toolsHere I will collect the most awesome tools you can use to optimize your webesite.

So PLEASE HELP.. tell about the tools in your comments and I will slowly build this page better and better.







Page checker (Free) – Search engine optimization tool for checking the current PageRank from (multiple) sites. (Free) – also a PageRank checker, fast and easy

Do you wanna check if Google has indexed your pages – well here is the tool


Keywords (Free) Keyword Density Checker – really awesome tool

Google Keywords Tools (Free )If you only wanna use one tool. Then its this one. Write a keyword, get ideas, check traffic estimates. There are 2 kind of people in this world – those who love Google Keywords Tools and those who are lying. (Free) Really cool site with an awesome Keyword Density analyzer. Great tool. Try it…. (Free) Extract keywords from any website and create a list of single, double, and triple word keyphrases. (Free) Check a website’s search engine position for multiple keywords.


Links (Free) Wanna check your backlinks, their PR, the score.Great tool (Free) How popular are your site and you can also compare it with 2 other sites.


Social Media (Free) Amazingly fast tool. Analyzes everything from Alexa to Technorati to Compete. (Free) This tool finds you all the backlinks from Twitter to your site. Amazingly quick. (Free) Where are your site mentioned in the social media. Information is gathered from Google blog search, Twitter, Friend Feed, Youtube, Myspace, Flickr, Yahoo Answers, Digg, Delicious, Furl and Reddit.


SEO reports – this program will give tell you excatly what to do to get on the first page on a seach engine. Awesome report (but not free).


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