I just love to show you this new 2014 CMO’s guide to the 2014 social landscape. It’s about SEO, Brand Awareness, Customer Communication and traffic generation. I hope it will inspire you to consider new channels for your marketing campaigns.

Have you ever heard about the traffic generating wheel? It’s a wheel you will have to start spinning and you can use it for a new website or for a website that is already up and running.

blackYou might know this situation – you have a website but you need more traffic.

Well I think every website owner knows about this. I found this strategy – and people told me that this strategy has doubled their organic traffic overnight. So it might work for you also.

The strategy is to take your most viewed pages and give them an update.

You don’t have to work for weeks to get backlinks – it’s all done on-page.

In fact it’s like going back to the basic SEO. A lot of pages and website don’t have the basic SEO for their pages. So working with the basic will help your traffic. You do remember the SEO pyramid too?

But no more talk – get some coffee in your cup and put your favorite music on (I think I will listen to Earth Wind and Fire… Or maybe Paul McCartney).

1. Step – check up your meta tag
First you pick up the 10 pages of your website with the most page views. You can go to your Google Analytic and check that out.

Take the standard Report and choose the last month. Go to Content / Site Content / Pages. Here you will find your 10 most viewed pages.

Here you can see my top 10 pages.

When you focus on the top 10 pages you will pick the pages with the most effect for your traffic. But later on you can do the same with the rest of your pages.

Now for each of your top 10 pages you will need to find your URL, Title Tag, Meta Description and Header.




Let me give you an example here:

  Current Version New Version
Title Tag Home – Used Ford cars, best quality cars, cheap used cars in town at
Meta Description Home page – Contact Us – Products – information Get updated information about our quality used Ford cars with a certification guaranty. Check out our great deals.
Header 2010 cars Used Ford Cars 2010


You get the idea. You might find that many of your old pages have “URL” with no keywords but only some strange number or letters.

The “Title Tag” might never have been checked before and your keyword should be mentioned in the title tag.

The “Meta Description” should tell the people searching what your page is all about and why they just have to go and check it out.

And of course your header should contain your keyword.



2. Step – On-page optimization

Now go and do a normal SEO report on your pages for your keywords.

For each of your top 10 pages you will make a report. In most of the SEO software you will write your URL, your keyword and the search engine – and it will tell what you need to do on-page to optimize your page.

IBPI use “Internet Business Promoter” but you can also use the software from SeoMoz or a lot of other software.

Most of the software will give you some advices about what to do to optimize your page for your keyword.

Okay – you still have your coffee? We are almost done now.






3. Step – submit your sitemap and RSS feed to the Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster ToolYou can submit your site, sitemap and RSS feed to the Google Webmaster Tools. After you have submitted it – Google will find any errors or other issues your site might have. And you will have to correct the mistakes.

Well that was it.

I think it will take you around a day to make this work. And when you do it with your top 10 pages you will get the most effect out of your work.

Now check up on your traffic… Some people have doubled their traffic using these easy basic SEO steps.



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SpyPicI want to show a really awesome technic about how you can steal some of your competitor’s traffic and get higher ranking. And the best part is that it’s free.

I am not using any magic or black hat strategy. Yes all is white hat – and still you can steal some traffic to your own site.

Maybe your boss has asked you these questions –where do we get high quality links? How many do we need before getting our high ranking?

With this technique you can very easily and secretly check out how and why your competitor is getting their traffic.

So grab your coffee … ready?


Step 1) The James Bond step
First we are going to play a spy. We need to know why and how your competitor is getting all the traffic.

So we are using some reverse search engine technique.

So I am going to put on my eyeglasses. Well I will need some help from the free software called “SEO SpyGlass”. Just type “SEO SpyGlass” into a Google search and you will find it. Download it so it’s ready for use.


Step 2) Find your competitor
I have this website – and this is a blog about Search Engine Optimization – so I want to outrank the website

You can also just find a top-ranking competitor and try to understand why they are ranking so well.



Step 3) Time to spy

I will write and click next. Now the software will collect search engine data for that website. I will just take a minute or two then you are done.






When it’s done click finish – and say yes when it will ask you if you would like to update your project for backlinks factors now.

If the website you are checking has a lot of backlinks this step can take a few minutes. So get yourself a new cup of coffee now.







Step 4) Investigate your results
Now it’s time to check out the data we found in step one.


Now you can see the backlink page, the anchor text and much more relevant data.



Step 5) Knowledge is power
Now you have the power in your hands. You know which websites that are linked to your competitors website. So now it’s time for some dirty work.

Check out the websites on the list.

