How social media influences purchasing decisions

20 Stats About How Social Media Influences Purchasing Decisions

20 Do’s and Don’ts on LinkedIn 2014

Get tips and tricks about LinkedIn - here are 20 tips and tricks about what to do and what not to do.

How to Keep Up with Social Media Marketing Trends?

Online marketing is not a fad. Contrary to what most critics would have us believe about virtual media being a passing storm, it is very much here to stay. Stay and how? Social media marketing has entered the private life of the common man in such a way that it has revolutionized the creation of brands and identities.

10 Governments That Went Bankrupt

National bankruptcy is a popular discussion topic lately. But many countries have tried this - including France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and Span. Read all about it here. All the best to you, Henrik

Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Try

There are a lot of social media marketing tools out there for you to try. They have come about because social media is the big “thing” at the moment, and so people are trying to capitalize on it.

9 challenging predictions about social media 2014

This is my predictions for the future of social media 2014. Take a look and let me hear your predictions. All the best to you, Henrik

Sitting Bull vs General Custer

Do you know the story about Sitting Bull and General Custer? Well take a look here with quotes from both men :) Enjoy, Henrik (PS yes I know it has nothing to do with SEO - but it's still very interesting - right?)

10 things Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy have in common

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy have a lot in common? Check it all out here. All the best to you, Henrik

Commenting In Panda & Penguin Age

Blog commenting wasn't exactly invented yesterday, but nevertheless, it is a very simple trick that has stood the test of time and is still widely used today. However, the recent algorithm updates that the Google team has made, especially the Panda and Penguin ones, have brought some changes as to the techniques comment authors need to employ in order to get their comments to actually count for something.

Tips to Gear Up for SEO Changes in 2013

The technology-driven marketing world is changing rapidly and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is definitely inextricable linked with this change. 2013 promises to be a revolutionary year for SEO marketing primarily triggered by Google's slew of updates during the latter half of 2012.