Types of Retargeting by ChangoSmallDo you know about  retargeting or better known as remarketing? This marketing tool is getting more and more important in Search Engine Marketing.

With the right remarketing strategy you can retarget the people who might already be interested in your product and therefor get a much higher conversion rate than with your normal Adwords.

In basic it’s a way to tag visitors to your website and target them later on with some kind of advertisement at a later time. Typically you use the Google Adwords Display Network to show your ads on other websites, if the user has already visited your website.

It’s the same marketing principle you might be using already if you have a newsletter for your customers. Your customer has already visited your website, so he or she is interested in your product or service, and with a newsletter you can retarget the potential customer.

When the Remarketing started years ago, the businesses tried to retarget the people who almost bought something from their website. Maybe they left the shopping basket just before buying something.

But now you can use a lot of different Remarketing strategies.


The Seven Types of Effective Retargeting

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Types of Retargeting by ChangoSmall

















The classic remarketing

This is good old fashion classic remarketing strategy. Typically you have had a visitor who started the sales funnel. When the visitor is loading the page, it will place a cookie right on the visitor’s computer.

Your remarketing campaign will check out the visitor’s computer to see, if the little cookie is on the computer. If it finds your cookie, it can show a banner ad.

Your ad is retargeting a person who has already been interested in your product and this will (almost always) guarantee you a high click through rate (CTR) and you will get some high quality web traffic for a low cost.


Remarketing for excluding visitors

If your visitors are very unlikely to convert more than once to your product, it might be a great idea to exclude the visitors from seeing your ad, if they already have bought your product.

Maybe you only have one product (only one book in your web shop), or a very expensive product like a car (and the customer will only buy one car right?) or can only use one iPhone.


Remarketing for profiling and upselling

If somebody has bought a car from you, they might later on be interested in buying some new wheels from you too. So if you have accessories or similar or related products you can use this strategy.

This could increase your CTR, and therefor your quality score will get higher, and your cost per click will get lower.  By the way remember that the quality score from Google Adword is calculated separately for the Google Display Network.


Remarketing for introducing new products

When it’s time to introduce a new product you may want to remind your customers that you have got this new product. Maybe it’s time for a replacement of their old product.

Using this strategy will ensure that you are targeting interested people in your online marketing strategy.


Behavioral remarketing

This remarketing strategy is based on more advanced remarketing strategies.

You can choose between a lot of difference criteria’s

  • You have to visit specific pages on a website
  • Maybe your language setting has to be English (or Danish or Swedish)
  • Other technical details about your computer or browser
  • Your IP-address has to be from a specific country
  • Arriving from a specific homepage or campaign, URL,
  • Maybe have typed a specific keyword in the search engine
  • Or any combinations of all these.

You can use tags from other websites to decide if your banner is going to be shown or not.

Let’s say that somebody has bought an iPhone on a competitor’s website, and then your remarketing strategy is “not to display your banner ad” if you are selling Android phones.

It is unlikely that somebody who has just bought an iPhone will buy an Android a week later (yeah yeah yeah.. I know it is possible but very unlikely right?)

You really have a lot of combinations – so you can target the customers and get only the customers you think will buy your products.


Good luck

I hope this could give you some inspiration for your next remarketing campaign. There are a lot of possibilities using remarketing. And with a little creativity you can try new ways to market your products.

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Good luck with your remarketing campaign.




FreeTrafficAll the webmasters are putting their efforts only for one simple thing: traffic. Building traffic is the most challenging task for a website owner.

At the same time, this is the most precious wealth for an online business.

More traffic means more conversion and this leads to generation of more revenues. Traffic building strategies may be divided into paid and free strategies respectively.

According to online marketing SEO experts, free traffic building strategies can be classified into three phases: bringing traffic to a new website, enhancing traffic funnel and maintaining the influx of traffic to an old website and continuous generation of revenues. Here, you’ll learn the effective strategies into these separate categories.


# Bringing traffic to a brand new website: primary strategies

* Optimizing the contents:

Today, keyword optimization concept has become different. Older concepts don’t work anymore. Nowadays, you have to produce high quality content based on the topic, not the keyword. You have to optimize the title and metadata for better search engine responses. This step refers to a term: on page optimization.


* Directory submission, press release, article marketing:

Once the website is ready and optimized for search engine listings, you have to submit the website URLs, site maps in different search engines and directories. Submission of press releases, articles will definitely help your website rank in the search engines against certain keywords. Finally, your brand new website will start getting some organic visitors gradually.


# Increasing the amount of traffic gradually

* Forum posting, blog commenting and connecting with your visitors:

You have to concentrate on building relationships with your visitors and potential clients through your website. You must ensure the quality and credibility of the information published on your website. You have to leave URLs and links on the related forums and discussion threads. You can also interchange the links with blogs and website in the relevant category. This will create a funnel of visitors within the strong network. Be responsive to your readers; encourage them about commenting and leaving feedback.


