Website Analyzer Tools Every Webmaster Needs

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Putting together a well-designed, eye-catching website is definitely a great start, but it’s not enough to ensure that you will receive a lot of traffic or sales. In fact, some of the ugliest and least user friendly websites have gained worldwide attention because they paid close attention to other factors such as SEO, page load times and eliminating errors. Of course, the optimal outcome is to have the best of all of these worlds because sites that are easy to navigate tend to have a lower bounce rate.

After your website is built, it’s wise to utilize a few website analyzer tools to make absolutely certain that everything is running smoothly. This will put you in a better position to get indexed properly by Google, and it will also provide a better experience for your visitors. Keep in mind that this isn’t something that you can do just once and be done. Instead, you should check your site with analyzer tools on a regular basis. If you find any errors or other issues, be sure to correct them right away.

Tools That Will Help Your Website Thrive

There are several website analyzer tools you can turn to, so this will by no means be an exhaustive list. However, it will provide you with a good starting point from which you can improve your site’s performance.

1. SEO Analyzer


This free tool allows any webmaster to quickly and easily discover where their site ranks in a variety of important categories, including SEO, backlinks, keywords, page speed, content marketing and even a competitor analysis. Acquiring this information will make it much easier to tweak your site as needed. As an added bonus, this particular website analyzer tool offers recommendations that can help you improve in a few key areas.

2. Check My Links


Speaking of links, it’s not good enough to merely stick with inbound and outbound links that are high quality. You also need to ensure that none of the links on your page are dead. It may seem counter-intuitive and even shocking, but popular websites often archive or remove their pages altogether. When this happens, a quality link that was helping your Google ranking and pleasing your visitors will suddenly become dead. This can hurt you in many ways, so you need to get the link removed immediately. Check My Links is a free browser extension that you can run regularly to keep your links up-to-date at all times.

3. Link Research Tools


Links have been king for as long as the Internet has existed, and this is not likely to change at any point in the future. However, Google has extremely refined the process of receiving and providing quality inbound and outbound links. Now webmasters live in fear of the dreaded Google penalty, and many popular websites have switched to the “no follow” format in the hopes that this will keep their search engine ranking safe. In this type of environment, it’s necessary to keep an eye on any potential infractions that could incur a penalty, which means performing regular site and link audits. Link Research Tools takes on this process for you so that you don’t have to worry about missing anything via a self-audit.

Staying Ahead of Issues

Of course, it’s wise to go to straight to the source with Google’s Webmaster Tools and Analytics. Although it makes perfect sense to use additional options such as SEO Analyzer, Link Research Tools and Check My Links, you also need to embrace Google’s analyzer tools to get the best possible performance out of your website.

By putting all of this information together and making quick changes whenever necessary, you can avoid some of the many issues that plague websites. Keep in mind that your visitors want a smooth, easy to navigate site that provides them with accurate content and makes it simple to complete any applicable actions.

Internet users are becoming increasingly savvy, and they are turned off by sites with dead links, inaccurate keywords, obsolete information, awkward navigation and other roadblocks. Avoid these problems by using website analyzer tools, and you should be rewarded with increased visits and a decreased bounce rate.