I just love to show you this new 2014 CMO’s guide to the 2014 social landscape. It’s about SEO, Brand Awareness, Customer Communication and traffic generation. I hope it will inspire you to consider new channels for your marketing campaigns.

YouTubeBigIf you wish to create a successful personal brand on YouTube, you will have to first decide how you intend to position yourself. If you already have an established brand offline, or on other online platforms, you can simply carry it over to your channel, with an aim to showcase consistency. 

With over 1.2 million YouTube users that you have the potential to attract, it is important that your profile branding is accurate, relatable and relevant to your content and the messages you intend to convey.

Most digital marketing companies will implement the following tasks to make sure your brand is well represented on its YouTube profile page.


• Choosing a Channel Name:

After having a sit-down with your social media marketing company to help define your branding strategy, you can select an appropriate name for your channel. This can be your company’s full name, brand name or a unique “show name”. Even if you wish to position yourself as an industry expert, you may select a relevant name that allows you to do so.

• Setting up the Profile:
Just like your social media marketing company filled out your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, doing so for your YouTube channel will help users locate you on a portal that also houses millions of competitors. You could also upload an avatar of your logo or a screenshot of your latest video. This page even allows you to add a single URL to link users to your website, blog or Facebook page.

• Selecting the Right Account:
You could choose among several different types of accounts. If you wish to exhibit yourself as an industry expert, consider opting for the ‘Guru’ account type, in which you could upload a customized logo and include links.

• Customizing your Channel:
When you log into your account, you will be able to make a selection on the top right corner of your screen that says ‘Switch to Player Mode’. Choosing this enables you to enjoy a newer layout in which your users may view your latest video uploads and also select older ones from a user-friendly sidebar.


In addition to this, with the ‘themes and colors’ feature, you can make sure that your YouTube channel is satisfactorily aligned with your website, blog, brochures, business cards and other marketing collateral. By exploring the myriad features that this video sharing website offers, you can add an interactive dimension to your digital marketing initiatives.


Written by Webmarketing123– Webmarketing123 is a California based seo company that offers global digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC and SMM.

YouTube Ranking Factor SEO redWe are always talking about Google when we are talking about search engines right?

But do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine?

And do you know which ranking factors YouTube is using?


YouTube Statistic 2012

This statistic is from the official YouTube statistic:

  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  • YouTube is localized in 43 countries and across 60 languages
  • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 views for every person on Earth

Amazing right?


The Top Secret Search Engine from



YouTube Ranking Factors 

Here are some of the ranking factors. Sometimes a picture is better than many words.


youtube video seo ranking factors


Action from users

  • The number of views is of course important
  • Audience retention but the absolute (which depend on the length of your video) and the relative (compared to other videos with the same length as yours).
  • The reactions from your user – do you get any comments on your video and how many? What are the reactions (good or bad), how many numbers of thumbs up or down do you get? How many favorites and video responses do you get? And how many people are adding your video to a playlist? This is all telling YouTube about reactions from your users.
  • Social Sharing – social sharing is also an important factor – how many shares do you get from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others.
  • How many people will embed your video – both the number and PageRanks of the sites that embed your video.
  • You can also have a website that links to your video without the embed codes.


YouTube Channel

  • Authority – you can build authority with the channel title, the channel keywords and description. Also link to your homepage, channels that are related to yours and make a playlist including title, keywords and description.
  • Trust – Make your visitors trust your channel. The age of your channel is important, the number of subscribers, the number of channel views and the views of all your uploaded video. You can also connect your YouTube channel to your Google+ profile (YouTube is owned by Google)
  • Frequency – this is about activity. How active are you? How often do you log into your account? Do some ratings and comments on other videos than just your own, answer questions and comments, how often do you upload a new video? Remember to be active on your YouTube channel.


On the video upload

  • Keywords – remember to tag your video with your main keywords and description, don’t be afraid to use outgoing links to relevant sites too, use the annotation and video transcript.
  • Quality and Freshness – keep your video fresh. Well you could upload your video again after 1 year to keep it fresh and if it’s still relevant to your viewers. Quality is a key factor for your audience and maybe not for the ranking – but we all love quality right?
  • Thumbnail – this is more important than you might think because it will influence your click rates in YouTube search results (the results to the right of a YouTube video page). Usually you really can’t influence that but be sure to choose the best version)

Read much more about How to Use YouTube for SEO here and get more SEO advices for YouTube

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Social Media Explained With Coffee smallI love coffee and Social Media- so this Infographic is just perfect for me – and I hope you will love it too.

In fact it can tell you about all the different kind of social media. I am already inspired to get myself a cup of coffee now. Cheers everybody.

Coffee is on me, Henrik






Social Media Explained With Coffee







































































socialmediaDo you know how you can cheat on the social media? How you can get hot tips and  avoid pitfalls?

