panda-penguin-link-buildingGoogle has been consistently working hard to maintain its reputation as the world’s leading search engine.

First it was the Panda and now it is the Penguin update. The Google Penguin sets more stringent rules for any page that wishes to be ranked. The launch of the original Penguin resulted in tremendous confusion among SEO experts because the adjustments resulted in drastic falls in rankings.

With its latest update released earlier this year, Google Penguin 2.0 aims to track down websites that employ black-hat SEO techniques and eventually penalize them for it. So far, most SEO experts feel that the easiest way to survive these changes is by making your website more compelling and worth visiting over and over.


How to Survive Penguin 2.0

1.      Focusing on Integrating Natural or Real Links

With the latest update in Google’s search algorithms, you must focus all your attention on integrating natural or real links. It is also important that you set real link parameters. Avoid buying and creating links from websites that are not related to yours.

Also, avoid building links that lead to your target page but are “spammy” in nature or come with little integrity. Also, it is best to keep your link optimization exercise under control by being conservative about the use of anchor texts and unnatural link-baiting. We will discuss this in more detail below.


2.      Acquiring a Deeper Understanding of the Nature and Profile of your Website

If you are having a tough time accomplishing this on your own, make use of applications which help you in achieving brand integration. There are applications which help identify external pages which can be legitimately linked to your website. This can help you save time and assist in performing a quick analysis of the pages and domains that link back to your website.

You can also find applications that help detect low-quality links that have a negative impact on your page rankings. It is important that you perform regular clean-ups to get rid of all bad links.


3.      Creating Valuable Relationships Online

No amount of link-buying can help you with creating meaningful relationships online. If you wish to survive Penguin 2.0, it is important that you develop partnerships with relevant sites that are known to offer quality content. One meaningful back-link is always more effective than ten that are irrelevant. Strategic online partnerships are a great way to fight all kinds of algorithmic changes. Even if more Penguins are introduced on the search engine, your valuable relationships are here to stay.


4.      Removing the Spammy Pages from your Website

In addition to getting rid of external links that take you to spammy content, it is also important that you maintain a certain amount of vigilance with respect to internal cleaning of your own pages on a regular basis.


5.      Implementing a New Campaign for Inbound Link-Building

Consider starting from scratch with respect to your link-building campaign. Associate with only those pages that have won Google’s trust. This can prove to be quite helpful in improving your search ranking.

In spite of all the confusion and chaos around Google’s Penguin 2.0, it is a fact that these updates come in good faith. It is the aim of Google to make sure that Internet users are able to gain access to high-quality content every time they log on. It is thus important that, as an online marketer, you play by the rules and focus on quality.
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Chain LinksSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved over the past few years along with the demands of people and introduction of new products or services. A few years back, you may have been building a whole directory of links within a short period of time.

Today, things are completely different, and you need to focus on a new set of metrics. Below are a few link-building tips that you should follow in 2013 for a successful SEO campaign.

Reduce the Number of Directory Links

Listing your links in a directory is always a tough task.

Additionally, the directory quality varies from site to site; so you may need to limit the amount of time you spend and prioritize your efforts.

Evaluate directory quality before you make the effort; the good ones will benefit you, but the others may actually harm your backlink portfolio.


Cut Down on Blog Comments

While commenting on blogs with links has proven to work well for some businesses, this year you may need to change your strategy.

Most blogs may not follow back and the links passed are no longer counted in the ranking algorithm.

You may continue this method with a few exclusive blogs and provide interesting comments linking back to your site, but it is best to limit this link-building method.


Rise of Guest Blogging

With last year’s Google algorithm updates, the online link value decreased, dropping the ranks of many sites in a short span of time.

With guest blogging, however, this may be solved.

The aim of guest blogging is to get your content, especially the backlinks, on to an external site, and connect it to your own.

A word of caution: You need to ensure that this guest content is interesting as well as at least 500 words long.


Separating Your Blog from Your Website

When you create a blog for your website, you may opt to go for an external one.

By having a separate blog gives you the opportunity to write unique, in-depth content that links back to your site.

However, it is necessary that you pay attention to the content on the site, too.