Some of the websites could be some kind of an industry list with company names. So be sure you are on the same list.

Maybe there are some blogs where you also can make a comment.

Maybe you should write an email to the owners of some of the websites and ask for a backlink to your website – because you have some relevant information too.

Well I will have to check some of the backlinks now …


Grab this præsentation from Slideshare


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bloggingAndLeadsAndTrafficHave you ever wondered if blogging really brings more traffic to your website?

Maybe it’s just something all the SEO guys are talking about. Or maybe you have a blog already for your company but you are not really sure if it brings traffic and leads to your company. Well think no more. Let’s talk some facts.

Blogging is bringing traffic to your website. Blogging brings more leads to your website. This study is based on data from HubSpot’s 4,000 customers.


Blogging and Traffic

It showed that businesses who blogs between 16 to 20 times per months will get over 2 times more traffic than those who blogged less than 4 times per month.

And those who blogged at least 20 times per month had 5 times more traffic than those who blogged less than 4 times per month.


PowerPoint Presentation














So if you already have a blog – how many times a month do you blog?

Businesses with over 200 total blog articles got 4.6 times more traffic than those with under 20 blog posts.


PowerPoint Presentation















Blogging and Leads

The same study shows that businesses who blogged just 16 to 20 times per month got 3 times more leads than those who didn’t blog.

And also those who blogged at least 20 times per month saw nearly 4 times more leads than those who didn’t blog.

So you really should start to blog on your website now right?


PowerPoint Presentation














B2B businesses who blogged just 16 to 20 times per month got 3 times more leads than those who didn’t blog.

And for the B2C businesses who blogged just 16 to 20 times per month got over 4 times more leads than those who didn’t blog.

I am working in a company and we are blogging once a week – but now I really have to start blogging on my work. How many times a month do you blog?

I found some more great facts about blogging and leads for your business.

B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not. (Source: FactBrowser)

B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those that do not.  (Source: Rick’s Tips).


So don’t forget to …

Yes yes yes – I know – it’s not only quantity its also quality. So you better make your blogging as great as possible right?

So if you don’t already have a blog for your business you better start one now and blog between 16 to 20 times a month.

And yes – I love SEO – and blogging gives you many chances to take advantage of SEO, driving traffic from search engines to your site.


PS – You can get the full PDF report from HubSpot here.




Followers2Being search is a key requirement of every website and blog. Every website owner wants to generate high volume business web traffic at his or her website and use each and every tip to impress the targeted visitors.

In this way, it is crucial to understand search engine dynamics to find the touch points of your esteemed customers. It will help you in bringing them at your website. There is simply no way other than better presentation, focused approach, and search engine optimization.

You are required to keep your website updated with high quality search engine optimized contents to bring the online surfers at your website, but repeat visits are more important than initial ones.

So, you should implement below given tips to drive stable and organic web traffic at your website.


Stunning Tips to Drive Stable Organic Web Traffic at Your Web Site

  • Update your Website with SEO friendly content, which should be relevant to your Meta description and page description.
  • Don’t change the URL of your website in some haste. At first, try not to change the URL or follow Google’s procedure of URL changing to avoid the ignorance of Google towards your site with the URL.
  • Using duplicate content is a crime, especially if you are targeting high search engine rankings. In case you like to mention the quote of a legend, then put the text in double commas.
  • Albeit, the flash makes the websites beautiful, yet you should say goodbye to this technology for gaining top rankings.
  • Always prefer high quality directories for the submission of your website.
  • The robots.txt should not block the particular URL that should be opened for your visitors.
  • Use intelligently created Meta keywords in your Meta description as well as in web content.
  • Try to have high value links in your website.
  • Always add a text link in the image and icon links of your website.
  • Try to give something to your visitor, even if you are running an affiliate website.
  • Don’t forget to include a site map of your website at the homepage. It helps the Google crawlers to scan the web pages properly.
  • Link schemes can be risky for your website virtual reputation.
  • Add high quality search engine friendly contents in your website to convey the meaningful information to your customers.
  • Always add page descriptions in your website.
  • Install all search engine friendly tools in your website.
  • Keep your search engine optimization strategy updated with recent search algorithms to get the best turnout.
  • Keep the content headings crispy and catchy to grab the quick and lasting attention of your targeted customers. In this way, it is also necessary to post meaningful contents in your website.
  • Take help of article marketing websites.
  • You should write quality articles and publish on the reputed article sites such as
  • Run a blog in support of your website.
  • Publish meaningful articles in your blog to keep the reader interested in visiting your blog.
  • Take help of social media platforms.
  • Create impressive social media networking profiles in support of your website.
  • Integrate all of your social media pages with your website.
  • Always test the usability of your website links.
  • Remove the dead links of your website.
  • Update your Website with new age web management functionalities to ease the tough management tasks.