I cam across this awesome InfoGraphic from the guys at, and I wanted to share it with you. Here you can get tips and tricks.

Just click on the image to make it larger.



killerStrategiesI love to show you this Infographic about strategies to engage people on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – that I found at Awareness Inc.

The difference in social media between doing a great job and doing a bad job – is all about how you engage your fans/followers.

So take a good look at this Infographic and you will get 5 killer strategies to help you dominate the big 3 – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.





5 Killer Strategies

1. Improve your social reach

2. Increase your fan engagement

3. Identify and engage influencers

4. Increase lead generation

5 Apply analytics to know what works

(Click the photo to see it larger)

How to Dominate Facebook Twitter YouTube Infographic







How to use the social media landscape for your brand building, traffic or SEO – check it out here

I found this awesome infographic the other day – and I hope you like it too.

It will give you a lot of great advice about customer communication, brand exposure, traffic to your site and SEO from different social media sites.

Click on the picture and get the PDF.


cmos social media landscape





























youtubeDo you know that YouTube is second most popular search engine in the world? It’s true – Google is the first and Bing is number 3.

You should use YouTube for two reasons

  1. For getting  higher ranking in the search engines
  2. Because many people would rather watch a video than reading a boring paper

Most business owners think of search engines like Google and maybe Yahoo or Bing. But most of the businesses on the Internet forget the 2. Largest one – YouTube.

Put some coffee in your cup now – and let me give you a little statistic about YouTube.


Why use YouTube
There are a lot of sites that are hosting videos – so why use YouTube.

  1. First of all YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. When you are uploading your video to the YouTube servers – you are tapping into a very very large audience.
  2. Its very easy to embed the video into your blog or website or maybe your Facebook. And the great thing is that you will include the numbers of views from theses websites into the total number of views in a video. And YouTube gives top priority to the videos with the most views.
  3. It’s easy for others to embed your video into their website or blog – and besides adding up the number of views it will also create link to your website.
  4. Videos are included in Google’s search algorithm – and therefore it will most likely show up in the results from Google.


YouTube in numbers

  • 9 months of video is uploaded every two hours
  • A decade’s worth of video is uploaded every day
  • Every 10 days, a century of video is uploaded
  • YouTube sees four billion video views globally every day
  • 1 trillion – The number of video playbacks on YouTube
  • 140 – The number of YouTube video playbacks per person on Earth
  • 48 hours – The amount of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 1 – The most viewed video on YouTube during 2011 was Rebecka Black’s “Friday.” (I personally hate that song lol)
  • 82.5% – Percentage of the U.S. Internet audience that viewed video online.
  • 76.4% – YouTube’s share of the U.S. video website market (December 2011)
  • 201.4 billion – Number of videos viewed online per month (October 2011)
  • 88.3 billion – Videos viewed per month on Google sites, incl. YouTube (October 2011)
  • 43% – Share of all worldwide video views delivered by Google sites, incl. YouTube

YouTube receives around 3 billion searches every month. And some of the people searching could be potential customers for you.

But with all that content on YouTube – how will you ensure that your video will reach your target audience?

Well – you have to do some optimization.


Why you should optimize your videos

People around the world are getting faster and faster Internet. So more and more people have the ability to watch video online.

And theses days people are getting their news from the internet and not the newspapers. So instead of reading a book or a newspaper – people will take their laptop, tablet or iPhone t and get their news. But reading articles online is just not enough anymore – people want entertainment.

People will rather get information from a visual video than more old fashion text. Why sit there and read boring text when you can watch a cool, exciting video?

Why spend money on a boring repair manual when you can see a mechanic fix for your car on a video for free.

To optimize your video might be a totally new concept for most businesses. YouTube allows you to create one followable link from your channel pages, and the video description will also allow a few non-followable links.

The social networks can create a great boost for your YouTube channel. So when you are going online with a video, it could become – maybe – your most powerful marketing tool.

And yes – its free.

So are you ready for some optimization? You better take some more coffee and put the music on.


Optimization of your content on YouTube

There are 3 things to consider about your content on YouTube.

  1. Your keywords must be placed within the script. YouTube will convert the video file into Java. Google’s spiders can’t read the Java content – so you will have to tag the video with your keywords to make it more search friendly. By mentioning your keywords in your script, Google (and YouTube) can show their audience a more accurate result.
  2. YouTube uses Hotspot as its analytical tools. This tool will measure the attention from the viewers. Where are the viewers dropping off, where do they stop the video, skip something of the video or maybe click on another video. The result is that most people are dropping of in the middle part. So put some really essential sales elements at times. Then you will keep the attention from your audience. And don’t make the video to long.
  3. Make some visually great videos. Without making the video visual great your audience will not stay watching the video and your message can’t be delivered. So use a high definition video – never a pixilated video. Focus on visual aids for your product. You can add some special effects, great transitions, maybe 3D. Use humor and action. In short make your video great 🙂


