What Elvis Can Learn Us About SEO

ElvisAndSEOThe other day I had an article about SEO The Beatles Way. – So I was thinking, if The Beatles could learn us something – what about Elvis – the king himself.

So put on some music from the king while reading this article – deal?

Elvis wasn’t the best singer or musician in the 50s. He wasn’t the best dancer.

I think what made him great was his passion. He was maybe the most passionate one that has ever lived. He didn’t just stand still singing his music; he was jumping around, moving his hips.

His body language was huge. He shows facial expression. His passion was so huge that 50.000.000 people couldn’t be wrong in 1959.

So ask yourself – what passion are you bringing to your website? How do you write about your product or service – plain and boring? With passion? Don’t write like a robot – remember you are writing to people.

Even if you are writing in the B2B market – you are still writing to people. What makes your product different? Why is it the best product in the world? Why should people buy it from you? Do you think that writing with passion will help the sale?

Well I think so.

ElvisCoverBring passion to your website.


The 10.000 hour rule is king
Another rule we can learn from Elvis (and also The Beatles) is the 10.000 hour rule – have you heard of this rule?

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book in 2008 called “Outliers: The Story of Success”. Caldwell examines which factors that contribute to a high level of success.

He was checking out ice hockey players who were born in the first months of the calendar year (they would play more than the people born later in a year), Bill Gates and The Beatles.

The Beatles were playing songs in Liverpool and Hamburg for years before getting famous – yes they had 10.000 hours of practical training before make it in 1963. And so did Elvis – he was singing, learning the guitar years before getting famous too.

And after making his first records he went out playing lots and lots of concert – and he was getting better all the time.


So the lesson is – be patient when you are doing SEO. It will take a long time to be good doing SEO. Have passion and be patient.

It will also take a long time from changing some elements on your website until you can see the result in the search ranking position.


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