SocialMediaTwitterFacebookLinkedInThere are lots of speculations about Social Media. Many feel that it might take the place of Search engines. There are people who feel that search engine optimization practices are gradually fading away.

On the other hand, some of them still believe that Search Engine Optimization has a long way to go. Whatever said and done, it has to be agreed that both have their own places in the industry and you can never say that one is better than the other.

When you make your presence felt in the industry, it will definitely have a positive impact on your Search Engine Optimization results.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts related to search engines.

  • Tweets have become an integral part of Google’s search results. For instance, when you search information for a particular topic, Google will pull all the Tweets that are related to the topic
  • Search Engines have started viewing Social Media sites more frequently. If you post any new information on your social networking site such as Facebook, chances are that Google will be viewing the information within an hour
  • Google trusts all the top rated Social Networking Sites and it ranks them accordingly

Here is a list of some of the Social Media sites that improve Search Engine Optimization

Linkedln – It is one of the Social Media that is dedicated to professionals and business owners. If you own a company, your employees can sign up for an account and start networking with people.After registering yourself, you need to select “Account and Settings” option which will be seen at the top of the page.

Select “My Profile” on the page and it will lead you to another option “Websites”. Choose the “Edit” link option.It will lead you to a different page where you can make changes to your Web sites. Now choose the “Other” button and start describing the site that you want to link to. It is also possible to link internal pages to the site.

Facebook – Using this social media you will not only be able to create your own personal profiles but you can also create fan pages. Just make sure that your profile contains all the necessary information such as websites and more.The appropriate keywords have to be inserted as well. Introduce your sites and products to the audience in the form of brief descriptions.

As far as fan pages are concerned, you need to make sure that blog posts are posted frequently. That makes it easier for your contents to get displayed on search engines when viewers look for them.It is better to use Networked Blogs applications which assist you to post the blogs on your Facebook wall. Also keep in mind that your profile needs to be made available to the public.

Twitter – This is one of the sites whose popularity is on the rise. Using this Social Media, you can use information for sharing with people who follow your profile.Irrespective of the type of content, you can share it with umpteen usersaround the globe.

It has a huge reach. Google has recently started to index tweets and it has proved to be beneficial for people who are trying to post their content through Twitter.Make it a point to use URLs that aren’t shortened because actual URLs are considered more relevant.


Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for MyTechHelp – a leader in providing support across various product brands and tech devices for individuals and small businesses in need of instant tech tech support

socialmediaDo you know how you can cheat on the social media? How you can get hot tips and  avoid pitfalls?

I cam across this awesome InfoGraphic from the guys at, and I wanted to share it with you. Here you can get tips and tricks.

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QRHave you ever noticed those little black modules that are positioned in a square pattern on a white background on some pages of the magazine and even at the back of your favorite beauty product?

Well, it’s called the QR code which is short for Quick Response Code, what exactly is a QR code? It is a popular two dimensional barcode that was invented by Denso Wave in 1994 to scan parts at high speed, but now QR codes are widely used in social media, advertising, businesses and many more.

Below are some of the examples how QR code can be effective in promoting your local business.


QR codes on business cards
Business cards are one of the easiest ways to advertise your business by integrating and utilizing your own QR code.

There are plenty of examples of varied styles that manage to take advantage of the code as a style factor as well.


QR codes in your website:
QR codes can make your own website more accessible on mobile devices.

With smart phones overtaking online functions, it is critical that you are making your website as user-friendly or mobile friendly as you can.

QR codes used in websites enable your trusty mobile phone to easily get in touch with websites without experiencing the complicated approach of getting the URL into that small framed mobile web browser.

With the use of QR codes, it is possible to provide your prospective customers access to the right information easily on their mobile device by simply scanning the QR Code from a print out media or on the display screen.

With different competitors in e-commerce, producing the product or service information accessible to the customers through these little codes will be very useful. Consumers are likely to pursue products that provide them more descriptive facts in an easily accessible way.


