LinkBuilding2Within this article you will find the answer to a few questions about link building. Link building is one of the fastest ways to get your website indexed, and one of the fastest ways to get your website ranked higher in the search engine results pages.

It is also one of the most misunderstood SEO concepts, and misinformation on the subject has lead to a lot of people being punished needlessly by search engines.

This article will clear up that confusion so that you can run a successful link building campaign.


What is link building?

A link in the online world is a function that allows one person to move from one web page to another. It is something that a web user clicks and it will take them to another web page.

This web page may be on the same website, or it may be on a different web page. The link may be an image or it may be textual. It may open the page on the same tab; it may start a new tab or may start a new window (the latter being referred to as a pop-up).

The more links that you have pointing at your website, from other websites–the better. If other websites link to you–the search engines will take that as a sign that your website is a good one, and will rank you up in their search engine results pages.

So getting more links is sometimes a good thing.


What is successful link building?

This is where you gain strong links that last a long time. They are links to your website from related content or related websites.

Those links are strong if they have anchor text, which works well for your website (is related). They are good links if they last a long time, and are great links if they are from websites with a higher PageRanking than yours are. Having all of these elements throughout your links would be considered successful link building.


Are one-on-one link exchanges good?

Yes, they are–they are not advised by Google, but they are a safe and controlled way of getting good strong links pointing at your website.

All the other methods of link building are not as safe or productive.


Are link exchange programs good?

No, they are not good. They are heavily monitored by the search engines staff and offer no real SEO benefit in the long run.

They are a short-term fix that may get you in trouble with the search engines.


Is there a safe way to increase link numbers?

You can swap links, or link from your blog. You can post articles online and link from them and you can guest post on other peoples blogs.

You can pay for legitimate directory links from relevant websites, and you can add links from comment sections on other websites.

There are quite a few safe ways of getting links to your site.


How many links do I need? 

Google your site and look at your competition. You need roughly the same amount of links that they have.

Do not go build substantially more links than your competitors do, because it will be viewed as suspicious.


Can I be banned from Google for too many links?

Yes, you can. If you have too many links, Google will investigate into where they have come from.

If they have come from link farms, comment spamming, or other similar Black Hat SEO places, you will be banned from being listed on Goggles search engine results.


How do I make people link to me of their own free will? 

Offer a good service, or a great online tool, entertainment or high quality information. If people like your website, they will link to it of their own free will.


Can I get any traffic from links? 

Links have a nice bi-product of being able to send you traffic from other sites. This is called direct traffic because it comes from one site to you, instead of people going through a search engine.

Direct traffic is hard to gain, but worth the effort because the users are often very interested in what is on your site, because they have just come from a related/similar site.


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LinkBuildingWhen you are building links for your website, it’s extremely important that you utilize some of the features that SEO tools have to provide.

For instance, a lot of SEO tools today allow you to build multiple tiers of links for your link building campaigns.

Today, Google’s algorithm is extremely complex and in order to stay at the top of the search engines, you have to use link building strategies that are going to be effective.

Building multiple tiers of links is a great way to do this. On the top tier, you should have your highest quality links, linking directly to your money site. These links should be high in page rank and they should pack as much value as possible.

You should also be using unique content for these links, since spun content would likely get flagged and possibly removed at the website that you posted it on.

By using spun content that doesn’t read well for first-tier links, your content will probably get noticed on the site eventually and taken down. This would leave your site vulnerable to the unnatural link penalty that Google often penalizes websites for when they have links that continuously go down.

On your second and third tier links, you don’t have to be nearly as careful. On these tiers, you should be building links in volume and the quality of the links does not have to be as high quality as it was with your first tier.

Below you’ll find some things that you can do to build multiple tiers of links in an effective way, so that your search engine optimization campaign will be successful.


Focus on high PR links on tier 1
A good way to focus on building higher-quality links for your tier 1 link building efforts, would be to only build links on high page rank domains.

Pagerank always has been and still is today a good way to determine the value of the website. As a website ages and develops backlinks and search engine rankings, its PR will increase.

Therefore, you can use page rank as a conclusive determinant for the value of that website. Web sites that have a page rank of at least three are considered to be fairly valuable.

They should have a good amount of backlinks, possible search engine rankings and the age of the domain should at least be older than a year. You can experiment with these factors yourself by researching into the backlink count and the age of the domains that you find with high PR.


Quality is still important in tier 2
Tier 2 links don’t have to be an entirely high page rank, but you still need to retain a high level of quality among these links.

Your tier 2 links are directly going to affect your tier 1 links, which will affect your money site. If you build high-quality links on tier 2, you may increase the search engine rankings of your tier 1 links, which will be very beneficial to your money site.


