SEO The Beatles Way

We all know there are two kinds of people right? Those who love the Beatles and those who are lying. But The Beatles is much more than great music, culture and old history. The Beatles is also SEO. Let me take you down memory lane and show you how The Beatles can help your search engine optimization. So here it is - SEO The Beatles way.
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Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2013 Q1 is ready

I am very happy to show you this Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2013 Q1. And it’s still free for all members of SeoCustomer. This guide contains all the post and articles from 3. Quarter 2012 about SEO, SEM, Social Media Traffic and Link Building – 97 pages.

What should you expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?

I just found this interesting video from Matt Cutts from Google talking about what will happen the next few months in terms of SEO for Google. So make a cup of coffee and enjoy the next 7-8 minutes. Best regards, Henrik

The Low Down on Pay-Per-Click

Regardless of the type of website that you own, it is imperative to drive traffic to it. After all, unless you want to be the only person who will ever see it, you will need to take steps to let people know that your site exists.

How Colors Affect Conversions

Do you know that colors affect the conversions on your website? They do. So maybe it's time for some A/B testing now? I just came across this awesome Infographic from KISSmetrics. You really have to test some different colors on your site. If a different color can increase your conversion rate with just 1 percent - it could make all the difference right? Time for a cup of coffee - take care out there, Henrik

4 Essential Pages That Every Blogger Should Have On Their Blog

There is a remarkable reason why blogging platforms such as WordPress allow for the creation of static pages. They are not the most visited pages but could turn into gems by getting a visitor to the site for the first time to try a product or subscribe.

Best Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages

There may be a lot of incoming traffic to your website but does the landing page provide the impetus to convert a visitor into an online customer? The landing page is the key factor that enhances conversion rate and improves leads. Optimizing your landing page for the desired effect becomes crucial to sustained profits. Here are some expert tips on how to optimize your page...

More tips to reduce your bounce rate (infographic)

Take a look at this infographic from KISSmetrics. If you want to see it larger just click on the image. Remember to check out theses tips about reducing your bounce rate too. Enjoy your day, Henrik
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Authorship with Google – 3 Easy Steps [Infographic]

Just click on the infographic to see it larger. I hope you will love this Infographic about authorship with Google. Remember to check out this

The Death of SEO

Okay so what do you think - is SEO dead? Well I don't think so - but the rules are changing all the time. But again I love that the rules are changing all the time. Time for my coffee. Enjoy the infographic and your coffee. Just click on the image a couple of times and you will see it large. Henrik