Tips to make a corporate blog stand out

One assumes that a corporate blog has more functions that a blog that is maintained by a hobbyist. The difference between a corporate blog and a commercial blog is that a corporate blog is not really set up in order to sell products. It may have promotional content posted on it, but its primary aim is to keep interested parties up to date with current information, to keep investors in interest and to help maintain the corporate concern’s public image/online PR.

What Are The Benefits Of Responsive Design From Seo Point Of View

Opting for the responsive website design should be your topmost priority if you wish to harness maximum SEO advantages from your online marketing efforts. Your target audience will be using mobile devices in greater number this year along with the desktops. Hence, you should familiarize yourself with What Are The Benefits of Responsive Design From SEO Point Of View.

Master Guide to Making the Most out of an SEO Campaign

Most of the present-day SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals agree to the fact that the sole aim of optimizing any given website is simply not just accomplishing top search engine rankings, but something more than that.

10 Dos and Don’ts of Blogging for Your Business

Successful and effective blogging does not happen overnight or by luck. In fact, seasoned bloggers work hard and constantly learn more about the craft. These basic Dos and Don'ts are a stepping stone for making a successful business blog. Do spread the word offline about your blog. If you want a successful blog, you must make it a priority. Don't be ashamed of what you're doing online. Spread the word around the office, to customers and to your family.

3 images strategies to boost your traffic

Do you use imagines in an active way on your website? With images you have the opportunity to really drive people to your site. But are you optimizing your images for the search engines right now? Images are a way to get attention from the eye. We all look at images before we start reading the text. So when somebody clicks on a link to your website – the first thing that the visitor will see is an image. So the question is – are you using this in an optimal way?