What you didn’t know about Tiger Woods

If you read my article about the-blogger-guide-to-practical-link-building you will know that it’s important to do guest blogging. When you write for other blogs you can just make a copy of one of your articles right? No no no.. Wait…

I just learned that even spam sites aren’t being penalized for having duplicate content though. They are being penalized for being spam. Search engines don’t penalize people just for having duplicate content – BUT…

There are some other issues  to think of. Your link popularity will be diluted. When you have backlinks pointing to several different URL versions with the same content, this will make it much harder to accumulate link juice for one URL.

But no matter if you believe you are being penalized or not – there is a great solution. Some of you have heard of it – and some of you might not have. The answer is article spin.

Don’t spend hours rewriting your same article. Use software – and some of the software is FREE stuff. You can check out this one www.freearticlespinner.com. Sign up and try it. You can also watch a video about it right here..

Good luck with your guest blogging and your article spin. By the way you are always welcome to send in an article to this website, if you have some good information about SEO, SEM, Link Building or Social Media Traffic.

And by the way… It’s important with a catchy headline right? And Tiger Wood is always great.

Best wishes to you all..