The Hottest Marketing Strategy


Social commerce is the hottest marketing strategy at the moment. Getting it right means adopting a more client centric focus and looking at ways to optimize the client experience. It is something that large corporations are taking notice of.

You do this by providing the client with engaging content that they want to read, by engaging with them through social media and by providing them with the means to make purchases through the channel of their choice.

Amazon is the perfect example of social commerce done right. They frequently use their Facebook page to advertise the latest Amazon discount, and every other promotion active at any given moment. Thanks to this, they have a far greater reach than they would have achieved with just their website.

However, even though discounts are a sound strategy for attracting buyers, we mustn’t forget about the equally important “engaging content” aspect. Say, for example, that your company sells clothes. You could try posting sales photos on social media every day, but clients would get tired of that quite quickly. If, on the other hand, you posted a series of articles, such as “The Top 10 Accessories” or “What Dress Codes Mean,” you are providing them with information that they would find interesting.

That way, you won’t alienate your followers and, when you do post information, they’ll take notice. Then you can hit home by posting your sales photos and including a “Buy Button” to make the purchase of that new smart casual outfit easier for them.

Social commerce encompasses quite a bit and so we’ve summed up everything in one comprehensive infographic. You will learn more about what social commerce is, how some of the large corporates have handled it, and what kind of positive results you could look forward to.

january infographic social commerce


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