Tier 3
Tier 3 links are where you can build links in mass numbers, without having to really worry about the quality. You can use software like Scrapebox to do blog comments, XRumer for forum profiles or you can even make use of social bookmarks, web 2.0’s, wiki sites and lots of other types of free submission platforms.


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icon googlesearchHow you ever wondered what to do to get on the first page on Google. Well you don’t really have to wonder anymore. I will tell you what to do.

SEO is all relative right? You can be very bad at it – but if your competitors are worse – then all is good. So for a start you have to check out the top 10 list. How many times do they write your keyword, how many times do they use the keyword in the headlines, how many inbound links do they have with the keyword in the anchor text and so on … pyha.

It’s all about being on the first page. Make more text with your keywords? More headlines with your keywords? Hmm… Or maybe you have enough text. You have to compare your site to the first 10 web pages on the top 10 in Google (or another search engine).

There are a lot of free tools around – but it will take you so much time to check it all out. So I will tell you my secret. I am cheating. I am using a program from Internet Business Promoter. The program is not free – and I know you can find free programs on the Internet to tell you the same things. But this one will put it all together for you – make the analyzing – write a report – and tell you exactly what you have to do.


I will compare your site to the top 10 on the list. It will tell you what are the important things to change, where you don’t have to do anything and so on. You will be amazed.








Report overview

The program will analyze all this for you. But of course you can get most of it free on the internet too. But use this list as a checklist for yourself too when you do SEO for your website. With or without this program.

  • Keyword use in document title
  • Global link popularity of web site
  • Link texts of inbound links
  • Keyword use in body text
  • Age of web site
  • Keyword use in H1 headline texts
  • Keyword use in domain name
  • Keyword use in page URL
  • Links from social networks
  • Server speed
  • Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts
  • Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes
  • Top level domain of website
  • Keyword use in bold body text
  • Number of visitors to the site
  • Keyword use in same domain link texts
  • Keyword use in outbound link texts
  • Keyword use in same domain link URLs
  • Keyword use in outbound link URLs
  • Keyword use in meta description
  • Number of trailing slashes in URL
  • HTML validation of web page to W3C standards
  • Readability level of web page
  • Keyword use in meta keywords
  • Keyword use in the first sentence of the body text
  • Keyword use in HTML comments
  • Search engine compatibility
  • Factors that could prevent your top ranking
  • Table: Number of keywords
  • Table: Keyword density
  • Table: Keyword position
  • Table: Number of words
  • Table: Number of characters
  • Table: Ranking factors digest


Here’s what you do

You have to tell the program what the keyword you want to analyze. Let’s take “used cars”. Then you will have to tell what search engine you want to optimize for. Let’s take “”.

Then you run the report – yes … I know … too easy. But that’s all.

Of course it sometimes can be a little difficult to get on top 10 still. What if the other websites have 200.000 backlinks each.. Hmm…. But with this tool you know what you are up against 🙂

The result is that you will be on the first page on google 🙂

Get the program here IBP and get a good start with your SEO. It’s really worth it 🙂


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googlealertsGoogle Alerts is maybe one of the easiest strategy to use for your link building. Google Alert tells you when somebody write about  your product or maybe your website.

It will give you opportunities for possible link acquistions though your email.  And we all know that Google will love backlinks if they are related to your subject – and Google will give your site higher rank.

So if somebody is mention your product on a website  – you will get an alert – then send a email to the website asking them to please link to your website (if they are not using a hyperlink).  Yes I know this sound very simple – and yes it is. But why make it difficult 🙂

You can set up a Google Alert for almost everything and get a mail when it triggers your alert.

The Google Alert will automatically notifies you when there are new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups matches your set of search terms. The notification can be sent to you by email, as a web feed or to be displayed on your iGoogle page.

You decide the frequency of checks for new results. You can choose between “once a day”, “once a week” or “as it happens”.


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I will tell you a secret. Search engines don’t really like blogs. I will tell you why and what you can do about it.

When you have a blog you are writing a lot of post about your subject – your main keyword. Maybe your subject is “used cars”. So one day you write about the prices of used cars. The next day you write about used cars from different countries. And suddenly you have maybe 20 articles about “used cars”.

Every time you you make a new post, you will tell about it in your social networks, your bookmarking sites, your groups. And some people might love your article and link to it. So that’s is all good.

bloggerThe problem is that the next day you have a new article, new people love it, and new people will link to your new post.

So here is the problem. Suddenly you main keyword for your site – “used cars” – is not linking to one page. But to maybe all your 20 articles. so you might get 10 incoming links to each of your post – instead of getting 200 incoming links to one page.

Google will love your page if it knew you had 200 incoming links – and rank it very high, but instead you have 20 posts each with 10 incoming links each. You follow me?


