Test test test … you better love it

Well .I. Okay admit it. I love the Internet. I am a marketer, I love strategy and I love that you can measure everything you do on the Internet.

Because no matter what we are selling, or wanting people to sign up for – we all want higher conversions. And I will tell you here what you can do to raise it.

So when your boss tells you that he loves a picture of a woman and a dog, but you would rather have a picture of a chocolate, then you no longer have to have a fight about what will give the best return.

Everything you do on the Internet you have to test. Yes say it… Test, test, test, test. Use split testing software and you will get some powerful technique for increasing your conversion rate.

Split testing software provides a powerful technique for increasing your website’s conversion rate (that’s its ability to turn visitors into customers). It is used by many of the web’s most powerful companies, including Amazon and Google.
So if you have 2 headlines and you are not sure which one will make the best conversion rate.. The answer is split testing. The same with pictures.

The great thing is also that while you are testing which headline to use, you can also test – text, images, prices, offers, buttons etc… And all at the same time. When you get a visitor to your site, the visitor will see different combinations of theses elements. And then your split testing program will work out, which combination that will do best.

Programs to use
Well – start with Google Optimizer. Here you can make a simple A/B testing. And its FREE.

Another program is Visual website optimizer. Also a very easy to use program for testing. Try it NOW.


And before testing you can get a lot of tips and tricks from 43 split tests.

So good luck with your testing 🙂

Yours Henrik