By following all above bulleted tips of attracting visitors to your website, you will be able to seek the lasting interest of your targeted customers. Though, you should keep following these tips to increase your web traffic regularly.

It has been seen that website owners stop their search engine optimization activities after achieving an optimum amount of web traffic to focus on the real business of website, but it is a self-destructive approach.

Online surfers never come up to a website all of a sudden. A kind of wave touches each online surfer and the interested ones touched the wave back. This is the process of search engine optimization.

Thus, you cannot get the ceaseless cyber traffic, if you are not maintaining the flow of search engine optimization activities.


About Author –  Mike Swan is Internet Marketing Head at Markupcloud, a renowned company offering PSD to Drupal theme conversion and PSD to Joomla conversion services. Author loves to discuss on latest trends of all types of Internet Marketing.



StumbleUponLogoStumbleUpon is a social media bookmarking site, and as such it does not respond to SEO or other techniques of social marketing to generate traffic.

It is a closed system where user participation determines outcomes. Heavy users of StumbleUpon thumb up or down a lot of content, and that allows the system to understand their demographic better and associate users within a certain niche.


Be an Active User

1. Participate in the community and spend time thumbing up or down websites you discover while there. StumbleUpon uses your thumbs up to help find your niche.

2. Make friends with those who share similar tastes since StumbleUpon shares content with your friends within a niche. This will encourage people to follow you and that will increase the chance they will stumble upon your own content.

3. Contribute content to the website. Eventually, those who are in your niche and follow you will discover your content. This leads to traffic generation.


Buy Traffic

StumbleUpon lets you influence their recommendation system with advertising sold at five cents for every stumble.

There is a lot of advertising on the site, so it is not considered spam, but Stumbleupon users may thumb down your content if it seems too blatant an attempt to influence them.

The more users thumb up content, the more it appears to other users, thereby generating traffic to the site, but the reverse is true for content that receives a lot of thumbs down.

Wait until an especially poignant piece of content is in your posssession then use advertising to help more people stumble it.


Be a Follower

User ratings and their friends’ ratings help StumbleUpon form a collaborative view of the websites in their system. Users will only see content approved by people in their niche.

1. Follow those who seem like they might like your content, since the more StumbleUpon associates you with them, the greater the chance they will see your content.

2. Follow those who said they liked your content by giving it a thumbs up.

3. Follow those the system suggests for you since they are showing similar demographics to you.

4. Follow those who follow you. This is a bit of courtesy, but also a good way to build followers. If they follow you, then there is something that interests them.


About the Author – Jo Harris is a writer and the Director of Content for the Morgan Law Firm, an Austin, Texas divorce firm. Please visit the Morgan Law Firm Blog for additional content.


FreeTrafficAll the webmasters are putting their efforts only for one simple thing: traffic. Building traffic is the most challenging task for a website owner.

At the same time, this is the most precious wealth for an online business.

More traffic means more conversion and this leads to generation of more revenues. Traffic building strategies may be divided into paid and free strategies respectively.

According to online marketing SEO experts, free traffic building strategies can be classified into three phases: bringing traffic to a new website, enhancing traffic funnel and maintaining the influx of traffic to an old website and continuous generation of revenues. Here, you’ll learn the effective strategies into these separate categories.


# Bringing traffic to a brand new website: primary strategies

* Optimizing the contents:

Today, keyword optimization concept has become different. Older concepts don’t work anymore. Nowadays, you have to produce high quality content based on the topic, not the keyword. You have to optimize the title and metadata for better search engine responses. This step refers to a term: on page optimization.


* Directory submission, press release, article marketing:

Once the website is ready and optimized for search engine listings, you have to submit the website URLs, site maps in different search engines and directories. Submission of press releases, articles will definitely help your website rank in the search engines against certain keywords. Finally, your brand new website will start getting some organic visitors gradually.


# Increasing the amount of traffic gradually

* Forum posting, blog commenting and connecting with your visitors:

You have to concentrate on building relationships with your visitors and potential clients through your website. You must ensure the quality and credibility of the information published on your website. You have to leave URLs and links on the related forums and discussion threads. You can also interchange the links with blogs and website in the relevant category. This will create a funnel of visitors within the strong network. Be responsive to your readers; encourage them about commenting and leaving feedback.