QR code for twitter:
Twitter is one of the best ways to promote a local business. Putting QR code on your Twitter will definitely boost your followers and your business.
Having a Twitter QR code, you may also make use of twitters text update service.

For those who have not heard about this Twitter enables individuals to subscribe to your updates via text message so whenever you put a brand new Twitter update everyone who subscribed to text changes will get a text alert.

This is an effective service that could be frequently incurred for from other text message advertising businesses.



QR codes in print ads:

Print ads are one of the most influential ways of promoting your business. Putting QR Codes in magazines, newspapers, brochures or flyers can provide quick access to your website so customers will have quick access to your website.

QR codes can be considered as one of the most intelligent inventions in terms of advertising, people who would like to promote their business can take advantage of integrating QR codes in whatever way they would like to promote their business with, the inbound marketing firm can provide us a lot of ideas on disseminating information about our business using QR codes.

QR codes can definitely call a customer’s attention by just simply scanning your code.



Author Bio:- Sunny Popali is SEO Director at Tempo Creative is an Arizona Inbound Marketing firm that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.



steps to get traffic from Social MediaI think most of us know by now that social media is important when we talk about getting traffic and attention to our website. But then the problems start right? Which one should I choose for my website?

Should it be Facebook (now more than 1 billion users), Google+, Twitter, YouTube? Or what about Instagram or Pinterest?

There are so many to choose between. And it’s important that you choose too many different ones, because then you don’t have the time to really rock the boat and get your traffic.

But if you are too busy with too many social media you will not learn to master it and really get to learn a social media.

After you have learned a social media, you can start to put as much as you can on autopilot to save time, but remember that social media means you have to be social right?

Well let me show you how you can choose the right social media for your site.


Step 1 – find the right social media from your own data

I hope you are using Google Analytic – if you are not – get it now.

Go to your Google Analytic data, and look at your referral traffic. You will find it under “standard reporting”, “traffic sources”, “sources”, “referrals”.














Here you can see my report for the last month.

I get a lot of traffic from LinkedIn and then StumbleUpon and Twitter.

Facebook is only number 7 on the list. So go and check your own traffic now.


Step 2 – find the right social media from your competitors’ data

And to go Alexa and check out your competitors. Maybe I have been too lazy with my Facebook. Maybe I should spend much more time on Facebook?

I will check out A lot of people interesting in SEO are using their software.














Now I can see that uses Facebook better than I do. The number 3 traffic source for Seomoz is Facebook.

So I should try to get more active in that social media.

You can get more ideas here how to choose the right social media.


Step 3 – Now start to rock the boat

Well now you know where to start. So let me give you some advices for some of the hundreds of social media that you can find.



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Good luck with it. Carpe Diem.




FacebookAddictThe most remarkable development through the last decade is considered to be different social media networking platforms as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Google+1.

Among the list of concerns in the life of modern man are how to get Twitter followers or get Facebook fans. These are vital issues today.

These platforms meant for individuals, groups and communities with common interests to stay more “connected” and share mutual interests.

Actually, social media platforms have entered lives of all people and hardly anyone can imagine their life without them. And, yes, the thing is that social media very often appear to be quite useful.

They help us to stay connected; they help to get and spread new information more easily, faster and usefully, stay in touch with people we like, and so on. There are many pluses and it is difficult to innumerate all of them. But along with so many advantages there also exist a series of disadvantages which all the users should be aware of and try to avoid.


Today I want to focus my attention on the most “important” minus of social media and it is “addiction”.

Let us see. Internet addiction and particularly social media addiction are recognized by psychologists as psychological disorders. There have been and still are being carried out a number of studies referring to the expansion of Internet addiction. It is mainly observed among the users of social media networking platforms, especially Facebook. The reason for addiction is that users do not want to miss anything on their account or page, be it a status update, post, tweet, a photo or video. According to survey more than 350 users are suffering from Facebook addiction and this number is increasing. Here are some signs of social media addiction.

