Tips to help you strategize SEO of your website like a pro


By now, it is quite the common knowledge that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is similar to a reverse engineering method of strategizing to rank your domain higher at the SERPs or the Search Engine results page. 

SEO is highly technical and crucial to enable your venture to stand out in the cut-throat competition of digital marketing. The better SEO strategies you implement, the higher is the chance of driving organic traffic into your site without paying a handful of dollars as seen for Google AdWords or the Facebook ads. 

All you need to keep in mind is that the ranking is for creating awareness and putting the spotlight on your venture. So, in the case, your domain is consistently being ranked past the first page of the search results, you need expert help. For more information, please log in to  

Factors affecting SEO

If truth be told, the SEO strategies and the results after implementation of the same are affected by a plethora of factors. These include the authority of the root domain, the sub-domain as well as the URL. There are additional factors like the user experience, user retention, bounce rates, and social shares that play a role as well. Moreover, with the latest Google Core updates, most of the webpage owners are in a fix about necessary changes, if at all. 

The scene after the Google Core update

Expert analysis through painstaking research has found conclusive evidence as to what to expect after the Google Core updates. Though there are no significant patterns, it can be concluded that the update has targeted a specific tactic and a category of websites. Our experts would like to point out that there are no fixes that are recommended after the Core update; instead, you need to try and make the site better in general. Read more about Digital Marketing Agency in India

Are recoveries from previous core updates possible?

Yes and no! According to the research results, recoveries from previous updates have shown mixed outcomes. The majority, however, claims that recovery is possible from previous updates, but the numbers of test subjects showing negative as well unaffected results are quite high as well. However, most of the websites and domain landing pages were negatively impacted with respect to SERP rankings after the latest Google Core updates.

Any general fixes that worked?

According to the research results, several fixes worked to improve the rankings for the sites affected negatively after the latest algorithm update. These include technical SEO changes, removal of outdated and broken links, the addition of newer authority links, improvement of the UX, and quality of content. So, it can be safely concluded that to counteract the effects of the update, all you need to do is increase the overall quality of the page. 

So, if you are reading this article, it can be safely assumed that you are looking for ways to improve the quality of your domain. Here are some of the tips for you, keeping the latest Google algorithm updates in mind. 

The strategies have been broadly categorized into two sub-categories. The first one being the on-page optimization, and the second is the off-page optimization. 

On-page optimization

The on-page optimization deals explicitly with the strategies that you need to implement to better the structure of the domain. Here are the ways to improve the on-page optimization. 

Optimizing the meta-tag, title, and description

You can make sure of the optimization of the meta-tags, titles, and descriptions by using various free to use online/offline tools. All you need is a title and description that has specific keywords which have been implemented correctly. There is a list of proven and valuable keywords that you need to use consistently. The use of numbers in the title as well as easy to punch in URL is also essential. 

Keep in mind to link in authority sites

External links are a handy SEO tool, and the more you link to highly authoritative websites, the better are your chances at a high search result ranking. At least a couple of authority outbound links are essential to increase the traffic for your site. 

Improve the site loading speed

The slower it takes your site to load, the more the audience loses interest. This leads to low audience retention and lower bounce rates. Here are some tricks to improve the site loading speed.

  • Install a caching tool with complete access to help site load faster for repeat visitors.
  • Use a photo editor tool to optimize and reduce image sizes.
  • Compress the HTML, CSS, and other files before posting.
  • Invest in and use a CDN or Content Distribution Network.

 Legitimize your site

You need an SSL certificate (https link) to legitimize your site. Also, perfect the art of writing the content within the word limit and keeping in mind the industry standards. Use multimedia and videos to make the site informative and engaging for the customers. This will also improve the UX or the User Experience of your domain. 

Off-page optimization

Off-page SEO is equally important, though most seem to forget about it. Here are the tricks you need to learn.

About social signals

Google pays a lot of importance to social cues. This means the social traffic, likes, and shares and comments your posts get. You can start by leveraging your social media accounts. Every time you create a new post for your domain, share it on the social networking sites. 

This will increase your visibility through likes, shares, and comments. The only trick is to be consistent with the posting. If posting personally to all the groups and pages becomes repetitive, you can even use a virtual assistant to schedule the assignment. 

About links

Build up a network of strong back-links from various authority sites and keep in mind that it is all about quality and not the quantity. Invite writers, bloggers, influencers, and writers to collaborate on your project.

That concludes our list of all the necessary but basic SEO strategies following the latest Google Core update. Invest in a third-party SEO expert to help you deal with the technicalities of this dynamic digital marketing skill.