How to Keep Up with Social Media Marketing Trends?

Online marketing is not a fad. Contrary to what most critics would have us believe about virtual media being a passing storm, it is very much here to stay. Stay and how? Social media marketing has entered the private life of the common man in such a way that it has revolutionized the creation of brands and identities.

5 Consumer Megatrends 2014 – That Will Affect Your Business

Look at these Megatrends for 2014 that will affect your business. And why not let Sam Malone and Cheers guide the way.

New Infographic: Multi-Platform Internet Behaviours. Tablets now driving online content consumption

I am very happy to show you all this infographic. It shows how 36 key Internet behaviours play out across mulitple devices. Its all broken down into four key categories: Social, Publishing, Content and Services/App. And yes Tablets now driving the online content consumption. It's made by the guys at GlobalWebIndex. Click on the picture to see it larger. Enjoy, Henrik