LinkedIn frontGet tips and tricks about LinkedIn – here are 20 tips and tricks about what to do and what not to do.

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Annual TrendsOnline marketing is not a fad. Contrary to what most critics would have us believe about virtual media being a passing storm, it is very much here to stay. Stay and how? Social media marketing has entered the private life of the common man in such a way that it has revolutionized the creation of brands and identities.

The emergence of online marketing is based on one premise alone – that man is a social being. And it has flourished on the premise that every person is unique and that he or she should have the opportunity to express oneself however one wishes. Which is why today you can tweet, post, tag, Instagram, Pinterest or blog about whatever it is that makes you tick. You don’t need to have a vocabulary to make the most of e-business, all you need to have is an internet connection. Whether you use 140 characters or post a picture or video – you are constantly churning out content that is bound to capture the interest of someone else with the same tastes even across time zones.

Most organizations now understand the importance of having an e-marketing strategy. A holistic online strategy is vital not only to market your brand, but also to effectively manage your reputation, build a connect with your customers and employees, seek customer feedback and make your brand seen, heard and talked about all the time. E business managers and online media houses are being internalized by traditional advertising agencies that understand the kind of reach this medium has. Having a dedicated team to manage your identity is now a critical chunk of your media and PR spends.

A sound social media marketing strategy works on one mantra – out of sight is out of mind. Given the 24 by 7 churn of online content, it takes a smart digital marketer to identify focal areas and leverage every social media tool to its strength. The online media that you use to build a brand community may not be effective as a feedback mechanism. Similarly a B2B commercial strategy that uses the same platform to generate leads and to manage its online reputation may have flaws.

Several niche social platforms are emerging which are far more private and encourage conversations and feedback rather than just being mass broadcasting mechanisms. A savvy e-marketer needs to pick up these trends and align your online media strategy to be seen at the right place at the right time and by the right people.
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Bankrupcy 1National bankruptcy is a popular discussion topic lately.

But many countries have tried this – including France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and Span. Read all about it here.

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Java PrintingThere are a lot of social media marketing tools out there for you to try. They have come about because social media is the big “thing” at the moment, and so people are trying to capitalize on it.

Their motivations for creating social media tools are varied. Some do it because they simply want to affiliate advertise on their websites. Others have produced them so that people buy them or so that they act as a subscription tool.

Others have created them as open-source in the hope that somebody will improve the code so that they have their own personalized social media marketing tool. Some people have created them for more nefarious reasons. Whatever their reasons were for creating them, here are a few you should try.


Crowd Factory

This gives you a bunch of tools that you can use for your social media campaign, and it allows new marketers to gain new customers through things such as social gestures. The customized social marketing function will also allow you to track the ROI of your campaign.



This is actually a good branding tool. You can manage your workflow, you can customize and there is a very nice approval process you can try. You can create videos and text for your social media campaign and you can add photos into the mix too.

You are able to publish manually with a single source and spread it across different platforms. You may also do the same with their scheduling function so that you may post in a routine manner or at the most optimal times.

You also gain access to its aggregated analytics dashboard so that you may measure your content strategy as well as the results of your posting schedule.


Objective Marketer

This tool offers you the ability to social media market and measure. It has an analytic program that allows you to measure the success of your social media marketing campaign.

The tool platform will work with blogs, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. There are engagements and analytic reports, a user management option and multi-channel execution functions too.



This helps you to manage your social media marketing and your social media communications from just one platform. You can build an engaging campaign with this tool, and you can measure social media too. There is a platform that allows you to manage multiple accounts on multiple networks.

It has social CRM and a very crude Facebook ecommerce tool (which is not recommended). There are mobile features for you to try and an email marketing system too.


Wildfire Interactive

This is a tool you can use to create interactive campaigns on social media.

The tool makes their creation very straight forwards. You can create contests, give-aways, and sweepstakes on the platform, all with very little thought at your end.



This tool does as it says in its title. If you want to get a message out onto social media fast, then this tool will help you to spread it quickly.