  • If you continually check your Facebook or Twitter updates regardless of time and place. You do not enjoy your time and spend it upgrading your statuses and tweeting about every little thing happening to you and around you. Be sure you are addicted.
  • If you feel anxious and discomfort when you are not online, it also signals out that you are addicted. Many addicted people have a feeling of loneliness and depression. If you feel the same you had better find an Internet rehab center.
  • Another symptom of addiction is the list of your friends. If you do not know most of your friends but add them to create an impression that you are well connected and have many acquaintances, then you are addicted.


Roman Sahakov is the founder and CEO of Frozzo, marketer, father, husband and great personality. Being an enthusiast and explorer in Social Media Marketing he lives and runs his company in London. He explores the world of Social Media Marketing and shares his new ideas and knowledge with the world.





TwitterTextIn recent years, online tools such as Twitter and Facebook have made social media marketing more progressive and popular.

Twitter has allowed businesses to create a professional presence online and the ability to interact with potential/existing customers through much more immediate means. Businesses are now afforded the luxury of knowing what their followers (customers) are doing at any given moment, and vice versa. This real time data sharing creates not only up-to-date business profiles but also immediate and current sharing of ideas and products.


Twitter is all about relationships

Twitter is all about relationships, and in this respect the same can be true for marketing. The simple fact when it comes to marketing is that relationships are vital. Connections drive marketing – the more connections you have the more marketing potential you have. Twitter has thus become one of the leading social media marketing choices as it allows for the creation of literally thousands of followers (25 million and counting if you are Lady Gaga!).

Twitter’s unique aspect of being able to follow people and being followed in turn means that very quickly a business can amass a giant list of potential customers and professional relationships. A user does not have to request in most cases who to follow and whereas Facebook  limits the amount of connections you can have, twitter only limits the amount you can follow, not who can follow you, so essentially the sphere of influence/networks is endless.

Twitter allows businesses to promote and market their products or themselves, at an individual level. One commentator likened Twitter to that of a giant dinner party, wherein lots of conversations are occurring. One can easily join in or start a new one where in turn others can join in. This is different to Blogs, which were likened more to crowd talking, and Facebook, which was simply viewed as no more than private conversations. Twitters’ benefit is its ability to share information amongst a lot of people easily and openly.


Twitter and B2B

Twitter is one of the leading social media marketing choices for B2B due to viral marketing benefits. Viral marketing is a core B2B social media application for a product or service recognition and development of leads. According to Irbtrax SEO Social Media Marketing Optimization founder Scott Moir – “It can’t be emphasized enough. When used effectively the viral marketing benefits of Twitter make it an extremely valuable platform for any business that depends on the Internet for its prosperity.”

Well written, newsworthy, enticing tweets can take on the characteristics of a successful online press release. News and information can be spread almost instantaneously; far quicker than emails or blog. Information can spread from New York to London to Tokyo in a matter of seconds. Ultimately viral marketing can lead to brand enhancement, content sharing and traffic generation for your company.


Research tool

As a market research tool, Twitter is also excellent. With many built in features, as well as external systems such as Buffer and Tweetdeck, which can efficiently monitor information related to their industry specific trends.  Through careful research, one can gain an insight into the people who use Twitter, more specifically your followers at an individual level. Who are they as people? What is their likes and dislike? Etc. The information gathered through this research is invaluable when it comes to putting together pitches and building industry relationships.

Elsewhere, one can monitor your competitor’s twitter accounts to research their online strategy – What are they doing differently to you? What are you doing different to them? Much of this research is conducted through analyzing what can only be described as ‘peripheral connections’. What this means is if you want to market your company you find someone on twitter that is doing the same thing as you with a similar message or item and look to their followers. They are following this person for a reason. Find the reason, exploit and entice these followers to follow you.


Boost your traffic

Twitter can also be used as a mean to boost and promote a business’s other site also. One can use Twitter to promote your social bookmarking submissions or get your followers to vote up submissions through Digg, Delicious etc. In this respect, this reciprocal aspect of twitter is unique. By helping one another, you are able to get a feel for who uses these sites i.e. Digg, and this serves in turn as a fantastic promotional tool. What is more, this sharing of help and ideas provides an invaluable source pool of ideas for blogs. One can pick up other posts and expand on them or garner ideas from conservation or new authors.

