Chain LinksSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved over the past few years along with the demands of people and introduction of new products or services. A few years back, you may have been building a whole directory of links within a short period of time.

Today, things are completely different, and you need to focus on a new set of metrics. Below are a few link-building tips that you should follow in 2013 for a successful SEO campaign.

Reduce the Number of Directory Links

Listing your links in a directory is always a tough task.

Additionally, the directory quality varies from site to site; so you may need to limit the amount of time you spend and prioritize your efforts.

Evaluate directory quality before you make the effort; the good ones will benefit you, but the others may actually harm your backlink portfolio.


Cut Down on Blog Comments

While commenting on blogs with links has proven to work well for some businesses, this year you may need to change your strategy.

Most blogs may not follow back and the links passed are no longer counted in the ranking algorithm.

You may continue this method with a few exclusive blogs and provide interesting comments linking back to your site, but it is best to limit this link-building method.


Rise of Guest Blogging

With last year’s Google algorithm updates, the online link value decreased, dropping the ranks of many sites in a short span of time.

With guest blogging, however, this may be solved.

The aim of guest blogging is to get your content, especially the backlinks, on to an external site, and connect it to your own.

A word of caution: You need to ensure that this guest content is interesting as well as at least 500 words long.


Separating Your Blog from Your Website

When you create a blog for your website, you may opt to go for an external one.

By having a separate blog gives you the opportunity to write unique, in-depth content that links back to your site.

However, it is necessary that you pay attention to the content on the site, too.

Along with these link-building ideas, you need to stick with the basics like applying organic and natural SEO, rather than choosing black-hat techniques.

Keep these in mind and you may rank higher on search engines this year.


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Links are very important for your ranking on Google. So you have to know about link juice. Link juice will make you beat your competitors. Because you dont what your competitor to beat you right?

So I will try to explain it very carefully what link juice really is.

Other sites would like to get some of your juice because then their sites will rank higher, and you should get some of the juice from other sites to higher your ranking on the web. So its all about getting the juice – you follow me?






So lets start with 2 sites. Site A and Site B. The 2 site is fighting about the ranking for the same keyword.








So to decide which one will get the highest ranking Google will look at the links to the two sites. Here site A get a link from site C – while site B doesn’t get any links. You can say C is giving some juice to site A. So site A will do best in the Google ranking.













Now both site A and site B get a link from site C. Their are sharing the juice. So they will rank on the same level. So to decide which one will get the highest rank Google will have to look at other normally not so important things  (See How you get into top10 of Google).













Now site A get another link from site D and site B get a link from E. So now Google has to decide – which one the two new sites are most important site D or site E. Who has most juice to give.













Here you can see side D get much more juice then site E… so in the end site A will have the most juice.














And we all love juice right? This is really important guys… most of the ranking on search engines like Google is about getting links to your site.

Have fun out there … and remember to get your juice 🙂