* Adapting popular social media platforms for your website:

Nowadays, social media websites, bookmarking sites and community-sharing sites have become the most credible source of traffic. These websites don’t only get you instant traffic, but they also help your website to increase credibility and authority rank. You have to prepare your site for these social websites and platforms. Fortunately, there are many plug-ins and software to make things easier for the webmasters. You should also maintain the relationship with your visitors on these platforms.


# Maintaining the influx of traffic: keeping the volume constant

* Viral marketing, video marketing, regular submission of articles and press releases:

Maintaining the amount of traffic to your site is the biggest challenge faced by the webmasters. This requires long-term marketing strategies. Viral social marketing, video marketing in the leading platforms like, and regular press release and article submission help the sites to retain the amount of visitors consistently. The strategy is similar to the primary tactic, but you have to plan your strategy properly. Following these steps also helps you increase the amount of traffic to your website.


* Distribute free stuff and build a subscriber list:

You must make your visitors feel special and enticed with something very useful. Build an email or subscriber list by giving away free reports, eBooks and many other things. This will definitely retain the loyal visitors to your site. At the same time, spontaneous social sharing also helps the number of subscribers grow. Building a list is a very effective way to generate revenue.


* Use offline promotion methods, let people talk on your platform:

Offline methods are always neglected by many webmasters. This is definitely one of the powerful methods of growing local traffic and gets potential customers from local market. You should follow the traditional offline marketing strategies and keep the funnel of visitors intact. Besides, you should create a forum or blogging platform where your visitors can interconnect between each other. This also helps your visitors grow beyond.

Many webmasters often complain that the free-traffic building strategies don’t work effectively. They are always oriented towards paid marketing and advertising strategies. But free techniques can definitely help your visitors grow if used properly. There are numerous other methods, some of which are rarely practiced by the webmasters; learning and implementing them will definitely help you enhance the traffic amazingly.

Author Bio: Rahul Makhija has been in the internet marketing industry for more than 6 years. For more information you can visit DC Web Design. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to read and understand about human behavior. 


GamesSocial media gaming is very popular these days and you should embed a game on your Facebook fan page to grab your target audience’s attention.
Games help you build a community and add value to your brand. You should hire a designer cum developer for custom game development and Facebook fan page design.


Embed a Game in Your Facebook Fanpage Design to Make Your Brand Popular

Many companies think that if they have a website and a Facebook fan page, people will notice their brand. However, in reality, brand building is not that easy. Brand building is all about connecting with the audience and adding value to your products/services. There are thousands of websites and fan pages out there, then why should your target consumers notice you?

A brand can’t be successful if it does not establish a loyal fan following, and to do that successfully, you should use social media games. You can always hire a graphic designer for an attractive Facebook fan page design, but only a beautiful fan page won’t grab the social media audience’s attention.

Social media games help you bond with your fans and create brand awareness among the target audience. When people play games, they feel that they are somehow interacting with the page owner.

Social gaming is so popular that companies like Zynga makes millions of dollars from Facebook games. Facebook users invest both financially and emotionally in popular games and visit the fan pages regularly to play games. From competing with Facebook friends to building an empire, game lovers do everything for mental satisfaction.

You should utilize this addiction and develop a customized game for your fan page. Hire a game developer for fan page customization and game installation process. With the help of a game, you can promote your brand and encourage your customers to interact with each other. Here are some of the usages and benefits of Facebook games.


1. Develop a Community – When you offer an interesting game in your fan page, people start visiting your page more often and spend lots of time on your page. This way, they get to know about products/services and start noticing your wall updates. This community building exercise may not give you immediate profit, but it makes your brand popular and valuable.

Web users start recognizing your fan page and ask their friends to join your fan page. After a couple of months, you can easily convert your loyal fans into loyal customers. For instance, if you start selling a t-shirt with your popular game characters’ face on it, most of the gamers would love to buy it.


facebookpic2. Give Them a Reason to Play – You can provide some free items to top gamers or let them unlock some exclusive features of the game. Doing this, you will be able to engage the visitors in the game and create a buzz in the social media network.

3. Give in-game Ads – People don’t like to hear marketing messages, but when you give an in-game ad, web users pay more attention to it. Include your brand in the game and offer either virtual or real products to the players. This way you will be able to increase your profit margin. While real product sales boost your business, virtual products related to the game help you earn money without offering anything in reality.

For instance, you can ask the gamers to unlock the highest levels by paying $1. The amount may seem small, but if one hundred gamers unlock the levels every day, then annually, you can earn $36500.


4. Build Reputation for Philanthropy – You can participate in fund-raising activities through Facebook gaming. Ask visitors to donate some money after playing your game. You can send the donation money to UNESCO or Red Cross and help them build a better future for mankind. This may not make you rich, but it will add immense value to your brand.

Social media gaming is a growing trend and you should take advantage of this trend. Add an interactive game in your Facebook fanpage design to increase your fan base. Following these guidelines you can build goodwill in the industry and grab your target consumers’ attention.


Author Bio: Jayati Bhattacharjee is a social media author of widely-recognized web design company Quality Web Solutions. Follow Quality Web Solutions on Twitter or Facebook.