Trust and value is often the core principle behind following one another on Twitter, and this has to be achieved most of the time through the personal approach. Businesses should not be afraid to conduct small talk with their followers and indeed competitors (of course remaining professional when doing so) . The problem however is often trying to be too corporate which creates a boring twitter account. To have tens of thousands of followers on Twitter is impressive but often these are simply the results of popularity (in the case of a celebrity), long established brands or harvesting software. It is very unlikely that these are honest relationships with which you can market too. Honest relationships more than nominal ones which are critical to long term marketing and business.


Simplicity of use

Much of twitter’s success stems ultimately from its simplicity of use. Users of Twitter do not have to look after and manage a wealth of information or details unlike other social media sites, and so their ability to use Twitter is much more organized. In turn, Twitter users have related that this has made their Twitter account ‘more fun’ to use than say on Facebook or Myspace. But there is also a flexibility to Twitter which is lacking elsewhere. Twitter in terms of a communication/marketing tool is one that can essentially be accessed anywhere and by a wide ranging audience. Twitter also requires minimal resources meaning it can be accessed from any device which has the internet or a viable ISP. This is significant for businesses that have a technologically diverse target audience.

In short, the benefits Twitter Marketing can bring a business are:

  • Real-time content
  • Immediate data share
  • Brand enhancement
  • Traffic generation
  • Customer demographic improvements
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Alternative Market Research


About the Author – Ian Garstang works at Kingsland Linassi, an award winning, Top 100 UK creative design agency and property marketing company, working on such projects as Zemi Beach luxury Caribbean condos. Ian enjoys luxury travel, good design and writing.


TwitterBlueTwitter is being used by many companies for business – to do market research, for brand advocacy and sometimes reputation management. Twitter allows them to expand their brand and generate new opportunities.

Apart from that to enhance your company’s branding on social platform like Twitter, you got to empower all your employees to be a part of company’s brand online.

You mustn’t force your employees; instead you must provide them such tools, which will encourage them to become a part of your brand online.

But to be more innovative, here are 5 useful tips to brand your business on Twitter:


#1: Expand Your Network

Since you are using Twitter, you can learn valuable information from scanning tweets from influencers and fellow members. Also try the advanced Twitter search for related keywords to your products or services and then follow the influential users.

Moreover, your customers will perceive you as an approachable social personality.


#2: Template Background for Employees

Another major branding factor within the Twitter experience is profile background. As profile backgrounds are the largest piece of visual real estate that you have to share with others.

Since many businesses have a custom Twitter background for their business profiles, you can go a step further by offering your employees a custom company template for use on their Twitter backgrounds.

By creating a Twitter background template, you can offer it to all your employees and provide them with simple instruction on customizing the template and uploading them it on their twitter accounts.


#3: Consistent Profile Images

In a twitter stream profile images are major branding opportunity.

At the same time, there are many people who do not like their own pictures. It’s a high time, now you can take this opportunity, and have someone in your company as a freelancer photographer to take the new profile pictures of current and new employees.

When you do this, you got to make sure that the photographs are taken in the same style and position.

In addition to it, you can use some background, as it will represent your company in some ways.

This background will be as simple as the wall of your office as one company color. Your main aim here is creating a consistent profile image across the country.


#4: Use Custom URL Shortener

Twitter is all about sharing great content. Take advantage of this by making your own URL shortener to help brand your company as people share your links.

You can do this pretty simply by purchasing a short domain name and connecting it to Bitly Pro.


#5: Keep The Salesmanship Down

Though networking and community building are the two prime jobs of social media, it is okay to pepper in some relevant service news. You can announce your offers and discounts in a clear concise manner but be tactful in how you do it.

On the whole, if you put these ideas into action, it will definitely benefit you a lot.


Sourav Saha is the Web Consultant at Webaholic. He blogs about latest SEO trends, Social Media Tips and Updates @Blogaholic.


