design tipsOne of the most challenging factors of building a site is the implementation of accurate SEO website design. Finding the right balance between aesthetics and effective on-page optimization strategies is not always simple.

Here are a few tips to help you strike this balance:


1.      Keeping it Simple

To be able to effectively optimize your website ask your design and SEO company to keep the layout simple. Your navigation links should be easily followed by popular search engines. If your design is trying to accomplish too much, the search engine spiders may get convinced, but most visitors will be discouraged from browsing. This will eventually impact your rankings.


2.      Using CSS to Manipulate Text

One of the biggest challenges of implementing an effective <a href=”” title=”SEO Web design”>SEO Web design</a> is the use of plain text when graphic text is perceived more appealing. By using CSS, you can easily control how your plain text can look. This allows you to incorporate aesthetic value without compromising on how search engines will pick up your content.


3.      Using Mouse-Overs

If your design is image-heavy and requires text to attract search engine spiders, including mouse-overs can be an effective solution. With this, you can maintain a visual appeal for your visitors and also provide real content for the crawlers.


4.      Experimenting with Fonts

Hire an SEO expert to consult your designer on how to implement an effective design. By experimenting with fonts, you may be able to achieve a ‘graphic-text’ look that is, in reality, regular text. You may even buy font packs that allow you to eliminate the use of images and maintain simplicity in your design.


5.      Building a Mobile Website

With a growing number of people resorting to mobile devices to browse the Internet, a good SEO Web design cannot ignore this platform. Make sure you also build a website that can be easily viewed in mobile format. Remember to test how it appears across various popular devices.

In addition to this, an effective SEO design must take into consideration factors such as loading time and its ability to convert visitors into actual customers.


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ResponsiveDesignOpting for the responsive website design should be your topmost priority if you wish to harness maximum SEO advantages from your online marketing efforts.

Your target audience will be using mobile devices in greater number this year along with the desktops. Hence, you should familiarize yourself with What Are The Benefits of Responsive Design From SEO Point Of View.


Here are the 6 undeniable benefits that you will derive if you have a responsive website:

Reduce bounce rate and escalate profits

It does not require much effort on the part of the website visitor to click on the back button when he fails to avail what he seeks. This instance is called a bounce; and it happens frequently when the visitor reaches your site through his mobile device and your site does not respond.

The high bounce rate is very detrimental to the prospects of your online business. The major search engines recognize your website as being insufficient to the needs of the internet user. Consequently, the ranking of your website on the search result pages suffer terribly.

Since the use of mobile devices is increasing rapidly, it will be a smart decision if you get your website transformed into a responsive one. Not only will your site become mobile friendly, it will also gain higher visibility on the search engine lists.


Take the advantage of already present inbound links

It cannot be overlooked that mobile internet surfing is a recent trend. Even now, the major search engines rely on pre-established inbound links for ranking the websites. Hence, by adopting a responsive version of your website, you will be able to garner the benefits of the already present inbound links.

You will strengthen the performance of the website’s SERP (search engine results page), which in turn, will make it more accessible to your mobile users.


Having one URL for all kinds of users proves better for business

In case, you have something special and unique to present to your mobile users, you can gain from having a special site for them. However, if you have nothing exceptional to offer in terms of content, it will be more beneficial to have a single responsive website for the desktop as well as mobile users.

Having a single URL for your website, helps optimize the site for the users accessing it from their mobile devices. All the traffic is directed only to one URL and the confusion amongst the users is remarkably reduced.

The mobile users will click on the single URL external link and reach a mobile site that adjusts very well to the device that they are using. It results in better user experience.

When you have just one URL, the chances are higher of having links of your website on other well-known websites. It will help in getting better visibility on the search engine lists. On the contrary, it will be a far-fetched idea to believe that you will get a pleasant response in terms of backlinks if you have a dedicated mobile site.


Dedicated mobile sites not enough lucrative

Mobile web searching is still in its nascent stage. Traffic that comes through mobile devices is not significant yet. Hence, if you invest your resources in creating dedicated mobile sites, it may only result in a waste of resources. The lack of external links to such sites fares poorly in the business.

A website with responsive design caters to all types of internet users and gets maximum benefits from the efforts of the business owner.


Pleasant visual experience with responsive web design

The responsive websites are flexible in terms of customizing according to the browser screen. These sites are created with the help of CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets3) media queries. The website pages adjust themselves according to the device, and the users experience immensely pleasant visuals.

The web developers prepare a host of conceivable layouts, which are then optimized for a variety of sizes. They use the media queries for determining ranges for possible screen resolutions for every layout.


No confusion as there is no duplicate content

It may seem very logical to have separate websites for mobile and desktop users. Moreover, since there is no risk of being caught and blacklisted for duplicate content by the search engines, the concept appears attractive.

