Time to do SEO of your PDFs

When you are searching on Google you might have seen that you can also find PDF documents. We all know that Google is really good ranking webpages. But Google (and other search engines) is also awesome reading PDFs.

In fact it can do more than just rank the PDF documents. It can also index and rank them in the search engine results. And that’s why we have to do some SEO of our PDF documents.

As long as the PDF contains text and is not password protected or encrypted. Google will love your PDF document and read it and index it. Google will follow your links in a PDF the same way as it follows links on a page.

But but but… There is always a but. The rule about duplicate content still rule. So don’t submit the same PDF more than once. Remember to read my article about “What you didn’t know about Tiger Woods”. It will tell you how to do free article spin :).

And by the way – you can use most of theses advices working with ALL documents, not just PDFs. This applies to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and/or any publishing software.

So why use PDFs when you can use pages

Well you might have a lot of documents about your product. So why not use it active on your pages. Let’s take the PDF to our advantages. It’s a matter of diversity. Google loves likes and if Google can get links from a lot of different sources Google will love it.

Also remember you have a lot of free directories where you can submit your PDFs to.

Here is a list to get you started:
http://www.scribd.com/ (PR8)
http://ebookdirectory.com/ (PR6)
http://www.memoware.com/ (PR6)
http://www.docstoc.com/ (PR6)
http://www.free-ebooks.net/ (PR6)
http://www.ebookjungle.com/ (PR5)
http://www.sharewareebooks.com/ (PR5)
http://www.e-booksdirectory.com/ (PR5)
http://www.getfreeebooks.com/ (PR4)
http://www.ebook88.com/ (PR4)
http://e-library.net/ (PR3)

So how do you optimize your PDF

First you have to go to your description tab. This is where most of your optimized content is placed.

1) PDF document properties – description

1. File (if there is no title, the file name will be used by default)

2. Title (this is the single most important element of your PDF document properties. The title is used in the SERPs, Remember if you don’t write a title the file name is used by default)

3. Author (you can use your company name here)

4. Subject (the subject serves as the META description for your PDF document. This is the second most important element)

5. Keywords (remember to use your keywords here. The dialog is here for a reason right?, write 3 to 5 keywords)

2) PDF document properties – additional Metadata

When you have done the descriptive information, you can now write the additional Metadata into your PDF document. Just click on the additional Metadata button and you are in a new dialog. The additional Metadata you can enter are:

1. Author title
2. Description writer
3. Copyright status
4. Copyright notice
5. Reference to your copyright info URL

3) Links to PDF
Just like optimizing for a page you will need to link to your page. The more links from different sites and pages the higher the ranking of your PDF file. So the same rule for the PDF.

Remember to use your keyword in your anchor text.

So remember to use your PDF active. Optimize them and submit them to PDF directories. And get some links to your website 🙂

Give me a comment – have you ever done SEO on one of your PDFs?

Enjoy your day