TwitterTextAs social media engagement increasingly becomes an important metric for small business marketing, many entrepreneurs and business owners feel overwhelmed by the available options.

These days, Facebook is usually the go-to platform, but Twitter can play a valuable role in a strategic marketing approach.

It can be hard to find the right balance between playful and professional, relevant and current, and pithy and informative when it comes to 140-character tweets. Read on for five ways companies can boost interactivity on Twitter and improve their bottom line.


Tweet relevant content

As you grow your community, you want to fill a specific niche for your followers. Make sure your content is generally tied to the company’s industry. There is, of course, some wiggle room for “tweeting outside the box”, but it’s a good idea to offer up content that is relevant to your business to keep things consistent.


Optimize message times

Take advantage of programs like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to prep tweets first thing in the morning (or at the start of each week) to avoid any lulls in messaging.

While you certainly don’t want to rely completely on auto messaging, it can make it easier to stay consistent with tweets throughout the day.

Another timing trick – write unique, interesting tweets in the afternoon when other tweeters are tired after lunch. Your tweets are more likely to be retweeted when followers don’t feel like putting in the effort to make up their own content.


Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to expose your brand to those who wouldn’t normally stumble across your tweets.

Look on the homepage for the trending hashtags of the moment and include the most relevant one to the end of your tweet. Hashtags are easily searchable and, depending on your industry, they can make a “boring” company seem fun and worthy of engagement.


Mention others

Twitter is a great place to get the attention of people who could be major brand influencers down the line.

Interact with people with large followings on twitter and mention them whenever possible to ensure that they see your tweets.

When important tweeters engage with your brand, you increase the odds of gaining free publicity from them.

Just include @username to the end of a tweet when you want to direct someone’s attention to your message.


Ask questions

Asking questions is a great way to get followers engaged and interacting with your brand.

Questions also serve as a valuable, informal survey tool. The merchant account provider, found that posing questions about convenient payment solutions for small businesses was one way to determine what services were most valuable to customers.

The process of asking questions via twitter is not as scientific as conducting official market research, but in this case, it provided the company with information about their business model and made it easier to appeal to customers down the line. All thanks to inquiring tweets.

Twitter might not be considered the most professional of social networks but it’s a valuable tool for any company looking to promote a brand and gain visibility on the web. Not only is twitter a way to interact with users around the world, it’s also a way to share industry news and build a community of potential customers.


About the Author – Brian Patterson is a Marketing Analyst with Online Trading Academy, a day trading education firm with 33 locations spread internationally.



doneIf you want to slip in SEO for your new site to increase your presence on the web, there are a few things you need to take care of before you can actually take off and start earning some revenue.

What are those things? Let’s take a look:

  • Accessibility: Users and search engines should be able to find you quickly. For this you can make use of Google Webmaster Tools or SEOmoz Crawl. These tools will take care of things like error 404 or 500, thin or replicated content, missing tags and other stuff that could potentially harm your site’s SEO.
  • Keyword Targeting: Make sure that they keywords you select are actually relevant for your site. You can take a look at what words people are searching with, and include them in your list.
  • URL structure: Try to include words in your URL that are relevant to your business. Keep them short so that they can be remembered easily by the visitors.
  • Content is all important: you may have managed to ensure that your site is crawlable, and you start getting decent traffic to your site. But are they going to be happy with what they see when they get there or they going to feel that there’s a lot missing? Make sure your content will satisfy your visitors. Include interesting details, graphics and videos that will answer queries of potential clients. Post great content and Google will rank your site high.
  • Design and User Experience: Ensure your design is not so complicated that users will find navigating or otherwise using it, a tough job. Use tools like Feedback Army or Silverback app to check out the user friendliness of your site. Also ensure to have call to action buttons on ALL your pages. This is very important. Link your internal pages well, and provide catchy titles to each of your pages. You could also include some audio content to make it a little interactive.
  • Tags:  Use of tags is very important for SEO. Meta tags give meta data on your pages and anchor tags are basically links to related pages. Optimizing these tags will make your site more SEO friendly. You could also optimize images and add keywords in the descriptions so that they will turn up in image search results.
  • Google Sitemaps: including the sitemap.xml will enable search engines and visitors to understand your site’s content.
  • Social Media: Google gives a lot of importance to social media shares, likes and comments. So, sites or pages that have been shared on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter receive a higher ranking from search engines. But be sure to understand your target audience, and make use of the social network that they are most likely to use.
  • Back Links: Plan how you will create back links to your site. You could make use of discussion forums, blogs, competitions, newsletters, reviewing articles, commenting on other blogs and a whole lot of other things. You could use a plugin like EZineARticle plugin.


Of course this checklist is just a primer. You could have some more ideas as to how you could gain more visibility for your site!


This is a guest post by Ethan Millers of, a site that offers savings and current information on comcast cable and internet, as well as other services.


Java PrintingMost of the present-day SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals agree to the fact that the sole aim of optimizing any given website is simply not just accomplishing top search engine rankings, but something more than that.


