20 Do’s and Don’ts on LinkedIn 2014

Get tips and tricks about LinkedIn - here are 20 tips and tricks about what to do and what not to do.

Commenting In Panda & Penguin Age

Blog commenting wasn't exactly invented yesterday, but nevertheless, it is a very simple trick that has stood the test of time and is still widely used today. However, the recent algorithm updates that the Google team has made, especially the Panda and Penguin ones, have brought some changes as to the techniques comment authors need to employ in order to get their comments to actually count for something.

Tips to Enhance the Speed of Wireless Network

A slow internet connection can get really annoying after a point. It not only slows down your work but consumes a lot of time as well. Though a wireless connection is handy, it tends to slow down a lot. When you try moving from one room to another you can notice a significant difference. How to have a consistent and speedy network connection? Here are a few tips...

Join SeoCustomer on LinkedIn

Yes yes yes yes I am very happy to tell you that you can find SeoCustomer on LinkedIn. I have just made a special group. A group for you all. You are welcome to join us, post, comment, get ideas, give ideas.