TwitterTextAs social media engagement increasingly becomes an important metric for small business marketing, many entrepreneurs and business owners feel overwhelmed by the available options.

These days, Facebook is usually the go-to platform, but Twitter can play a valuable role in a strategic marketing approach.

It can be hard to find the right balance between playful and professional, relevant and current, and pithy and informative when it comes to 140-character tweets. Read on for five ways companies can boost interactivity on Twitter and improve their bottom line.


Tweet relevant content

As you grow your community, you want to fill a specific niche for your followers. Make sure your content is generally tied to the company’s industry. There is, of course, some wiggle room for “tweeting outside the box”, but it’s a good idea to offer up content that is relevant to your business to keep things consistent.


Optimize message times

Take advantage of programs like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to prep tweets first thing in the morning (or at the start of each week) to avoid any lulls in messaging.

While you certainly don’t want to rely completely on auto messaging, it can make it easier to stay consistent with tweets throughout the day.

Another timing trick – write unique, interesting tweets in the afternoon when other tweeters are tired after lunch. Your tweets are more likely to be retweeted when followers don’t feel like putting in the effort to make up their own content.


Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to expose your brand to those who wouldn’t normally stumble across your tweets.

Look on the homepage for the trending hashtags of the moment and include the most relevant one to the end of your tweet. Hashtags are easily searchable and, depending on your industry, they can make a “boring” company seem fun and worthy of engagement.


Mention others

Twitter is a great place to get the attention of people who could be major brand influencers down the line.

Interact with people with large followings on twitter and mention them whenever possible to ensure that they see your tweets.

When important tweeters engage with your brand, you increase the odds of gaining free publicity from them.

Just include @username to the end of a tweet when you want to direct someone’s attention to your message.


Ask questions

Asking questions is a great way to get followers engaged and interacting with your brand.

Questions also serve as a valuable, informal survey tool. The merchant account provider, found that posing questions about convenient payment solutions for small businesses was one way to determine what services were most valuable to customers.

The process of asking questions via twitter is not as scientific as conducting official market research, but in this case, it provided the company with information about their business model and made it easier to appeal to customers down the line. All thanks to inquiring tweets.

Twitter might not be considered the most professional of social networks but it’s a valuable tool for any company looking to promote a brand and gain visibility on the web. Not only is twitter a way to interact with users around the world, it’s also a way to share industry news and build a community of potential customers.


About the Author – Brian Patterson is a Marketing Analyst with Online Trading Academy, a day trading education firm with 33 locations spread internationally.



CokeSocialMediaSEOKnowingly or unknowingly, you would have liked Coke in social media portal like Facebook (FB) or followed on twitter. Coca-cola is the biggest brand in social media and ruling dominantly the vast magnitude of social media.

It is the matter of high surprise and inspiration that how Coke has expanded its brand to multi-million Facebook users.

In an interview, Wendy Clark, SVP of Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities at Coca-Cola (KO) has shared her insights about making of a giant social brand in social media world.


Share Something Sharable
In a world, where people come to seek something new and interesting, it is a brand’s responsibility to come up with interesting contents, which can suffice the thrust of reading or watching interesting stuffs over social media.

In this way, coke prefers to develop its social media contents while keeping two kind of audience in its mind.

The first kind relates to existing 59 million Facebook Fans and 672827 Twitter fans. For Coca-Cola, its fans are not in just confines of these numbers.

It takes responsibility of developing share-worthy contents to enable our fans to share further.


Listen Your Consumers
Gone are the days, when it was enough to say, “We will get back to you on this issue”. Now, social brands are focusing on listening customer’s voice.

Coca-Cola has taken a step forward to give human interaction to this large number of fans.

When a coke’s fans raise a question, post something on its pages, and share their first coke experience, Coke people comes out to interact actively.

It is probably the groundbreaking reason that backed this soft-drink provider in its social media campaign.


Be Consistently Frequent Player
Coke is probably the biggest consumer brand over Facebook.

It has been following a special strategy to become the number one. This multinational conglomerate believes in visualizing a big dream, taking a little step, and walking fast towards the goal.

You as social media brand need to be frequent in your posts. However, your posts should be of high-standards.

The initiation can be sort of small one but the speed of progress should certainly be high.