* Adapting popular social media platforms for your website:

Nowadays, social media websites, bookmarking sites and community-sharing sites have become the most credible source of traffic. These websites don’t only get you instant traffic, but they also help your website to increase credibility and authority rank. You have to prepare your site for these social websites and platforms. Fortunately, there are many plug-ins and software to make things easier for the webmasters. You should also maintain the relationship with your visitors on these platforms.


# Maintaining the influx of traffic: keeping the volume constant

* Viral marketing, video marketing, regular submission of articles and press releases:

Maintaining the amount of traffic to your site is the biggest challenge faced by the webmasters. This requires long-term marketing strategies. Viral social marketing, video marketing in the leading platforms like, and regular press release and article submission help the sites to retain the amount of visitors consistently. The strategy is similar to the primary tactic, but you have to plan your strategy properly. Following these steps also helps you increase the amount of traffic to your website.


* Distribute free stuff and build a subscriber list:

You must make your visitors feel special and enticed with something very useful. Build an email or subscriber list by giving away free reports, eBooks and many other things. This will definitely retain the loyal visitors to your site. At the same time, spontaneous social sharing also helps the number of subscribers grow. Building a list is a very effective way to generate revenue.


* Use offline promotion methods, let people talk on your platform:

Offline methods are always neglected by many webmasters. This is definitely one of the powerful methods of growing local traffic and gets potential customers from local market. You should follow the traditional offline marketing strategies and keep the funnel of visitors intact. Besides, you should create a forum or blogging platform where your visitors can interconnect between each other. This also helps your visitors grow beyond.

Many webmasters often complain that the free-traffic building strategies don’t work effectively. They are always oriented towards paid marketing and advertising strategies. But free techniques can definitely help your visitors grow if used properly. There are numerous other methods, some of which are rarely practiced by the webmasters; learning and implementing them will definitely help you enhance the traffic amazingly.

Author Bio: Rahul Makhija has been in the internet marketing industry for more than 6 years. For more information you can visit DC Web Design. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to read and understand about human behavior. 


Red Pumps And PinterestOne of the fastest growing social networks right now is Pinterest – but do you know why you need red pumps if you are going to use Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard. With Pinterest you can organize and share your pictures on the Internet.

People are using Pinboards to share everything from wedding and how they decorate their homes to pictures of their dog and favorite recipes (and yes red pumps).

You can browse all the Pinboards on Pinterest created by other people and get inspired.



ReferralTrafficUse Pinterest as a source for traffic

Pinterest has a huge potential to drive some serious referral traffic to your website.

Take a look here at the percentage of total referral traffic. As you can see the referral from Pinterest is almost just as high as Google and Twitter – and higher than from YouTube, Reddit, Google+ and LinkedIn.

So it’s time to use Pinterest seriously as a source for traffic.


AMarketersGuideToPinterestPinItToWinItInfographicSmallWho are the users?

Maybe the most interesting part is that 87 percent of the users are women. Yes you read correct – 87 percent (I have also seen the percent being 68 – but it’s still a high percent).

And it’s most popular for people between 25 and 54 years old. It has 11,7 million unique monthly users in the USA.

So if most of the users are women between 25 and 54, we need to pin some red pumps to get attention right?

The Infographic to the left is from (click the image to see much more information on the Infographic).

You can also read much more about the users and the user activity on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn right here.


How to get started with Pinteresst

  • Start making a profile on Pinterest – remember to write the www of your website in the description and to use hashtags with your main keywords too. Read more about hashtags here.
  • Now start to pin some of your images to your board.
  • Install a button on your website so can make it easy for people to pin your images. If you have a WordPress website you can install a plugin to make it easy to pin your images. I have installed a plugin here at so when people hover over an image they can pin it right away (try that)
  • Be careful about the titles of your images. You titles will be the default text when somebody is making a pin from your web site.

Now lets us take it to the next level.

  • Start following same interests on Pinterest. You don’t have to follow people (you can do that too), but instead you can follow just a board/interest.
  • Check out who repin your pins. Do you know that you can check out who repins your pins. Type Instead of you just write your domain.


Get more traffic  strategy from Pinterest – community boards
So how can you really rock the boat and get your traffic from Pinterest? One way to get more traffic is to create a community board.

A community board is a place where you can invite people with the same interest (and they have to be Pinterest users too) to pin related posts into your community board.

This way you can build your followers quickly and also building trust among the Pinterest community.

The only problem here is the promotional part. Well I have my awesome email club here at so I will invite you all to become members of a community board.

seouMy community board is “seo4u”. You will find it here

If you get my weekly email I will grant you permission to pin to this board – just email me at then I will add your name to the list.

This way you can also get your promotion out to more people. So this is a win-win situation for all right?

Make a community board for your own website too and invite people to join your community.


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