4 Ways to Manage Your Company’s Reputation Online

The internet can help you share useful information and at the same time this same medium can be used to spread negative publicity. When you start your company, there will come a time when you will have to face an aggrieved customer. This particular customer can spread vile information about your company online.

How to Own the First Page in Google

And to get rid of bad customer reviews. If you check out how you get the most visitors to your website, you will discover that most people are searching for your brand or your company name. And you are properly numbered one when people are searching your name or brand right? But what will happen if an unsatisfied customer shows up as number 2 in your ranking?

What are they saying about you – free monitor software

We spend more and more time on the internet. If you have a business you also know that its important what people are saying about you. In the “good old days” we should care about the words of mouth.