How to use Slide share to Get More Website Traffic?

Social networks are the major contributors of huge referral traffic to a certain website. The idea behind social media marketing has fascinated the perception of many internet marketers and application developers to consider this technique to be more profitable.

Who is the king or queen of social media – check it out here

Now you can check it out who is the king or queen of the social media. Is the Rihanne, Sting, Lady GaGa, Paul McCartney or maybe Justin Bieber. Check it out here and give the presentation a like and a share if you like it. Take care out there, Henrik - PS I love Paul McCartney and Sting :)

We All Love Words Right?

I just love this picture and wanted to show you to it - enjoy.

How To Check If Your Twitter Campaign Is Producing Results

Unless one is measuring Twitter marketing efforts, marketing through this medium is a shot in the dark. It is through the analysis of data on Twitter campaigns that you will be able to evaluate and pull insights on whether the operation is benefiting your company or business.

Top 10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media

SEO or search engine optimization has emerged as more of an art and needs to be nurtured to obtain the maximum benefits. A small error can lead to catastrophic situations where you could instantly lose the ranking that you worked so hard to achieve.

5 Ways to Boost Twitter Engagement For a Small Business

As social media engagement increasingly becomes an important metric for small business marketing, many entrepreneurs and business owners feel overwhelmed by the available options. These days, Facebook is usually the go-to platform, but Twitter can play a valuable role in a strategic marketing approach.

Tips to Running a Successful Facebook Contest

Are you looking to increase the number of likes and fans you have on your company’s Facebook page? Running a Facebook contest is the perfect way to spread the word about your business and attract new customers.

Linking up and social media mugging

Social media has become a vital tool in internet marketing and has widely been used in making new marketing strategies. It is not an old way to promote things in social places. But now internet has provided this facility as well! You can bring your product in public where a lot of people are present and your product or service will come to their sight and will be at a distance of only one click away!

Basic Social Media Habits Entrepreneurs Should Develop

In today’s highly technological era, entrepreneurs are not only limited to handing out flyers to in order market and advertise their products. Thanks to internet tools we know as social media, businessmen now save a lot of time and effort and still get the company exposure they need without having to leave the office.

10 Steps to an Epic Blogger Outreach Campaign

In the digital race to the top of the SEO ladder, what are you doing to make sure your blog doesn’t lag behind and become covered in dust? Today there are almost 40 million bloggers in the U.S. and unfortunately, creativity and genuine writing skill are no longer enough. In order to market and keep your blog ahead of the game, blogger outreach should be one of your biggest focuses.