The Advantages of Content Marketing over SEO

ContentMarketingSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) and its cousin Search Engine Marketing (SEM) took the business world by storm a few years ago. The importance of a significant social media presence was felt by every brand, big and small.

This, of course, was directly due to the aim of companies the world over to try and capitalize on growing and innovative marketing trends.

In a bid to stay connected with potential targets and existing customers, a host of related digital marketing services became the number one priority.

However, in this constantly changing time of new technology, innovative marketing trends and stiff competition, it was natural for content marketing to emerge.

When it comes to the advantages of one over the other, content marketing offers several greater benefits over stand-alone SEO. For instance:


Content Marketing is for Readers

Content marketing offers relevant information that may help potential and existing clients better understand a product or service.

Unlike SEO marketing, in which keywords are the primary foundation used to create content, content marketing by and large focuses on creating relevant and impactful content for the benefit of users.


It’s about Quality, not Quantity

SEO largely referred to the quantity of ads or short articles a marketer could put up online.

The more the better was the initial norm. On the other hand, Content Marketing is largely focused on offering quality content material to users and interested readers.

If, for instance, a company selling beauty products starts writing regular content based on beauty tips, it would initiate greater interest amongst users, even if the posts are fewer.


SEO, by itself, Cannot Retain Customers in the Long term

The primary goal of any marketer is to increase sales and retain customers.

SEO marketing, by itself, cannot assure that. But a focus on content marketing can help marketers engage clients for a longer period of time.

The key here involves garnering the interest of clients by creating client specific content and not marketing content all the time.


Content Marketing Increases Brand Value

SEO marketing may help brands increase their online presence but it takes effective content marketing to increase the value of a brand and its overall online image.

That’s because effective and customized content as per the actual readership requirement of target audiences is the key to increased brand value.



Written by Webmarketing123 – Webmarketing123 is a California based seo company that offers global internet marketing services such as SEO, PPC and SMM.

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