However, having the same content at two locations will be frustrating for the users and stressful for you too. Additionally, your bounce rate may increase when the users reach the wrong version of the site.

You can skip this danger by having a responsive website that serves the purpose from one location for both desktop and mobile users.

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BusinessWebDevelopmentThe scope of web development is gradually improving owing to the surge in newer technologies. With the increasing level of competition, creating a niche in the market has indeed become a tough task.

The internet is indeed a great solution to project the advantages that customers can get by opting for your services. It has been researched that the success and sales of a business depends on its web presence to a great extent.

This is where the services of a web development company can be so instrumental.  Let us reveal some more advantages that you can reap by resorting to the help of a web development company.

User friendly service – The user friendliness of a website plays a pivotal role in boosting the sales of the business.

An experienced and reputed web development company will help in improving the user interface of your website thereby helping your customers to locate things quite easily.

Moreover they can also help you to find a good domain name so that your website gets a good recognition. However, if you have certain names in mind, an expert developer can still help you choose the best.

Effective Web Design – A developer will also help in providing the best design for your website.

They will add new images and videos to make the website look more attractive and interactive. They would also construct proper contents that would help your client to get a fair idea on the products that you deal with.

New business enterprises should focus on improving the quality of their content because customers these days go through the content of a website in details before opting for the services.

Enables accessibility via phone – Besides the computer, people nowadays access the internet with their mobile phones.

Web development professionals use HTML 5 technology that enables a site to be accessed via a cell phone.

Customers won’t spare much of their time to try and access your website, if there is a problem they would simply move on. So you need to make sure that your website is properly optimized to provide an uninterrupted service.

Enables accessibility via slow internet connections – Websites that have heavy files and graphics take a lot of time to load over slow internet connections.

However with the help of a good web developer you will be able construct website that will load easily even with a slow connection.

Moreover they will also construct the website in such way that you will be able to place all your offers and notifications in effective locations.

These are some of the ways in which your website can benefit from the services of the web developers.

However, you need to make a thorough research in order to find a good web developer. Try to find one that has a good amount of experience. In this immensely competitive market you cannot afford to commit mistakes.

That might just mar your online reputation and provide an edge top your rivals.


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WebDesigningSEOA number of people consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be connected only to just content, however the most effective internet sites incorporate SEO into just about every aspect from content, to their code, and even down to the graphics better known as SEO web design.

In graphics designing, you must recognize and use some basic website development for SEO guidelines when constructing a website. If carried out well, SEO and presentation design will harmonize with each other.

The driving force here is marketing, increased sales and a lot of traffic to your site, since every website owner wants their site to be Google’s numerouno.


Planning Strategically

As with other websites, incorporating a wireframe for the site is where we can include the correct SEO.

Know what kind of site it will be (how-to support, publishing news, e-commerce, etc.) should be mapped out and well placed. The website should be user-friendly for the clients, and for the web designer having the flexibility to change or update the site should be implemented.

Editing on the fly and ease of content insertion must be kept in mind in the construction. And after which, SEO tactics will come to play, such as placing keywords and content material.


SEO Content and Image

SEO is all about making sure that the majority of people will find your site. It will heavily rely on the keywords you are placing. Spider crawlers that most search engines use, will look for relevant content material and it will be indexed, so that it is served to its target audience.

Obviously, critical keywords should be on every page. Putting it on the title tag, URL, and on the headings will reveal your site to those search engines. As proposed above, even images can also be given a dash of the SEO magic, although images are invisible to search engines, by putting text on the caption it will be searchable as an image result and will help your visitors to navigate your site easily.


Continuing SEO

When everything is solid and off the ground for your site, it should not stop there. SEO is a cycle that must continue, and improvement of the hits and miss should be observed. In this ongoing phase there are other initiatives that can be considered to increase more traffic to the site.

  • Social Media Traffic – an integration of social media to help build the community on your brand. This the best way to market and sell your content.
  • Link Building – a technique like reciprocal linking to other sites is yet a sure fire method to get more traffic to your site. By sharing high quality content to another website. Acquiring the optimum quantity of inbound links directing to the site boosts its search results on Google’s ranks. Just make sure that it contains relevant keywords or any combination of keywords.
  • Tracking visitors – it helps to ensure that analytics is set up on the site to track your progress
  • Site Upkeep – Fine tuning the layout or tweaking the design is required to keep the system on track.

Keep in mind these few simple things to increase visibility of your website. Web designing with SEO in mind doesn’t mean you have to let go of those pent up creative juices.You can still have an electric and dynamic site that can engage the user.

In the end, combination of SEO and graphic design must be about delivering great content and design that supports a sensible venture for the readers.


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