Don’t make me think

Here are the lessons from the Steve Krug's book "Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition.

Reviewing the SEO of your site in 6 Steps

The optimization of our website is the easiest part to learn SEO. But despite being easy, sometimes we get it wrong. Also easy does not mean at all that it will be easy. Let's see a list of tasks when analyzing the optimization of our website...

Making the Choice between Web-Popularity and SEO friendly Graphics

Graphics consume almost 50% space on a web page and Google reads them carefully to gather important information about your website. From the resolution and format to image alt tags, everything plays an important role in the ranking of a website.

The Importance of Usability When Building a Website

If you are building a website, whether it will be used to provide information for a particular audience or advertise and/or sell particular products and/or services, or indeed for both of those purposes, then it is crucial that the website is created in a way that makes it useable for many different people.

Don’t let me think – Usability Testing

Long time ago marketing people were always talking about “The Customer is King”. And we can still learn a lot when we talk to the customers. What if we have the best quality product and it's also the cheapest one. Well we should have some sell going on then. But maybe our viewers can’t find the product.

Design and Usablity

You only have 3 seconds to show most of the visitors what your site is all about. So if you are loosing the customer when they get to your website - all our great SEO isn't worth anything right? So don't confuse them. Is your website credible and trustworthy? Does it look professional? The visitor will think of your company the way your website is looking. So how do you want to sell to a customer if your website looks unprofessional.