WaysOfTwitterEvery online marketer out there has heard of Twitter. Twitter is great for marketing but it takes a little while to understand. But if you get the hang of it, Twitter can do miracles for your marketing and help spread the word like no other.

Here are some of the ways you can get more out of Twitter.

1. Tweet Constantly – If you want to people to follow you and you want a larger audience, you want to always stay in their mind. If you stop tweeting people will unfollow you. The trick is to tweet the right amount without over tweeting and annoying your followers into unfollowing. Start with a few tweets a day and make changes accordingly.

2. Tweet Consistently – Make sure that you do not tweet 10 times in the morning and don’t tweet at all for the rest of the day. You want to spread out your tweets and the best way to do that is by using You can tweet whenever you want to and it will save them and tweet them throughout the day.

3. Get Ideas – Use the Twitter to get ideas on what you want to blog about. Let’s be honest, if you are a blogger, one of your biggest problems is that you constantly run out of ideas to blog about. Follow people in your niche and see what these people are having problems with. Chances are if one person has a problem, then other people do as well. Write a blog post that solves that problem.

4. Use Social media Monitoring Tools. Use them. Getting the top social media monitoring tools like Hoot Suite can help save a lot of time and make your Twitter campaigns more efficient. You will be able to gather a lot more data and have a lot more control.

5. Building relationships. Twitter is great for outreach. Tweet at someone and chances are they will respond. Just make sure it isn’t someone who is very famous. They probably don’t have the time to respond to everyone. Go for mid ranged bloggers and you can easily get guest post opportunities , etc.

6. Be unique. There are a lot of Twitter accounts out there and it is generally better if you stand out. You can get a lot more followers if your account is unique. Do not stick to the basic background. Make a custom one or one that sticks out from the rest. The same should apply to your avatar. When people are looking through tweets, the thing that catches their eye the most is your avatar. Try different avatars and see which picture of you is getting the best results.

7. Monitor your brand. Use Twitter to see what people are saying about your blog or business. This is a great way to get an understanding of how people feel about you/your site. You can do this manually or use one of the many tools out there that gather all tweets that have to do with a particular topic.


This article is brought to you by Mark Trueman


Mark Trueman

TwitterCorporateIn our time of highly Internet technology even a small entrepreneur is committed to representing their business on the internet. The presence of a corporate site is out of the question – which organizations  doesn’t have its own corporate site?

But now we need not just a presence on the Internet ― it is important to have the direct communication with your customers, prompt reaction on all social unrest of your target audience and improving the image of your business in such a broad and multi-faceted Internet environment.

To help in this matter comes social networks that set the pace of modern social life. Proper use of social networks can significantly increase sales, increase brand awareness and monitoring of consumer desires.

About advantages and necessity of representing your brand in social networks there has been said and written many articles and books, but still not many companies know how to use this tool to its full potential.

This article focuses on the use of social marketing tool such as Twitter.

Twitter is a relatively new tool for presenting your brand in the world of social networks, but has already gained its popularity and the number of advantages in comparison with others. It allows you to keep in touch with your followers, quickly inform them about all the new items for your business, respond quickly to their needs and desires.

Briefly speaking, Twitter can be a useful addition to any marketing campaign.

Suppose you convinced the corporate account that the company need a corporate Twitter. What’s next? Consider the major issues that arise in front a businessman and about what you should think about before you make the first steps.


On whose behalf are you tweeting?

In this regard there are two possible solutions.

On the one hand, you can keep your account on behalf of a brand or a company and name it accordingly to them. On the other hand, you can keep your account on behalf of a private person, which is directly related to your company.

Which way to choose depends on the specifics of your business and the goals you want to achieve through the corporate account on Twitter.

If you represent a large international brand than brand’s official account can help solve such problems as the creation of visual contact between logo and brand name. It will also help you to create your “army” of loyal followers, and always refer to them at the right time for the reporting of sales and events.