You can manage and monitor your social media campaign through this app, and you may measure a limited amount of the social chatter that your social media marketing produces.

There are options that all you to enterprise your social media management over a wide number of useful social media channels.


Direct Message Lab

With this platform tool you are able to manage your social media campaign and set up contents and promotions.

You are able to advertise and measure your efforts to achieve your goals.

The name of the tool is misleading, because if you look at their marketing you will see that their message is less than direct. However, if you can cut through their marketing jargon, you can use the tool to great effect yourself.


StrongMail Social Studio

This is a social media marketing tool that is fairly comprehensive. It has a number of tools that you can use to both share content and manage your social media campaign at the same time.

It has lots of little functions that you may play with and benefit from if you put them to proper use.



This is a visual authoring tool. It is basically a cool way of creating and building interactive Engage apps and Engage ads.

You may deliver very rich and interactive social media content. You may do it across the web or across mobile device social media platforms.

It is a good tool to add to your collection in order to make the occasional interactive Engage ad, and some people have found it to be a very good (if seldom used) tool to aid their social media campaign.



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social media predictions 2014This is my predictions for the future of social media 2014. Take a look and let me hear your predictions.

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Bull vs CusterDo you know the story about Sitting Bull and General Custer? Well take a look here with quotes from both men 🙂

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Lincoln and kennedy 1

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy have a lot in common? Check it all out here.

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Blog commenting wasn’t exactly invented yesterday, but nevertheless, it is a very simple trick that has stood the test of time and is still widely used today.

However, the recent algorithm updates that the Google team has made, especially the Panda and Penguin ones, have brought some changes as to the techniques comment authors need to employ in order to get their comments to actually count for something.

In order to help you out, here are a few tips you can use in order to make sure that your comments are compatible with Google’s algorithmic updates.

After all, commenting can indeed help you expand your influence, and foregoing it simply because of a few rule changes would mean depriving yourself of extra exposure and traffic, something very few businesses don’t need more of.

1. Build Yourself Up on Social Networks

Quite soon (or perhaps has it happened already?) Google will provide a lot of importance to the kind of activity you are having on social networks, including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Comments that are posted on major social network platforms, especially Google+, actually affect your website’s search engine ranking.

The best course of action you could take under these circumstances is to create fan pages on the social networks you are subscribed with, updating them on a regular basis.

If you are touching on an interesting topic, then more and more people are going to comment, driving traffic to your site and increasing your search engine standings.

In addition, you can also seek out fan pages other people have made and leave your comments there.

2. Finding the Right Blogs

One of the most important aspects of writing a comment is to find the right blog to post it to.

Basically, you need to make sure that your comment appears on a website or a blog that has a good reputation, is popular, relevant, and doesn’t use any black-hat SEO techniques.

If you leave a comment on a blog that is frowned upon by the search engines, then you won’t reap any benefits from it whatsoever; on the contrary, you will have associated yourself with a website that has a bad reputation.

You can easily make a list of relevant blogs by using the Google Double Click Planner.

3. Know the Blogger

Before posting a comment on a blog, take the time to find all the information you can about its author.

In most cases, blogs have a page dedicated to the author’s biography, and you can use that to find most, if not all the information you need about them.

Your goal is to post on blogs that are run by open-minded people who have a positive outlook on working together with others.

If you manage to post really interesting comments, there is a chance that the owner will notice you and seek to develop a relationship.

4. Who is Going to Read you?

While the blog owner will probably have a look at your comment, you need to remember that apart from him/her, everyone else is simply a blog visitor just like yourself; you need to know who will be reading your comments, or at least, the type of people that tend to comment on the blog.

Take the time to read a few other blog posts and comments, tailoring your content in accordance to what you see.

You could perhaps even try to contact a few of the commentators and get a sense for the type of people they are.

5. Reveal Yourself

In most cases, blogs allow you to identify yourself, and perhaps even post a picture or a link back to your site.

It is highly recommended that you actually disclose your identity, not only for the sake of the search engines, but also for the sake of the people reading your comment.

If you give out your real identity, people will feel like you have nothing to hide, therefore buying you trust and some potential new visitors as well.