Along with these link-building ideas, you need to stick with the basics like applying organic and natural SEO, rather than choosing black-hat techniques.

Keep these in mind and you may rank higher on search engines this year.


Written by Webmarketing123


Just click on the infographic to see it larger. I hope you will love this Infographic about authorship with Google. Remember to check out this

DV1089014Link building is one of the most effective strategies that can help drive more traffic to your website which makes it more successful.

Most website owners take this lightly posting any links that they may find on their way which end up bringing negative results. To see positive results in 2013, some of the strategies that you can adapt include:


Create linkable assets
Content still remains king if you want to attract the right kind of links.

As many businesses turn to content marketing, coming up with top notch quality is one of the most effective ways that will help you stand out of the crowd. This should be the type of content that viewers will want to look at and end up linking to.

Some of the features that you should include in the content are: videos, info-graphics, online calculators, lists and useful widgets among many others.

Make sure you do your homework thoroughly to find the best ones to be included in your content. Study competition to find out what they are using to make the tick and come up with strategies that will help you become an industry leader.

The secret to attracting more people to the site is to make sure that you share it wide enough. Ensure that all your friends as well as relatives know about the site and request them to tell other people they know. Social media can also be used as a platform for effective link building.

Create accounts on various platforms like Twitter and Facebook in order to penetrate into a new market. This way you will not miss a number of people who will be interested in what you do to get high quality links for your site.


Build healthy relationships
Look for interesting bloggers, journalists and free-lance writers who come up with top notch sites and create healthy and strong relationships.

This can help you find loyal customers for your business as word of mouth is something very valuable and you cannot put a price on it.

This is a proven method of natural link building where you can get free links that will help your business at the end of the day.

Don’t restrict yourself to bloggers who write things that are related to your site as it is also recommended that you look for the ones with most reach and influence.

Take time to find individuals who are well connected, write on various blogs as well as industry news sites and have achieved a large following of real and not fake people on social media.


Develop link resource database
One of the most common problems that organizations face when working with multiple link builders is assisting people in discovering new methods of connecting with effective link building opportunities.

If you are working with different link builders they are supposed to consult with each other to find the perfect solution for you.

It is important to avoid the ones that use the same resources for all their customers as this will obviously not work as Google will discover sooner or later what you are up to.


Author Bio: Blogger who researches and talks about the latest link building strategies for the Integrity SEO


I just made this Infographic to give you all a step by step guide how to rock your website. You are all welcome to put this Infographic on your site as long as you link back to – I love to get backlinks too.

All the best to you.



How to Rock your site

LinkBuildingWhen you are building links for your website, it’s extremely important that you utilize some of the features that SEO tools have to provide.

For instance, a lot of SEO tools today allow you to build multiple tiers of links for your link building campaigns.

Today, Google’s algorithm is extremely complex and in order to stay at the top of the search engines, you have to use link building strategies that are going to be effective.

Building multiple tiers of links is a great way to do this. On the top tier, you should have your highest quality links, linking directly to your money site. These links should be high in page rank and they should pack as much value as possible.

You should also be using unique content for these links, since spun content would likely get flagged and possibly removed at the website that you posted it on.

By using spun content that doesn’t read well for first-tier links, your content will probably get noticed on the site eventually and taken down. This would leave your site vulnerable to the unnatural link penalty that Google often penalizes websites for when they have links that continuously go down.

On your second and third tier links, you don’t have to be nearly as careful. On these tiers, you should be building links in volume and the quality of the links does not have to be as high quality as it was with your first tier.

Below you’ll find some things that you can do to build multiple tiers of links in an effective way, so that your search engine optimization campaign will be successful.


Focus on high PR links on tier 1
A good way to focus on building higher-quality links for your tier 1 link building efforts, would be to only build links on high page rank domains.

Pagerank always has been and still is today a good way to determine the value of the website. As a website ages and develops backlinks and search engine rankings, its PR will increase.

Therefore, you can use page rank as a conclusive determinant for the value of that website. Web sites that have a page rank of at least three are considered to be fairly valuable.

They should have a good amount of backlinks, possible search engine rankings and the age of the domain should at least be older than a year. You can experiment with these factors yourself by researching into the backlink count and the age of the domains that you find with high PR.