Repeating visitors or getting found on Google
If you have repeating visitors to your site – they will love that you have 20 fresh new contents on your blog. They might get an email about your news, or maybe they have your RSS feed.

But the visitors from Google or other search engines will not find you. So that is basically why it’s so difficelt for a blogger to get high ranking in Google.


The solution
So we have to create something that the search engines really like. So you are going to  make a “Content Page” that Google will love. The search engines loves the more stable content pages. So make a general page, where you can write something generel about your subject, and remember to have links to your posts from this page.

So now you will have a stable content pages with comment from people so it keeps fresh too – and Google loves that too by the way.

Your visitors will also love your content pages, because they will know that they can find your content and posts from this page. I have just made my SEO content page. I will do more text on the content page. But well it’s a start – right?


So if you have a blog remember to make sure you have a stable page that the search engines love. And get the traffic you deserve.


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Enjoy your day 🙂




buybacklinksGetting thoses damm backlinks…

Okay I admit it – getting theses backlinks kan be very very very anonning and frustative. Why dont we have a program to click on – and then we have 10.000 backlinks… hmmm

Maybe the most important single issue in SEO is backlinks. Links are making up around 50 precent of the ranking. So no excuses – are you ready for this? 1-2-3 here we go…
And by the way – there is no easy way folks. Sorry for that 🙂

I will tell you and show you different things you can do to get thoses damm backlinks.


  1. Start a blog. You problerly know much more about your produkt then your viewers and customers. Post regularly and be sure its great content. Sorry folks I told you – no easy way righ
  2. From your blog you gotta link to other blogs. Thats the way to be noticed on the internet. Be active.
  3. You can get your blog listed in some of the best blog directories ( In the end its about getting attention out there.
  4. Be active on other blogs. When other bloggers are reading your article and post some of them will link to your blog.
  5. If you link to other blogs remember to write a mail to them telling them – some of them will link back to your blog.
  6. Remember to tag your posts. It will help some of the seach engine to notice what its all about

Free linking

  1. Get onto Google Groups ( seach for your service og produkt and answer some quastions – and yes remember to answer with links to your website.
  2. Do the same with Yahoo! Answers ( Again remember the links every time you post an answer.
  3. Do you know the Squidoo page ( Set up a topical page and link to expert documents and useful tools. And yes remember to create a link back to your site.
  4. I love number 4 here – if you have a good advice or another free website to use pls send the link back to me and I will update this post. Thx
  5. Remember to go to Wikipedia ( and write about your company. You can also go to other artikles that is relatate to your industry and company and try to make links to your website from there too. If you are in the Energy business go to seach the organisations your companies are involved with and try to make links to your company from there.
  6. Put up an artikel on your website and submit your story to Digg ( with links back to the story on your website.

Wow folks… I havent even got started yet. Grab some coffee. Ready? 1-2-3 ….. lol

Pay Per Click

  1. When you use PPC like Google Adwords you will get peoples attention. Some of the people would never had visit your site without the add. So grab the attention, maybe try to make them sign up for a newsletter. Maybe some of them will link back to your site or blog. YES YES YES I know… I really dont like PPC so much – but sometimes it can be usefull – right?

Freebies and giveaways – Contests

  1. In my younger days (yes I have been younger) I didnt like contests. But now I love them – and why? Because they works. A good 200 or 300 dollars prize can generate thousands of links. Make your contest so people will share your link – use a Facebook contest or …
  2. Make yourself an expert by providing a lot of tools for your customers. They will return to you when they need a link. Some will link to your page because they wanna show everybody where to find the good tools. (oh boy I need to do that too on this blog).
  3. Tell your viewers that if the give you some feedback they will get something. Maybe a whitepaper … or a 7 steps to ….. book.

Do you want me to stop now? No? Okay … the coffee is still hot?


  1. We are all listlovers. No no no not all – I know. But most people love lists. So build a top 7 list, or top 10 list or 100 ways to…. People love to list to thoses. (hmm should I have made this as a huge list? – damm when will I ever learn)
  2. Build a 99 or a 101 list
  3. Build a list with 10 myths for your category
  4. Get a guru or expert to show your authority

Local links and business links

  1. Get link from your local chamber of commerce
  2. Find relevant city and state govermental site where you can submit your link
  3. Sometimes the local library has a useful web site
  4. Check if your business parnters wanna put a link on their website to your site

Sorry folks now its time for the coffee… but there are plenty more posibilities regarding getting links back to your site. So the next article will continue this article.


The key for all this it Tumblr. Do you know Tumblr – its a blogging platform where you can post text, videos, quotes, images, audio. A short form blog. You can follow other users, or make your private blog. And its very easy to use. The good thing about Tumblr (among other good things) is that its do follow links. That means the search engines will follow the link back to your site.