SEOimageThe technology-driven marketing world is changing rapidly and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is definitely inextricable linked with this change. 2013 promises to be a revolutionary year for SEO marketing primarily triggered by Google’s slew of updates during the latter half of 2012.

Given below are the top SEO transformations expected in 2013 along with suggested methods to deal with them.




1) Prepare For A More Competitive Ratings Environment 

2013 is slated to witness harsher competition between entities to wrest the best ratings in search engines, especially in Google’s. Thus it is imperative that you take necessary steps to ensure the best possible SEO ratings for your content, mostly along the ensuing lines:

a)      Conduct a thorough overhaul of your website and online pages; you may – for instance – change the colors and the layout to attract more visibility.

b)      Revamp your basic website and URL frameworks.

c)       Content is king therefore you must feature top-notch content that is engaging, one-of-a-kind, and grammatically flawless.

d)      Have distinctive page headings that catch the eye.

e)      Make better use of description and heading tags.

f)       Offer enhanced navigation and linking mechanism to your visitors.

g)      Ensure that you use robots and crawlers effectively.

h)      Pay closer attention to pictures and videos embedded in your pages.

i)        Give special focus to mobile users – an important user category – by ensuing proper submissions and infrastructure.

j)        Ascertain optimized marketing and publicity through broad-based marketing.

k)      Remember to utilize webmaster resources for heightened effect.


2) Plan For A Surge In Mobile Device Use 

As hinted upon earlier, a remarkable number of users currently use and are expected to use their mobile devices in 2013 to access online resources. So a prudent SEO campaign demands that you gear up for this boost by:

a)      Constituting specialized mobile pages with great care.

b)      Providing complete name, address, and contact data in your mobile pages.

c)       Developing sought-after mobile applications for the users’ benefit.

d)      Hosting social networking links in your mobile pages.

e)      Embellishing your mobile content with videos.

f)       Featuring offers, schemes, and discounts to attract potential buyers.

g)      Featuring advertisements and images pertaining to your e-commerce store for better visibility.


3) Be Ready For Increased Social Networking  

The social networking craze simply refuses to ebb, growing exponentially every day. You can make your SEO campaign successfully ride the crest of this phenomenon in 2013 by:

a)      Fostering a more vibrant social media community.

b)      Inviting sanguine feedback and testimonials from customers and then disseminating this positivity across various online platforms.

c)       Making your customer redressal system more robust and thus boosting your reputation.

d)      Using viral marketing to trigger increased visitor footfalls thereby engendering greater brand recall.


4) Arrange To Provide Comprehensive Local Information  

Search engines and customers, nowadays, are hardwired to prioritize entities who furnish comprehensive local data – and this trend will continue in 2013. Hence you ought to offer detailed information about:

a)      All segments of your enterprise

b)      Pictures and movie clips explaining your products or services

c)       Updated operating policies.

d)      Business hours and locations.

e)      Personnel in your venture and, if possible, management profile.

f)       Updated links, affiliations, and URLs.

g)      Enhanced Local Maps information.

You must ensure that there are no information anomalies for maximum impact. You would also do well to evaluate your business listings from time to time.


5) Prepare For Enhanced Costs 

SEO costs are anticipated to increase dramatically in 2013. This is primarily as a result of providing more professional online content as also greater expenses towards copywriting and linking operations. Moreover, employee and retention costs are also slated to rise. Thus it is essential to practice cost reduction intensively and have a robust internal check system in place to check wastages.


The above tips should see your SEO campaign safely through 2013!


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TopSeoPracticesForMobileWebsitesBe it for web pages, websites or blogs, search engine optimization is essential for their publicity and visibility on the web.

Of late Smartphone and portable device usage has been on the rise across the globe, especially in the US. A survey conducted in 2012 revealed that of the total population in the US, close to 50% of them own a Smartphone and the ownership rate increases to 62% in the 25 to 34 age group.

With increasing number of people accessing the Internet through their Smartphones and mobile devices, online businesses are required to have a mobile website in order to cater to the mobile device users.

Certainly, the projections for the future are also bright. It is estimated that by 2015 every person in the world will own a mobile device. Another research revealed that by 2013 close to 75% of active Internet users will use their mobile devices to access the Internet.

If you run an online business then it is a mandate for you to manage a mobile website. As more people access Internet on their Smartphones, there is a four-fold increase in the number of mobile searches since 2010.

Search engines like Google have incorporated special algorithms in their search bots to highlight mobile websites in their search results.

Though the mobile web development arena is still in its infancy, almost all mobile device users expect their mobile search and browsing experience to mimic their desktop experience.

There are many issues reported when it comes mobile browsing, the most common of them being time to load a website and the response time of web pages.

With close to 40% of mobile device users turning to a competitor’s website due to poor mobile website performance, hence the mobile website experience is essential to attract and retain customers.

Mobile device users frequently use Smartphones to find information about local businesses and local hangouts.

All these stats point to the fact that if you want run a successful online business, then it is compulsory to develop a mobile website and implement effective search engine optimization strategies to increase that website’s visibility on the search engine results page.


Adhering to Publisher Guidelines

First and foremost, make sure that the content in your website and all your SEO practices comply with publisher and search engine guidelines. Google has suggested webmasters to either adopt a responsive design or device specific HTML strategy during mobile website designing. Responsive design involves having the same set of URLs for all devices, but only changing the style of the page using CSS. Device-specific HTML strategy uses the same set of URLs, but provides different layout based on the device.


Quick Loading & Simplified Navigation

While designing mobile websites make sure you include content and features that intrigue mobile users. For this purpose, use website analytic tools and refrain from using huge blocks of text, rather use images and infographics. Image compression also enables faster website loading. For simplified site navigation, design the website in a vertical-only layout, provide a hierarchy of menus, and include a search box on every page.


User-friendly & Search Engine Friendly Design

Most people who access websites from their mobile devices use their fingers to operate and navigate, so design your website such that even large hands can easily interact with it. And also use large and centered tabs with enough spaces so as to avoid accidental clicks.


On-site Detail

As mobile device users access a website to gain information on the go, have your address or contact details with maps and directions on the site’s landing page. Post forms with limited fields and use check boxes, lists and scroll menus to enable seamless data entry. Have click-to-call and click-to-mail options for phone numbers and email ids. Maintain and highlight the key features of your website across all the pages and channels.


Use Mobile Site Redirects

Finally, the most important practice, utilize mobile website redirect code that alerts visitors using a mobile device and automatically redirects them to a mobile-friendly edition of your website. Use the redirect code to provide the best version of your website and also allow users to transition between the desktop site and mobile site seamlessly. Make sure that the mobile and traditional website does not vary much in style and layout.


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Mobil marketing is growing very very fast. So I would like to show you this inforgraphic from Mashable to give you some ideas of what you can do with the phone.

The statistic is from USA.

It has been estimated that that the mobile advertising will be around 5 billion US dollars by 2015.

So we all have to look into it (if you haven’t started already).

Are you using Mobile Marketing? I would love to hear about some creative campaigns.

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