einstein 9Get some wise words and inspiration from the man himself – Albert Einstein 🙂

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mendelafront 2I hope you will be inspired by these words of wisdom and experience from Mandela. RIP








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Get motivated and inspired with the wise words from Ganalf the Gray. Wise words to get inspired from in your life and work.

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Did you know that the look of the modern Santa is made by Coca Cola? Well take a ride with me back to the 30s and 40s and see how they made him.

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front4Want to make a difference but don’t know where or how to start? Take a look at these quotes and get inspired. From Mahatma Gandhi, Michael J. Fox, Michael Dell, Robert J. Kennedy and Lady GaGa.





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How to find your business USPIdentifying the core essential elements can help you to build your company’s name and branding. You need your unique selling proposition (USP). Here are some questions that can help you to find it.

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front2Learn wise words from 10 former presidents. From John F. Kennedy and Nixon to Clinton, Bush and Obama.

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einstein frontpageQuotes and wise words from Albert Einstein.

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frontpageLook at these Megatrends for 2014 that will affect your business. And why not let Sam Malone and Cheers guide the way.

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Top 10 not to do on social media2Now you can read about what NOT to do on Social Media… I hope you like the presentations and can use the tips and tricks – all the best to you all, Henrik







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