The dynamics of Influencer authenticity on Instagram to drive social media marketing: A brand’s perspective 

It’s not an uphill task to acquire massive follower base if you really have the intent to do that. As things turn out, followers are generally insufficient and there’s paucity of audience, regardless of your brand or image. 

When interacting or working on a deal with influencers, corporate needs to pay minute attention to their authenticity. It starts with their very approach to influencer marketing and the messaging process. 

  • PianoHunters, one of the most professional and esteemed influencers in the industry have real followers and fans, who have genuine interest in their work/content.
  • It’s crucial to understand that a true and professional influencer will have a pervading influence over their target audience and followers. 
  • Taking social media’s growing needs into account, you need to take some time to research on the influencer you choose to rope in. 
  • You need to know more about their social media clout and influence. Following the total number of likes on their posts or their fan-following is not enough.
  • The objective is to see whether these people are fetching your desired engagement level or not.

The audience’s feedback on the influencer’s opinions is also important. As a brand, study the other companies the influencer has worked with before. Try to know the output of their marketing campaigns. Your general focus should be to establish the ingenuity and propriety of that influencer, or debunk it. 

Authenticity is the way forward

With sites like Stormlikes to get you real likes in no time, boosting the reach of an Instagram handle is a cakewalk these days. 

  • Authenticity and engagement matter more than likes and numbers. If these two are substandard, you are risking losing fans and wasting your budget. 
  • You think that the biggest asset to being an esteemed name is not to be timely, accurate or glitzy, but just to have a large fan base or/and the bandwidth to influence and lead? It’s not so. 
  • Authenticity is a very pivotal aspect of any social media marketing campaign, especially when it has an influencer in the loop. 
  • If consumers feel an obscure celebrity endorsement is duping them, your campaign will lose steam and drain your resources.

Technologically savvy consumers know the ball game of influencer marketing. They know that their beloved celeb is out there to pocket a few dollars by just uttering about a product or service on social media.

Credential checking is a must

The concept of social media marketing vis-à-vis influencer marketing is nothing new. As a brand, you need to evaluate certain attributes to get the right influencers on board. Engagement should be your main yardstick to know the reach of a celeb. 

  • A person who engages a large number of followers, propelling them to like, and comment and share posts is definitely commercially viable. 
  • To gain the followers’ trust, influencers have to be authentic. The content must showcase their true passions and forte, highlighting their niche. 

Their sponsored content shouldn’t be a sales promotion. Expertise, leadership and activity are three other crucial attributes to check in this regard.