I just love to show you this new 2014 CMO’s guide to the 2014 social landscape. It’s about SEO, Brand Awareness, Customer Communication and traffic generation. I hope it will inspire you to consider new channels for your marketing campaigns.

Social Media Explained With Coffee smallI love coffee and Social Media- so this Infographic is just perfect for me – and I hope you will love it too.

In fact it can tell you about all the different kind of social media. I am already inspired to get myself a cup of coffee now. Cheers everybody.

Coffee is on me, Henrik






Social Media Explained With Coffee







































































PinterestPinterest is a huge virtual Pinboard where one can organize and share the beautiful things in your life or what you discover on the web.

This virtual pinboard gets visited by millions today who would like to share everything that they feel strongly about with their loved ones and friends.

They can share ideas about decorating their home, plans for the wedding or talk about a new recipe or a craft. There is a lot one can do on Pinterest.

Browse Pinterest and look for any idea on any subject you are looking for. It could be craft for your child at school or a new design for a cushion in the living room. You will come across some fabulous ideas here.

People are friendly and will be ready to help you out with some more ideas. Have a wedding in the family? Well, there will be no dearth of ideas at Pinterest. For those with an interest in fashion, there is plenty of stuff on the latest styles, shoes, bags and accessories to take ideas from.

Pinterest is a good start for any small business too. Just pin up a little image or an idea about your business. If a couple of users like it or find it useful, the world will spread like fire and this could be very healthy for your business.

The purpose of Pinterest is to connect with everyone else in the world with a common interest and goals. This is an interesting place to be at and share some amazing pictures and ideas.

Any two people can bond immediately because of a favorite book or a movie they both admire. With millions of new pins added every week, there is plenty to explore and share.

The new platform at Pinterest makes it interesting and worth spending time at. There is plenty to go through and look at. The place seems to be brimming with talent and new ideas. The key to success behind the website is to amass followers.

One can be there just to hang around or promote their products: It is also important to engage in meaningful conversation with others, sharing information, news or tips.

What makes Pinterest more lovable is its simplicity and compelling content which is well organized and easily searchable. The matter is easy to use and you can easily follow the pins of others. Join this creative social media marketing campaign and reap the benefits.


Author Bio – This guest post by Tommy Stretton of A site for you to get more Pinterest Followers and get repins now.



socialmediaDo you know how you can cheat on the social media? How you can get hot tips and  avoid pitfalls?

I cam across this awesome InfoGraphic from the guys at, and I wanted to share it with you. Here you can get tips and tricks.

Just click on the image to make it larger.



steps to get traffic from Social MediaI think most of us know by now that social media is important when we talk about getting traffic and attention to our website. But then the problems start right? Which one should I choose for my website?

Should it be Facebook (now more than 1 billion users), Google+, Twitter, YouTube? Or what about Instagram or Pinterest?

There are so many to choose between. And it’s important that you choose too many different ones, because then you don’t have the time to really rock the boat and get your traffic.

But if you are too busy with too many social media you will not learn to master it and really get to learn a social media.

After you have learned a social media, you can start to put as much as you can on autopilot to save time, but remember that social media means you have to be social right?

Well let me show you how you can choose the right social media for your site.


Step 1 – find the right social media from your own data

I hope you are using Google Analytic – if you are not – get it now.

Go to your Google Analytic data, and look at your referral traffic. You will find it under “standard reporting”, “traffic sources”, “sources”, “referrals”.














Here you can see my report for the last month.

I get a lot of traffic from LinkedIn and then StumbleUpon and Twitter.

Facebook is only number 7 on the list. So go and check your own traffic now.


Step 2 – find the right social media from your competitors’ data

And to go Alexa and check out your competitors. Maybe I have been too lazy with my Facebook. Maybe I should spend much more time on Facebook?

I will check out A lot of people interesting in SEO are using their software.














Now I can see that uses Facebook better than I do. The number 3 traffic source for Seomoz is Facebook.

