What you can learn from your mother about SEO

SEO mom frontYou might tell me that your mother knows absolutely nothing about SEO. But you are wrong. You can learn a lot about SEO from your mother.

So let me give some mother rules – ready?

No no – you don’t have to drink milk while reading this article – coffee is okay.


Play nice

These days everybody is talking about social media – yeah yeah I know I do that too. But link building is still very important to get higher ranking in the search engines.

But with all the animals update from Google (why do I always get scared when Google is talking about animals?) A link is no longer a link.

If you link to bad sites – spammy site, porn sites – you might get punished by Google. The best best backlinks to your site is from sites relevant to your own site.

It’s like hanging around in a good neighborhood. Your mother wants you to play with the good guys in the best neighborhood. So link to the good guys and get links from the good guys.

Listen to your mother.

So I would like SEOMOZ to link to my site (so dear reader if you are working at SEOMOZ please link to my site).

A mother will not use the black hat link strategy right? So play it nice out there – and think of your mother.

Your mother would do everything within the guidelines for best practices right? Don’t do any sneaky, underhanded or illegal business practices on the internet.

Your mother will do anything legal.

Keep Calm And Call Your Mom – For Your Seo from SeoCustomer.com


Network the motherly way

Maybe your mother has never had a Facebook account or a Google+ account (she has never been a Google employee) but you can still learn a lot about Social Media from her.

When I think about my mother – she is always talking on the phone (not mobile) to her friends, talking to the neighbors, going to the shops and talk to other customers in the shop. In fact she only stops talking when she sleeps (hmm I hope she will not read this article).

So the lesson is that we have to engage in Social Media, we have to talk to our followers. It’s not enough just to make an account and start to do some marketing.

Ask some questions to your followers. Get to know them. Start to love them and they will love you back – and you can’t get love without any talk.


Be good at school

Your mother will tell you to do your homework and check your spelling right?

If you do your homework you will be great writing content for your website. And if you have great content, people would love to link to your content. And backlinks to your website will give you higher ranking.

And after all the animal updates (grrr) it is more and more important with great content.

Your mother wants you to come in first place by playing fair, and the more interesting, compelling and relevant your website is, the higher it will get in the search ranking. Concentrate writing great content and no black hats.

So you will ask me – article spinning – is that something my mother would like? No, your mother doesn’t like article spinning. Article spinning is trying to play games with Google right?

Yes yes yes – I know – check the spelling. English is not my first language for me – so it’s not always so easy  (so sorry to all you English speaking guys reading this).


Remember Mother’s Day

And why does your mother want you to do better in your business? Because she wants a great present on Mother’s Day.

So if you are running a successful SEO marketing campaign, your business will do well. And if your business is doing well you can afford to buy her some flowers or chocolate right?


No more mother talk – I want my coffee now – no more milk here.




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