6. Be Interesting

Finally, it has to be said that your comments actually need to be useful, informative and interesting.

Don’t simply post a comment that says “great job!”, but go beyond that, providing your opinion in regards to some of the points touched in the article, relating some kind of story, or perhaps even complementing what the author wrote.

You need to make the content interesting and engaging so as to show that you’ve read the content and that you aren’t just another comment spammer looking to squeeze in an easy backlink.

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Jason Smith is an online manager for Superior Notary Services. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to read and understand about mobile notary services.

SEOimageThe technology-driven marketing world is changing rapidly and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is definitely inextricable linked with this change. 2013 promises to be a revolutionary year for SEO marketing primarily triggered by Google’s slew of updates during the latter half of 2012.

Given below are the top SEO transformations expected in 2013 along with suggested methods to deal with them.




1) Prepare For A More Competitive Ratings Environment 

2013 is slated to witness harsher competition between entities to wrest the best ratings in search engines, especially in Google’s. Thus it is imperative that you take necessary steps to ensure the best possible SEO ratings for your content, mostly along the ensuing lines:

a)      Conduct a thorough overhaul of your website and online pages; you may – for instance – change the colors and the layout to attract more visibility.

b)      Revamp your basic website and URL frameworks.

c)       Content is king therefore you must feature top-notch content that is engaging, one-of-a-kind, and grammatically flawless.

d)      Have distinctive page headings that catch the eye.

e)      Make better use of description and heading tags.

f)       Offer enhanced navigation and linking mechanism to your visitors.

g)      Ensure that you use robots and crawlers effectively.

h)      Pay closer attention to pictures and videos embedded in your pages.

i)        Give special focus to mobile users – an important user category – by ensuing proper submissions and infrastructure.

j)        Ascertain optimized marketing and publicity through broad-based marketing.

k)      Remember to utilize webmaster resources for heightened effect.


2) Plan For A Surge In Mobile Device Use 

As hinted upon earlier, a remarkable number of users currently use and are expected to use their mobile devices in 2013 to access online resources. So a prudent SEO campaign demands that you gear up for this boost by:

a)      Constituting specialized mobile pages with great care.

b)      Providing complete name, address, and contact data in your mobile pages.

c)       Developing sought-after mobile applications for the users’ benefit.

d)      Hosting social networking links in your mobile pages.

e)      Embellishing your mobile content with videos.

f)       Featuring offers, schemes, and discounts to attract potential buyers.

g)      Featuring advertisements and images pertaining to your e-commerce store for better visibility.


3) Be Ready For Increased Social Networking  

The social networking craze simply refuses to ebb, growing exponentially every day. You can make your SEO campaign successfully ride the crest of this phenomenon in 2013 by:

a)      Fostering a more vibrant social media community.

b)      Inviting sanguine feedback and testimonials from customers and then disseminating this positivity across various online platforms.

c)       Making your customer redressal system more robust and thus boosting your reputation.

d)      Using viral marketing to trigger increased visitor footfalls thereby engendering greater brand recall.


4) Arrange To Provide Comprehensive Local Information  

Search engines and customers, nowadays, are hardwired to prioritize entities who furnish comprehensive local data – and this trend will continue in 2013. Hence you ought to offer detailed information about:

a)      All segments of your enterprise

b)      Pictures and movie clips explaining your products or services

c)       Updated operating policies.

d)      Business hours and locations.

e)      Personnel in your venture and, if possible, management profile.

f)       Updated links, affiliations, and URLs.

g)      Enhanced Local Maps information.

You must ensure that there are no information anomalies for maximum impact. You would also do well to evaluate your business listings from time to time.


5) Prepare For Enhanced Costs 

SEO costs are anticipated to increase dramatically in 2013. This is primarily as a result of providing more professional online content as also greater expenses towards copywriting and linking operations. Moreover, employee and retention costs are also slated to rise. Thus it is essential to practice cost reduction intensively and have a robust internal check system in place to check wastages.


The above tips should see your SEO campaign safely through 2013!


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