So I should try to get more active in that social media.

You can get more ideas here how to choose the right social media.


Step 3 – Now start to rock the boat

Well now you know where to start. So let me give you some advices for some of the hundreds of social media that you can find.



Facebook marketing 5 tips for better sales conversion on Facebook

Facebook strategies how to use Facebook

Embed a game in your Facebook fan page design to make your brand popular

How to get likes on Facebook

Facebook SEO



Twitter marketing for beginners

Who to follow on Twitter to maximize business potential

5 innovative tips to brand your business on Twitter

Let’s get practical no more talk

Stand out on twitter



Does Google+ really help in your search ranking

User activity from Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest



How to boos LinkedIn lead generation



YouTube ranking factors

How to use YouTube for SEO



Why you need red pumps to use Pinterest



How to use Instagram


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Red Pumps And PinterestOne of the fastest growing social networks right now is Pinterest – but do you know why you need red pumps if you are going to use Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard. With Pinterest you can organize and share your pictures on the Internet.

People are using Pinboards to share everything from wedding and how they decorate their homes to pictures of their dog and favorite recipes (and yes red pumps).

You can browse all the Pinboards on Pinterest created by other people and get inspired.



ReferralTrafficUse Pinterest as a source for traffic

Pinterest has a huge potential to drive some serious referral traffic to your website.

Take a look here at the percentage of total referral traffic. As you can see the referral from Pinterest is almost just as high as Google and Twitter – and higher than from YouTube, Reddit, Google+ and LinkedIn.

So it’s time to use Pinterest seriously as a source for traffic.


AMarketersGuideToPinterestPinItToWinItInfographicSmallWho are the users?

Maybe the most interesting part is that 87 percent of the users are women. Yes you read correct – 87 percent (I have also seen the percent being 68 – but it’s still a high percent).

And it’s most popular for people between 25 and 54 years old. It has 11,7 million unique monthly users in the USA.

So if most of the users are women between 25 and 54, we need to pin some red pumps to get attention right?

The Infographic to the left is from (click the image to see much more information on the Infographic).

You can also read much more about the users and the user activity on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn right here.


How to get started with Pinteresst

  • Start making a profile on Pinterest – remember to write the www of your website in the description and to use hashtags with your main keywords too. Read more about hashtags here.
  • Now start to pin some of your images to your board.
  • Install a button on your website so can make it easy for people to pin your images. If you have a WordPress website you can install a plugin to make it easy to pin your images. I have installed a plugin here at so when people hover over an image they can pin it right away (try that)
  • Be careful about the titles of your images. You titles will be the default text when somebody is making a pin from your web site.

Now lets us take it to the next level.

  • Start following same interests on Pinterest. You don’t have to follow people (you can do that too), but instead you can follow just a board/interest.
  • Check out who repin your pins. Do you know that you can check out who repins your pins. Type Instead of you just write your domain.


Get more traffic  strategy from Pinterest – community boards
So how can you really rock the boat and get your traffic from Pinterest? One way to get more traffic is to create a community board.

A community board is a place where you can invite people with the same interest (and they have to be Pinterest users too) to pin related posts into your community board.

This way you can build your followers quickly and also building trust among the Pinterest community.

The only problem here is the promotional part. Well I have my awesome email club here at so I will invite you all to become members of a community board.

seouMy community board is “seo4u”. You will find it here

If you get my weekly email I will grant you permission to pin to this board – just email me at then I will add your name to the list.

This way you can also get your promotion out to more people. So this is a win-win situation for all right?

Make a community board for your own website too and invite people to join your community.


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social networking users SeoCustomerI found this awesome Infographic about the users activity from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

How many users, how many visits, the male-female ration, time spend by average social networking user per month and age demographics of social networking users.

Awesome information if you work in marketing and want to target your potential customers.

It’s made by

Read more about how to get traffic from Pinterest here.

Best regards, Henrik



social networking users SeoCustomer