Is Your Social Media Campaign On Track?

Check out this fun Infographic about your social media campaign - are you on the right track? You have to use social media the right way - because if you do - it can be an awesome traffic source for your website - but also just a great way to communicate with your potential customers.
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Social Media Landscape Guide to Brand, Traffic and SEO

How to use the social media landscape for your brand building, traffic or SEO - check it out here. I found this awesome infographic the other day - and I hope you like it too. It will give you a lot of great advice about customer communication, brand exposure, traffic to your site and SEO from different social media sites. Click on the picture and get the PDF.

Join SeoCustomer on LinkedIn

Yes yes yes yes I am very happy to tell you that you can find SeoCustomer on LinkedIn. I have just made a special group. A group for you all. You are welcome to join us, post, comment, get ideas, give ideas.

My Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips

Yes, you have probably heard this question plenty of times. I have too. Nevertheless, I will still provide a quick overview on it. So, for those readers who have little idea on what it involves, you can obtain basic insight from the following details.

How to Boost LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media for lead generation for B2B compared to other social media. Let me show you this report from a survey from HubSpot. The study was based on 3,128 HubSpot B2B customers. And the result is really amazing. LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate by 2.60 percent - four times higher than Twitter with 0,67 percent and seven times better than Facebook with only 0,39 percent.

How To Get Started with Social Media For Small businesses – Hot Tips

Maybe you have a small business - a little consultant company, a coffee bar or you have a hairdresser shop. And you might have heard about the social media and that it is important for your marketing. So you wanna get started. So now ... what do you do?

Know a Donut and Know Everything about Social Media

Yes its true. I will tell you everything about Social Media with a donut :) Just take a look at this picture .. I will tell you about the difference between all theses social media - Twitter, Facebook, Foursqure, Instagrain, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Last FM and Google+