If you have a local or small business and your company name is not widely known you can create accounts of a private person and contact with your followers on a more informal level, but by the way informing and reminding about your company in the form such as “Today ate sushi. And by the way, in our food delivery store we have new proposition – the second set – for free.”



Choose the right picture is a very important mission because of this picture your account will be recognized in the social network.

If this is the official account of the company or brand – the picture should be recognizable, clear, concise and vivid. Users should immediately recognize you in their news feed.

If you decide to keep your account on behalf of an individual then as an avatar you must use a real photo. Users are much more loyal to the real people and will be more likely comment on and retweet your posts.


Communication Style

The style of your communication with your followers, again, depends on the specifics of your business. But don’t forget that Twitter is a social network so it doesn’t like the official and grave style.

The most important thing – be friendly and interesting, do not post dry information or frank advertising because you can lose your followers.


The frequency of tweets

There is no specific number of tweets per day – it depends on the content. The main thing – they must be regular. Also you must mention that people often visit Twitter in the morning before work and in the evening after work.

Alternate advertising, news and personal tweets. You can create a schematic release schedule, for example: morning – news, day – advertising, in the evening – an interesting story from the life or some observation. The main rule – be interesting.

There are main advices before creating a corporate account in Twitter. All the rest come with experience and practice.



Author bio: Joe Craven is a specialist of context advertising and social marketing of He writes articles on various topics that deal with internet marketing, branding and business promotion in the internet.



FollowMeMost new users who sign up for a Twitter account will ask questions about hashtags, @ signs and whom to follow.

These questions are all valid and one can only progress in the Twitter world when in sync with the system. Following people is the first step towards being an active member on this particular platform.

Joining sites such as Twitter and Facebook require a certain level of dedication. These social networking sites are not simplistic when it comes to attracting followers. Getting the account off the ground with your first set of followers is difficult without guidance. At times, not only is it difficult attracting followers, but following people becomes a tough exercise. One does not know whom to follow and whom to avoid.

There are steps to making the process easier for new users. A question one should ask prior to signing up is whether this account is necessary. Will it push the business forward or be a waste of time? Are there enough people on Twitter who will be interested in your product or services? These are all questions that should arise prior to making that account and going down the path of social networking. If you decide to go ahead with making an account, it is pertinent to follow people related to your business. For example, if one is running a technology centric business, it is best to follow people from the same field. This will attract other followers who might hop on over to your account and read what it is all about.

The easiest manner of finding new people to follow on Twitter is through hashtags. Simply, search for people through particular hashtags and begin following them. If they are interested in you, they will follow your account. This is how one can begin to entice followers to their business account. Remember to always focus on the most appropriate hashtags as attracting unnecessary and unhelpful followers is a waste of your time.

In the beginning, it is like an addiction and users begin following everything that moves or breathes. This is not the right way to go about things as it will simply clutter up your account and make it harder to navigate. Learn to pick and choose who you follow and watch the results become more positive in nature.

tshirtTwitterFollow this strict set of instructions and watch things flourish.

1) Do not give leeway to spammers and others who are looking to simply get clicks to external links. They will purely spam all day hoping for someone to click their links. Avoid these individuals like the plague.

2) Follow those who have similar interests as you and your business. These are the type of individuals that deserve your attention and will benefit your business. Due to their similar interests, you will be able to easily engage with them and potentially find new consumers.

Always focus on having this set of requirements in hand when you are looking for followers. Twitter has a lot to offer for businesses, but to only those who use it in an intelligent manner. Do not become flooded by spammers and unhelpful followers.

Always keep your own profile interesting and attractive. The ‘Twitter egg’ is not the image that should be donning your profile page. Put a business logo or something similar in place in order for followers to recognize you from the others.

‘Twitter egg’ profiles also indicate a member who is not as active. Do not follow these individuals as they will simply bog down your account and just be a number. The goal is to find quality followers and not just look for quantity.

When you have determined a criterion for what you are looking for, Twitter becomes much easier to navigate.


This article was provided by Steve at, a marketing agency who aims to help you grow Twitter Followers UK