Time for a website turnaround – Emergency 911

Don't you have traffic to your website - and the visitors don't buy anything? Maybe it's time for a website turnaround. Check out here what to do.

How to make a presentation like Steve Jobs

Now you learn some tips and tricks from Steve Jobs. How to make your presentation rock like Steve Jobs' presentations. Great for all people in business from marketing to management. Learn from the king of presentations.

Colors Around the World – the Ultimative Marketing Guide

Colors have different meanings in different countries. And marketing and branding are global these days because of the internet. So take a trip around the world and see the different meanings of colors. Take a trip now around the world.

Google AuthorRank A Better Way To Achieve A Higher Ranking In Search Engine

There has been a continuous effort by Google to ensure that only good quality, authoritative and relevant content rises to the top pages of the search engine and feathery and ornamental, keyword stuffed ones do not fool the search engine to get to the top ranks.

Top 5 SEO-Friendly Web Design Tips

One of the most challenging factors of building a site is the implementation of accurate SEO website design. Finding the right balance between aesthetics and effective on-page optimization strategies is not always simple.

The Timeline of Marketing Innovation

Take a journey back in time - marketing time, and check out when the biggest invents in the marketing world happened. DTP, CRM, first ad on television. Telegraph. Did London ever ban posters on private property?

Steve Jobs – Click Boom Amazing

Steve Jobs was an amazing guy. And as a SEO guy I have learned that it's about great content. And it's about FOCUS. So without no more talk about marketing, business, Apple, Google or anything - let's hear it from Mr. Steve Jobs.

Sitting Bull vs General Custer

Do you know the story about Sitting Bull and General Custer? Well take a look here with quotes from both men :) Enjoy, Henrik (PS yes I know it has nothing to do with SEO - but it's still very interesting - right?)

10 things Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy have in common

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy have a lot in common? Check it all out here. All the best to you, Henrik

Show me your coffee – and I will tell you who you are

Coffee can tell a lot about people. Which coffee do you like? Well show me your coffee and I will tell you who you are. Take a look here in this SlideShare. And if you like it go and like and share it :) All the best to you - time for my coffee, Henrik