What Users Expect from Your Facebook Fanpage Design?

FacebookDLightsmallVisitors have a lot of expectations from Facebook Fanpage design. Businesses can pamper fans with more interactive features, great deals, special offers, and mini sites on the page.

A Facebook Fanpage can be created by a designer having knowledge of web technologies. Then, have you ever pondered what it has to offer to its fans? And what are their expectations from it? These are the questions that you should ask before creating a Facebook Fanpage design. It should be not be designed for the sake of it. There should be a purpose.

In this article, we will have a look at the expectations of users from your Fanpage. Let’s have a read…


More Interactive Features

You have designed it for attracting the attention of your visitors, and therefore it should not be passive. It is great to look at a big welcome message, but modern users want some activity. They are more keen on doing something interesting when they land up on your business Fanpage.

It is all about sharing content intelligently. Consider yourself as an online toy seller. You can make use of a splash image having the link to your photo album page where users can upload pictures of their kid’s favorite toys. Also provide a link on the splash image that directs visitors to your products page.

This is a smart marketing campaign that allows fans to do some activity, as well as make them acquainted with your products, i.e. the toys.


Offer Interesting Deals !

The success of it depends on how smartly you can push engaging content. Yes, fans like viewing content that rouses their interest. This is one reason many businesses as part of their Facebook page customization strategy keep users informed by offering lucrative deals or discounts. You might be asking how they go about it. Through their status updates !

Fans also like to be pampered with new visuals and engaging content. The best way to do it is by offering unique offers on your custom-made tab. It is not that difficult as you perceive it to be. You can include an appropriate splash image that will boast of your exclusive offers. This form of promotion should be included in your updates.

You simply have to tweak the photo on the fan page so that visitor’s attention is diverted towards your products or services. Every time a user lands on your page, he will get to know of your products or offers. In other words, it will make the page look new if regularly updated with new and exciting deals.


Mini Sites in Fan Pages

Yes, there are some companies that walks the extra mile as far as Fanpage design is concerned. An ideal way to attract more user attention is by including mini-sites into your Fanpage. This point can be explained with an example. You can add rich multimedia related content under a tab ‘Fan’s Zone’. It can allure visitors with videos, photos or events related to your company.

You can make use of Flash to make such mini-sites more interactive. However, make sure that you adhere to Facebook guidelines. How effective your Fanpage will be depends on the ability of the developer offering customized web development services.

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