Don’t Start Worrying About Improving SERP Directly

In fact, it is not recommended to focus on this particular aspect when you really don’t comprehend what you should do at a time when your website gets substantial flow of traffic.

Before employing SEO tactics, it is advisable to first recognize the fundamental targets of the website, and the main purpose it has to provide to the targeted consumers. And, then pounce upon setting any SEO targets and achieve them in a timely manner.


Set Realistic Targets

Such vital concerns have to be precisely handled while framing realistic SEO targets. In case you fail to accomplish the targets, then your Search Engine Optimization strategy could fall apart, and result in a big letdown.

It is essential to remain up-to-date with latest SEO trends, and set feasible targets than to be in a state of confusion, having only half of the information, and setting up very high goals that are not practical achievable.

So, any SEO professional should clearly comprehend the target audience well in advance, and identify what they need to accomplish once the target traffic starts flowing on to the website.



Fix the Aim and Zero-in on Target Audience

In case, you are purchasing, or selling any product, then certainly you may want your target visitors to get through the general offerings you are providing, or in case it is an informative site then you may wish your visitors to register so that emails or newsletters could be delivered to them on regular basis.

As a matter of fact, there are many sites that are simply targeted at the audience inspecting the ads publicized on the sidebar of the websites, and obtain a new subscriber to their newsletter. It’s possible to monetize an informative website through CPA (cost per action) ads, and contextual ads such as Google AdSense, but the basic requirement is to drive a good amount of targeted traffic.

If all the above mentioned aspects are not taken into consideration, you might probably end up in simply wasting your valuable time, money, and resources, and clearly not obtain the anticipated search engine ranking, and eventually lose all the previously available traffic to your site as well.

SEO professionals need to prepare a perfect strategy in order to drive consumers to their targeted websites, and should have well-defined goals on what their visitors should ideally do after they arrive on their website.

On the whole, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be regarded as a success only if it works out well as expected, provided that the optimizers know how they need to channelize, and make full utilization of the audience traffic that they obtain to the respective websites.

The web designers and SEO specialists who dedicate time on conversing about the main objective of your website, and introducing appropriate additional constituents into your website general design, and operation are really worth hiring.

Online Marketing


Haste makes Waste!

Don’t ever try to get hasty in developing a business website without doing your groundwork on website designing, and its operations. Before starting your SEO campaign, you should be certain about the general purpose and its major objectives.

In addition, you also need to be familiar with the common tactics that could probably aid to achieve all those pre-determined goals. All those individuals who are not familiar with the basic SEO concepts could obtain assistance from the SEO professionals in order to formulate realistic SEO targets that could be achieved within a realistic time frame.


Author Bio – Jolie an SEO professional who provides link building services to client across the globe. She often writes handy SEO guides to help new business owners make the most out of their SEO campaigns.



iphoneMobile marketing is all the rage these days, and there are an infinite number of ways a small business can capitalize on it.

Mobile marketing has many meanings and variations, but the most common these days is marketing via a mobile device like a cell phone or iPad device.

The point of mobile marketing is to advertise your small business through the use of applications, text messages, and any other combination of digital sounds, texts and images in order to reach a potential customer wherever they may be.

These days, advertising is a whole different ballgame, and the traditional forms of advertising- while still effective- are becoming obsolete, as the internet and mobile technology have made it easier for small businesses to control all of their marketing on their own, without the use of a middleman (like a print newspaper, flyers, billboards, radio and television.)

Not only is marketing cheaper with the advent of mobile marketing in the digital age, but in many ways it is also cheaper and more efficient. With mobile marketing, it is also easier to track how effective the marketing campaign actually is, because you can receive real time data as it becomes available.

Now, you can know how many people have seen the marketing advertisements, and how many have actually followed through with the call to action in the marketing campaign.


1. SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is probably the most efficient and effective way to harness the power of mobile marketing for a small business.

Essentially how SMS marketing works, is that a customer will sign-up for a sort of newsletter, that will then be sent to their phone via text messaging.

At the very least, SMS marketing can resemble cold calling, except that the customer has to opt in first and provide their cell phone number in order for it to work, and, it’s the very most, SMS marketing is a great way to stay in touch with past and present customers, and may be effective in attracting new ones to your small business.

Studies have shown that more than 90% of SMS marketing messages are opened up and viewed within the first 5 minutes of sending them, so if done correctly, this can be a huge asset for any small business owner.


2. Google it up
Google is one of the greatest resources for any small business. The best way to utilize Google is to take advantage of the Google Places app, to make sure your business is high-up in Google search inquiries and to use their advertising model in order to offer customers deals, coupons and other special perks via Google.


3. QR Codes
With the dissemination of Smartphones, having a QR code can be very beneficial. These will allow a customer to scan a barcode-like object with their Smartphone, which can access special deals and coupons relating to your business- or guide them to your business’ web page.


Author: Joanne writes on a variety of sites about tech related products including Wrike.