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Blog commenting wasn’t exactly invented yesterday, but nevertheless, it is a very simple trick that has stood the test of time and is still widely used today.

However, the recent algorithm updates that the Google team has made, especially the Panda and Penguin ones, have brought some changes as to the techniques comment authors need to employ in order to get their comments to actually count for something.

In order to help you out, here are a few tips you can use in order to make sure that your comments are compatible with Google’s algorithmic updates.

After all, commenting can indeed help you expand your influence, and foregoing it simply because of a few rule changes would mean depriving yourself of extra exposure and traffic, something very few businesses don’t need more of.

1. Build Yourself Up on Social Networks

Quite soon (or perhaps has it happened already?) Google will provide a lot of importance to the kind of activity you are having on social networks, including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Comments that are posted on major social network platforms, especially Google+, actually affect your website’s search engine ranking.

The best course of action you could take under these circumstances is to create fan pages on the social networks you are subscribed with, updating them on a regular basis.

If you are touching on an interesting topic, then more and more people are going to comment, driving traffic to your site and increasing your search engine standings.

In addition, you can also seek out fan pages other people have made and leave your comments there.

2. Finding the Right Blogs

One of the most important aspects of writing a comment is to find the right blog to post it to.

Basically, you need to make sure that your comment appears on a website or a blog that has a good reputation, is popular, relevant, and doesn’t use any black-hat SEO techniques.

If you leave a comment on a blog that is frowned upon by the search engines, then you won’t reap any benefits from it whatsoever; on the contrary, you will have associated yourself with a website that has a bad reputation.

You can easily make a list of relevant blogs by using the Google Double Click Planner.

3. Know the Blogger

Before posting a comment on a blog, take the time to find all the information you can about its author.

In most cases, blogs have a page dedicated to the author’s biography, and you can use that to find most, if not all the information you need about them.

Your goal is to post on blogs that are run by open-minded people who have a positive outlook on working together with others.

If you manage to post really interesting comments, there is a chance that the owner will notice you and seek to develop a relationship.

4. Who is Going to Read you?

While the blog owner will probably have a look at your comment, you need to remember that apart from him/her, everyone else is simply a blog visitor just like yourself; you need to know who will be reading your comments, or at least, the type of people that tend to comment on the blog.

Take the time to read a few other blog posts and comments, tailoring your content in accordance to what you see.

You could perhaps even try to contact a few of the commentators and get a sense for the type of people they are.

5. Reveal Yourself

In most cases, blogs allow you to identify yourself, and perhaps even post a picture or a link back to your site.

It is highly recommended that you actually disclose your identity, not only for the sake of the search engines, but also for the sake of the people reading your comment.

If you give out your real identity, people will feel like you have nothing to hide, therefore buying you trust and some potential new visitors as well.

6. Be Interesting

Finally, it has to be said that your comments actually need to be useful, informative and interesting.

Don’t simply post a comment that says “great job!”, but go beyond that, providing your opinion in regards to some of the points touched in the article, relating some kind of story, or perhaps even complementing what the author wrote.

You need to make the content interesting and engaging so as to show that you’ve read the content and that you aren’t just another comment spammer looking to squeeze in an easy backlink.

Author Bio

Jason Smith is an online manager for Superior Notary Services. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to read and understand about mobile notary services.

WifiSeoCustomerA slow internet connection can get really annoying after a point. It not only slows down your work but consumes a lot of time as well. Though a wireless connection is handy, it tends to slow down a lot.

When you try moving from one room to another you can notice a significant difference. How to have a consistent and speedy network connection? Here are a few tips:


Keep the wireless router in a central location

If you are getting a wireless connection for your home, place it in a central location. If the modem is a wireless router and not facing the outside wall of your home, there are chances for the signal to get weak on the opposite side of your home.

If you have a computer or other devices in the first floor and the modem is in the ground floor, make sure the wireless router is on a high table or if possible a shelf.

An ideal set-up will be to have the devices and the wireless modem in the same floor.


Keep the wireless modems free of interference

A wall, metal shelf or floor will be a possible interference to the wireless connection.

Try moving the wireless modem from these objects. When the router is closer to these obstructions the weaker your signals will be.


Change the router’s antenna

Antennas play a key role in providing 360° signals. This means they can broadcast the signals around the wireless router. If a wireless router with antenna is kept near to an outside wall most of the signals will go out of the house.

This in turn will be a waste of your router’s power. If you have a replaceable antenna, you can upgrade it to an antenna that channelizes the signals in a single direction.

Though most routers don’t improve the output of power they can help you make better use of the power provided. Nowadays, you get antennas which can be focused in the directions you want them to.


Change the wireless channels

The wireless routers use various channels for broadcast. This is similar to that of radio stations using the same frequency.

The common channels used in US for wireless networks are 1, 6 and 11. There are times when one channel is clearer than the other. The mechanism is similar to that of radio stations.

You can change the channels through the wireless configuration page to check if you get better speed.

There is no requirement to make any change to the computer’s configuration as it automatically detects the change in channel.


Choose equipment from one vendor

Pick the router and network adapter from the same vendor. When you go to different vendors, one might give a better performance than the other. This in turn will affect the network connection’s performance.

There are vendors who offer twice the performance when you buy hardware from them. Look into all these technicalities before getting the hardware. If possible, upgrade your wireless technology as well.

You might be using the technology that was in picture a few years back!

These are a few tips to improve the speed of a wireless network.


Author Bio – Sasha loves to write about technology stuffs in any field. She has been a writer/blogger for four years and currently working for Internet Bundles where you can find great offers and details about verizon internet service.


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