The Bloggers Guide to Practical Link Building


Let’s do some practical link building. We all know we have to do link building – but how do we start? Okay let me tell you what to do to get started. Are you ready? I hope you have some coffee in your cup? Okay – 3 2 1 go…


First thing first

Understand your own site first. Why does somebody want to link to your site. If you don’t know that, you will get into trouble very soon.

So a catchy blog post title is very important. So start going to and get yourself a catchy title for your post.




So let’s start with the people that are already linking to you. Go to Google and type in


Write down on a paper (yes I said paper lol). What kind of sites are linking to you, why do they like your posts, check out the anchor text they use, do they link to other sites too (they are your competitors).



Now it’s time for your strategy

Now its time to understand who is linking to our competitors. Who are your main competitors. Who are making backlinks to them, get their anchor texts and compare the anchor text to yours. Do you miss some catchy titles?

There are many free websites on the web that can help you checking backlinks. You can try




First check out the websites that are linking to both you and your competitor – that will make your list a little shorter and more manageable.

So now you know about your own site and about your competitors’ sites. Do you still have some hot coffee in your cup? Ready for more?



Time to get the links NOW

Now go through your lists. Your competitors, your link opportunities, who is already linking to websites like yours, who else are they linking to. Make a top 10 list or top 20. Write them down on a piece of paper. Not in a word-file or excel-file. I want you to see them on your desk.

Now it’s time to do some keyword research. If you are selling used cars. To get high ranking you need to get links from websites with high PageRank, high traffic sites. I would do a search in Google and write down which sites you want links from.

You will have to think as the customer looking for something. So if you are selling used cars – what are the customer searching for?

I would think – used cars – max 3 years old cars – Ford – Toyota – blue cars – cheap cars -quality cars.

You see a lot of opportunities. To get ideas for keywords you can use Google AdWords Keyword Tool (we all love Google AdWords Keywords Tool don’t we) or maybe Wordtracker.




Now make the link building plan

Okay now you know your own site, you have to catchy titles, you know your competitors, you know your link opportunities.

I would do 1 hour a day making link building. So every day from 9 to 10 am you are going to take out your piece of paper. Go to the website you want links from. Get in contact with them and make it impossible for them not to link to you.

It can be sending them an article, writing on their blog, let the webmaster know about something you can offer to the sites customers etc..

And you will see in a month’s time you work will pay off.

This is tomorrows marketing guys 🙂


Wish you all well… Have a great day all

Best regards Henrik


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