Optimize your YouTube Channel

Your optimization of your YouTube Channel will depend on 3 things

  1. Tagging – tagging and the use of keywords are the most important ranking factor in the organic search. Your channel title and your username should be the same as your name of your business. Use no more than 3 or 4 target keywords. The keywords you are using – you must use in your regular website too. The search engine spiders will check out your keywords mention in your channel description and in “about me” section.
  2. Calls-to-action. This could enable engaging to your viewers and drive traffic to your social network. The goal for most of the social network for a business is to make engagement for your visitors and consumers. Visible call-to-action above the fold – will tell the visitors to engage in your website or other social media after finishing watching the video.
  3. An eye-catching theme. You will use the YouTube as the landing page in a lot of cases. So make sure it appeals. Show the best videos at the top of the channel. Design your channel theme so it reflex your regular websites use of color and style.

Call-to-action can be done in several ways.

  • Write the full URL for your regular website in your channel description.
  • Write your link to your Facebook and/or Twitter and other social networks in your “about me” section.
  • Enable commenting, friending and subscriptions. This has a deep impact for the ranking.

Wow this article is longer than I thought it would be… Hmm… I need some more coffee here. Well you are almost done. Promise.


Optimization of your YouTube video

Be sure to write the word “video” in your title. A lot of people will use the word “video” in the search together with the product name or your keywords.

You will only have 100 characters for your title – and that’s only a dozen words or so. Again use only 3 or 4 keywords  in your video tags. Make sure that your keywords is separated by quotation marks and spaces.

Write the address of your website in the beginning of the description. YouTube features a rollover-style description viewer – so everything that is not seen in the first line of the video description will be covered up unless the visitor clicks to read more.

And of course be sure to write your Facebook, Twitter and other addresses to your social networks in the description too.

Remember to authorizing commenting, voting, responses and ratings – so you can engage people. This will increase the organic search ranking for the video. And permit other websites to embed your video. This traffic counts as views too.


Check out more about YouTube ranking factors here.


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7 reasons for social media or …… what to tell your boss

Perhaps you know the situation?

You want your company to use facebook or twitter, but the CEO or marketing manager thinks that social media is a waste of time.

“Why should we waste time and money on Facebook? We don’t have time to keep up with what customers are saying. We do not have time to respond to blogs.”

Hmmm .. I’ve heard this many times.

Let me tell you a secret – which is not really a secret. Social media is here to stay. And you might as well start to use them. Remember when marketers thought about the internet in the 90s –  just something for IT freaks? .

And here is another secret – within very very short time, the website as we know it today is gone. Users will have the rights to comment on what they read and see. This is like going from print to web.

eMarketer expects in 2010 that BtB industry spending will increase by 60 percent. Okay – your bossis still screaming ?

Well here are 7 good reasons for companies to be on social media.

  1. We all want to involve our customer in our company and products. To involve customers we have to get a dialogue with the customer right? Could you imagine that you involve yourself privately with someone with an one-way dialogue? No. Involvement requires dialogue. Social media is dialogue.
  2. “We do not have time to read what it says on our blog and Facebook”. Wow – I’ll tell you a secret. Those who write to you on your blog are either customers or potential customers. They have taken their time to write to you. Don’t you have the time for customers?
  3. Maybe they write negative things about your company and you don’t know what to do about that. Well whether you have a blog or your customers may comment on your pages – they will write about you. Maybe on their private blogs or Facebook. When customers comment on your page you can enter into dialogue with customers and heard some negative things too. But hey – the customers can actually point out important problems which must be addressed.
  4. The cost to get started with social media is low. It is free to open a Facebook page, a twitter account, etc. The biggest cost is the time consumption afterwards.
  5. Most companies writes in their strategy that they wanna be  leading, innovative, dynamic – well now is your chance there.
  6. Social media is a whole new channel in your marketing portfolio. And yes you need it –  some of your competitors are using it so you will have to use it too – or loose customers to your competitors.
  7. You can dramatically increase traffic on your website using social media. The importents of links are very very high in seaches such as Google. With social media you can spread your links out and get many backlinks to your website. Your boss knows that traffic is money?

Social media is not only Facebook and twitter. Social media could be..

Microblogging (Twitter)
Photo sharing (Flickr)
Video sharing (YouTube)
Social bookmarking (Digg)
Wikis (Wikipedia)
Podcasts (iTunes)
Social communities (Facebook, MySpace)

So kick your boss in the ass and lets get this going ..


Yes its true. I will tell you everything about Social Media with a donut 🙂

Just take a look at this picture .. I will tell you about the difference between all theses social media –  Twitter, Facebook, Foursqure, Instagrain, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Last FM and Google+

What Social Media is all about













Source –

Awesome right? Have a great day out there.. All the best to you as always – I will go and get myself a donut now 🙂