What Street Artists Can Teach Us About Effective SEO Marketing

Although some people view the work of all street artists as merely graffiti, the reality is that some of these individuals are extremely talented at creating memorable art and promoting it effectively. Due to this fact, it can be beneficial for business owners and marketers to take a closer look at the methods that highly revered street artists such as Banksy utilize to keep the general public interested in their work.

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Which SEO Tactics do Street Artists Use?

There’s a quote by Banksy that states, “The thing I hate the most about advertising is that it attracts all the bright, creative and ambitious young people, leaving us mainly with the slow and self-obsessed to become our artists. Modern art is a disaster area. Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say so little.” That being said, Banksy has stated that he still understands the need for marketing–and artists must sell their art effectively in order to make money to live on. Many turn to the Web to get exposure and peddle their craft the best way possible.

The SEO tactics that the street artists use are very diverse and often yield very strong results for them. The following are some of the ones that have been found to be very effective:

Streetart1. Social Marketing 

The most prevalent form of SEO that is embraced by street artists is social media. After all, they can use websites such as Facebook and Twitter to gather followers who are excited to see each of their latest works of art. Additionally, the social aspect of these sites makes it extremely easy to get fans to continuously spread the word. In fact, some street artists have become so popular that their fans launch additional pages in their honor. For example, the Banksy FB Revolution page helps fans learn about the artist’s newest pieces.

2. Official Websites

Maintaining an official website enables them to carefully control the information that they share with their fans, and it also gives them the perfect place to display their best pieces. Edgar Mueller is an accomplished graffiti artist who has optimized his website for a high Google ranking by embedding it with the proper keywords. Mueller’s site also has a share button built right into the template, and this helps him continue to spread his message to an ever-expanding audience.

3. Online Interviews

Participating in industry related interviews is a great way for anyone to gain extra exposure, and it is highly recommended for business owners to look for opportunities to discuss their company online. Street artists have definitely embraced this opportunity, and there are multiple websites dedicated to sharing their story and images of their work. Being featured on one of these sites is beneficial for SEO because it helps increase the visibility of the artist’s name, and it also gives them a quality inbound link to their official website.

4. Creating Highly Shareable Content

In 2010, Banksy was given the opportunity to create an original opening for the popular television show “The Simpsons.” Although this opening was only used for one episode, it created a media frenzy and was viewed more than 14 million times on YouTube. This helps highlight the power of creating something unusual that will resonate with a wide audience, and it also showcases the importance of media exposure. After all, a Google search for “The Simpsons Banksy” brings up approximately 642,000 results, and all of these pages help drive traffic to the official Banksy website.

5. Constantly Creating New Work

One of the most important aspects of becoming and remaining a popular street artist is to constantly keep working. Doing this keeps artists in the limelight, and every mention online of their work helps them achieve their SEO goals. For example, Street Art News is a website that features the 10 most popular pieces of street art each month. Additionally, artists who regularly produce quality work will find themselves ranked in an annual best of lists, and individual artists such as Banksy are often honored by a wide variety of websites that rank their best pieces. The lesson here for business owners and marketers is that it is vital to keep producing new products and marketing campaigns to stay relevant and keep your customers engaged.

As you can see, the most popular and accomplished street artists put a lot more into their work than simply spray painting a building. There are creative and marketing strategies put in place by them, and those who are successful can even end up selling their pieces in an art gallery. However, to get to this point, they must effectively spread the word via proven SEO techniques.

Holly Chavez is the author of this article who loves the vibrancy and uniqueness of graffiti art. She enjoys walking down city streets and admiring all the different styles and expressions of graffiti murals. In the past she was always a little sad that the murals weren’t more permanent, but with the advent of online marketing and related pictures, it’s bringing more of a permanency to an artist’s work. She’d love to know what you think about the article, so be sure to leave comments for her.  Photo courtesy of Flickr user Ms. Phoenix https://flic.kr/p/ae9x6D