com so I will invite you all to become members of a community board.

seouMy community board is “seo4u”. You will find it here http://pinterest.com/seocustomer/seo4u/.

If you get my weekly email I will grant you permission to pin to this board – just email me at [email protected] then I will add your name to the list.

This way you can also get your promotion out to more people. So this is a win-win situation for all right?

Make a community board for your own website too and invite people to join your community.


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