Tips To Convert Social Media Traffic Into Business Leads

SocialLeadsAre you still depending on the traditional, outdated and old fashioned marketing methods to generate business leads? It is time to change your marketing approach towards increasing leads.

No matter what type of business you are running, utilising internet is an excellent way to reach target customers, especially social media is helping business owners to achieve their dream.

According to a tech report almost 70% of web users have their accounts in at least one of the social networking sites; you can imagine the business potential.

Social media is an excellent medium to reach your target customers and market your products without spending lot of money unlike traditional marketing methods. It is a cost effective way to generate leads and profits without taking much risk unlike old fashioned marketing techniques.

According to another report nearly 80 % of business owners are using social media to promote their brands and products and 90% of business owners have social media presence. Following are the some of the tips to convert social media traffic into business leads.


Social media bookmarking

With the help of social media you can spread your content beyond your limits. Social media bookmarking is an easy way to generate leads. Make use of social networking sites like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to spread your content.

If you have unique and fresh content, it will help you to generate business leads without much effort.


Use landing pages

You need to build a landing page which has user-friendly options. If someone clicks on your call for any action, landing page should covert your user into a lead by optimising its page.

If you want to convert your visitors into lead, make use of aligned landing page set up, forms and offers. Make use of landing tabs which are the best way to increase business leads.

Following are some of the landing page tips which may help you to create business leads.

  • Optimise the sub-headline and headlines
  • Tailor the design, text, image for conversion.
  • Create an importance for call-to-action


Optimise your social media profiles

Make sure that your social media profile is fully optimised and you are creating a user-friendly profile that will be easily available to the buyers.  For example you can take help of LinkedIn which will help you generate more business leads than other social networking sites.

Open a business profile in LinkedIn to interact with the business professionals and find out business solutions for your organisation. You can even share your ideas and opinions with other business groups who may help you to give business leads which suit your organisation.


Update your social media profile with latest information

Stay engaged and active on social networking sites to increase the relationship with your customers. Make use of social media marketing to generate business leads.

You have to respond to your customer’s queries without making much delay which may help you to increase the loyalty with customers. It will help you to generate more business leads in the long run.


Author bio:  I am Maria from London. I am a tech writer. I am into Finance. I have written many on PPI claims. Catch me on @ppiclaimsmaria


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