Ranking is dead – and welcome to the new SEO baby named Joe

Well the new baby on the internet is Social Media right? So if you think of the SEO as a stand-a-lone industry – you have to redefine your thinking. The baby Social Media is here to stay – or at least for a very very long time. Beside Social Media – we also have to take care of the more and more use of Local Searches. If you are in Manhattan you will get a completely other search results – than if you did the same search in Copenhagen in Denmark.

YouTube Ranking Factors

We are always talking about Google when we are talking about search engines right? But do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? And do you know which ranking factors YouTube is using?

Should Authors Care About Google Authorship In 2013 ?

While it is true that the Copyright Act allows authors to protect their own content to a certain extent, the Internet is still very much in a Wild West stage, one during which there is never enough protection. Google is contributing to developing the internet and helping authors who actually provide useful, original and quality content, while frowning down on those that use black-hat SEO techniques and manipulations that rely on technicalities.

How to Use the Google Display Results Instead of the Rank Results

There is a huge difference between Google Ranked Results and the Google Display Results. Ranking is much more than just ranking these days. Let me show you this example.

The Secret Google Ranking Algorithme is here

So you wonder how Google calculates its ranking right? Well here it is - it's for you - and the best part is that it's FREE. Well I have to be honest to you - I don't have it from Google. The percent is taken from a 72 SEOs surveyed for SEO moz's biennial search ranking factors. But it's getting very close to the real thing.