Get inspired with a little help from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – from Apple and Microsoft. Get some quotes that can help you to be inspired. Quotes for marketing and management.

front presentationNow you learn some tips and tricks from Steve Jobs. How to make your presentation rock like Steve Jobs’ presentations. Great for all people in business from marketing to management. Learn from the king of presentations.

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10 facts about Steve Jobs frontRead about Steve Jobs and maybe you will find something you didn’t knew about him.

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Steve Jobs frontSteve Jobs was an amazing guy. And as a SEO guy I have learned that it’s about great content. And it’s about FOCUS. So without no more talk about marketing, business, Apple, Google or anything – let’s hear it from Mr. Steve Jobs.

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SteveJobsDummestThings10Steve Jobs was a great guy and I am a big admirer of him.

But not everything he did was a success and he did make some big mistakes too. So take a look and see some of the big mistakes Steve Jobs did.

Can you think of any more mistakes?

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Creative Design and Motivation Quotes

I hope you will find a lot of inspiration with these creative design and motivation quotes from Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Ralph Laurent and many many more.

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SteveJobs vs Mark Zuckerberg300Get inspired with quotes from Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. 

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