The biggest change in the history of Google ?

GooglePlusRead here about “Search Plus Your World”.


Google is now introducing a brand new search too called “Search Plus Your World”. This new tool will be fully launched this week. Right now its only used if you sign in to and searching in English. This tool combines content that you shared with the user privately together with the normal publick web in one single body of results.

Suddenly all our SEO is being mixed with privately shared content – which is content from friends and families. The user also get the option to shift between searching their personalized information and searching the public web. So the user will be able to see post, photos from their friends, profiles of friends and conversations from Google+ when they search people’s name – according to “The New York Times”.

The personalized results means that is wanna find “Henrik Sandberg Jensen” (me) and if you knew me in private it would boost your search ranking. And this is very very important for us in SEO. Now we have to tage Google+ much more serious. If you take Google+ just as serious as Facebook likes and Twitter followers you absolut need some google friends in your circles. If you have a lot of people in your circles you search ranking will tage a boost.

So now I am going to start doing Google+ much more then I thought I would. So in a couple of days you will see my icon for Google+ on theses pages for

There are some concerns about the privacy issues here. Suddenly Google makes the private content more public. Google may also get some criticism that they will favour their own content rather then the content from Twitter and Facebook and other Social Media.

Its not a new thing that Google use personalized results in the search ranking. It started in June 2005 where the web content was giving a higher ranking based on interestes, habits or behavior of the online user. This personalized results was expanded in February 2007 and in the December 2009, where the personalized results were enable also for not signed-in users to Google.

Now in January 2012 with the Search Plus World you will have personal results based on online habits and interests with social results and public search. But here it is folks – it only cover Google+ (and Picasa) not Facebook, twitter, flickr and other Social Media networks.

Check it out here in a video from Google.



Take care out there … Henrik

(yes yes yes yes… remember to add me to your Google+ Circles)