The high-speed projection of customer driven activities at Facebook has helped Coke in registering a feat in social media branding industry.


Social Media Is Not Everything but Comes Right before Everything Else
Coke has created history in social media. However, social media is not everything but it comes before everything.

Coke creates the every bit of its content be it the bottle covers, TV advertisement, and social media presentations, and sponsored campaigns with keeping the social element in the core of promotional content.


Content Is the New Currency, Spend Carefully
Since people have stepped their feet in publisher’s shoes, the content value has went in deflation mode.

Social media users are posting millions of bytes over web with every passing second of time.

Therefore, you should create and post your content carefully. Coca-Cola has embodied the fact word-by-word and emphasize on creation of highly interesting & shareable content for its social media profiles.


Let Your Fans Create Contents
It is relatively a new trend in social media wires.

Coca-Cola prefers to let its so-called fans and followers to share their love for coke at our social media pages.

The company fan page appreciates social media users to share their experiences with Coca-Cola.

However, it still keeps a lenient eye on the quality of the content. Technically, Coca-Cola creates 10-20% of contents and 80% of total social media content comes from its social media fans & followers.


Channelize Your Stories & Find the Orators
Considering the impact of storytelling, Coca-Cola is introducing a new trend in social media branding.

It conveys updates like winter nights stories and appreciates the orators to channelize its stories further.

It is a newest trend in social media. Social media fans love to share the shareable contents within their peer circles, especially when it comes from a page like Coca-Cola.

Therefore, it has helped the soft-drink giant in registering a remarkable sign in social media universe.

You can also take insights after reading the golden strategy that turned Coca-cola in a biggest consumer brand over social media to increase the ladders of social media success.
Author bio – Nick Carter is a freelance writer who is associated with wordpress development company. This is the most prominent IT hub & also provide the service for hire wordpress developers for open source solutions.


Author bio – Nick Carter is a freelance writer who is associated with wordpress development company. This is the most prominent IT hub & also provide the service for hire wordpress developers for open source solutions.



socialmediaIt is common knowledge in the world of search engine optimization that using social media channels as promotional tools can really make a big difference.

But did you also know that the lack of use of proper and more “sociable” social media techniques may not yield your desired results?

Yes, your social media marketing attempts will be futile if you don’t know the right way to handle a social media campaign? So what should you do then?


Revising Your Social Media Game Plan

Why do you need to make your social media campaigns highly sociable?

There is a need to do so because social media users and subscribers primarily use social media channels to connect with peers and colleagues, build and maintain professional and personal networks, and obtain and share useful and practical information.

Thus, if your social media campaigns don’t cater to these needs, there is a chance that users will ignore you completely.

Here are some suggestions on how you can revise some of your social media strategies and adopt a more effective approach:


  • Use simple, clear words when sharing news, giving announcements, and promoting products and services
    As much as possible, try to veer away from using jargon and technical terms when composing a tweet, wall post, or any other social media message. Always use terms that can be understood by laymen so it will seem more personal and direct rather than formal and intimidating.
  • Do not send bulk messages
    The use of spam social media posts and messages is never a good idea. It will just increase your chances of being banned or penalized by search engines. Send or share a small number of frequent messages instead of blasting them in bulk amounts.
  • Be careful with the use of scheduled posts and shares
    There are times when you can’t help but use automated message sending options like scheduled tweets and messages due to emergency situations. Make sure to limit your use of this message sending alternative. It is still better to send social media posts real time, all the time!
  • Vary your social media posts
    Following a very strict and calculated social media message sending strategy can leave your followers, contacts, and target audiences bored and uninterested. This may prompt them to unsubscribe as your contact. Avoid this by varying your messages so you can keep them excited and intrigued for more.


Getting more sociable on social media can truly do your site a lot of good.

You’ll gain lots of prospective target audiences and clients and get to establish a really good reputation for your group. Are you willing to tweak your strategies a bit? If yes, then good for you! You’re on your way to gaining the best that social media has to offer!


Angel Delos Reyes is a writer whose expertise is in the promotional products industry. Most of her works are centered on writing blogs and articles for, an online promotional product seller based in the US that specializes in selling items like custom arm bands. She loves reading, singing, watching movies, and catching up on social media channels.