Tips to Enhance the Speed of Wireless Network

WifiSeoCustomerA slow internet connection can get really annoying after a point. It not only slows down your work but consumes a lot of time as well. Though a wireless connection is handy, it tends to slow down a lot.

When you try moving from one room to another you can notice a significant difference. How to have a consistent and speedy network connection? Here are a few tips:


Keep the wireless router in a central location

If you are getting a wireless connection for your home, place it in a central location. If the modem is a wireless router and not facing the outside wall of your home, there are chances for the signal to get weak on the opposite side of your home.

If you have a computer or other devices in the first floor and the modem is in the ground floor, make sure the wireless router is on a high table or if possible a shelf.

An ideal set-up will be to have the devices and the wireless modem in the same floor.


Keep the wireless modems free of interference

A wall, metal shelf or floor will be a possible interference to the wireless connection.

Try moving the wireless modem from these objects. When the router is closer to these obstructions the weaker your signals will be.


Change the router’s antenna

Antennas play a key role in providing 360° signals. This means they can broadcast the signals around the wireless router. If a wireless router with antenna is kept near to an outside wall most of the signals will go out of the house.

This in turn will be a waste of your router’s power. If you have a replaceable antenna, you can upgrade it to an antenna that channelizes the signals in a single direction.

Though most routers don’t improve the output of power they can help you make better use of the power provided. Nowadays, you get antennas which can be focused in the directions you want them to.


Change the wireless channels

The wireless routers use various channels for broadcast. This is similar to that of radio stations using the same frequency.

The common channels used in US for wireless networks are 1, 6 and 11. There are times when one channel is clearer than the other. The mechanism is similar to that of radio stations.

You can change the channels through the wireless configuration page to check if you get better speed.

There is no requirement to make any change to the computer’s configuration as it automatically detects the change in channel.


Choose equipment from one vendor

Pick the router and network adapter from the same vendor. When you go to different vendors, one might give a better performance than the other. This in turn will affect the network connection’s performance.

There are vendors who offer twice the performance when you buy hardware from them. Look into all these technicalities before getting the hardware. If possible, upgrade your wireless technology as well.

You might be using the technology that was in picture a few years back!

These are a few tips to improve the speed of a wireless network.


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