Quality is still important in tier 2
Tier 2 links don’t have to be an entirely high page rank, but you still need to retain a high level of quality among these links.

Your tier 2 links are directly going to affect your tier 1 links, which will affect your money site. If you build high-quality links on tier 2, you may increase the search engine rankings of your tier 1 links, which will be very beneficial to your money site.


Tier 3
Tier 3 links are where you can build links in mass numbers, without having to really worry about the quality. You can use software like Scrapebox to do blog comments, XRumer for forum profiles or you can even make use of social bookmarks, web 2.0’s, wiki sites and lots of other types of free submission platforms.


Author Bio :– Charles Dodgson writes for WL Marketing Link Building Company that offers affordable SEO services and specializes in strategizing and applying innovative Internet marketing techniques to business websites and online hubs.

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BingHorisontNow all those SEO users who wanted to go deep into a website linking and know exactly where the links are coming from can use Bing site explorer.

Bing has officially launched the latest update for its webmaster tools which has been named as phoenix (Looks like they are inspired by Google).

This update introduces a lot of new features, a new interface and SEO tools. One of the most interesting and useful tools provided by Bing in this update is Link Explorer.

Remember Yahoo Site Explorer that was made unavailable to all of us in the last year? Yes, the one that we all SEO’s loved so much. The Bing Link Explorer is an upgraded version of it.

It allows users to view links not just for their own website but for any website on the internet by using many new filters as compared to Yahoo Link Explorer.

Users can base their search by choosing any or multiple options from the below list:

  • Site Filter
  • Source Filter
  • Scope Filter
  • Anchor Text Filter
  • Query Filter

However, users are required to have minimum one site in Bing Webmaster Tools that has been verified in order to use the tools. If you don’t own a website then this could be problematic for you.

The tool is still in the beta phase which means that it does not provide all the functionalities. For instance, it won’t tell you the number of incoming links as it used to tell in the Yahoo’s version. There are many more aspects which need improvement but it does not mean that it is not useful.

Businesses, organizations and online marketing companies have to understand one thing very clearly here. Bing accounts for around 10-15% of the overall traffic which might not look threatening in front of Google’s share but still this is a very significant portion and could become the deciding factor in the success or failure of a business.

Ignore it today and you might not be very happy about it in the future. Moreover, you probably have a continuous online marketing and SEO campaign going on for your business therefore it won’t harm you if you include Bing into it.

Bing has made efforts to increase its share in the search engine domain but hasn’t been very successful. However, Businesses should include it in their SEO campaigns to keep themselves safe and a few steps ahead of others.


About the Author: Chris Miller is a blogger and web developer for a leading Offshore Software Development Company. He provides concrete information about PHP web application development, .Net/Java apps development, software development & mobile applications development.


Let’s do some practical link building. We all know we have to do link building – but how do we start? Okay let me tell you what to do to get started. Are you ready? I hope you have some coffee in your cup? Okay – 3 2 1 go…


First thing first

Understand your own site first. Why does somebody want to link to your site. If you don’t know that, you will get into trouble very soon.

So a catchy blog post title is very important. So start going to and get yourself a catchy title for your post.




So let’s start with the people that are already linking to you. Go to Google and type in


Write down on a paper (yes I said paper lol). What kind of sites are linking to you, why do they like your posts, check out the anchor text they use, do they link to other sites too (they are your competitors).



Now it’s time for your strategy

Now its time to understand who is linking to our competitors. Who are your main competitors. Who are making backlinks to them, get their anchor texts and compare the anchor text to yours. Do you miss some catchy titles?

There are many free websites on the web that can help you checking backlinks. You can try




First check out the websites that are linking to both you and your competitor – that will make your list a little shorter and more manageable.

So now you know about your own site and about your competitors’ sites. Do you still have some hot coffee in your cup? Ready for more?



Time to get the links NOW

Now go through your lists. Your competitors, your link opportunities, who is already linking to websites like yours, who else are they linking to. Make a top 10 list or top 20. Write them down on a piece of paper. Not in a word-file or excel-file. I want you to see them on your desk.

Now it’s time to do some keyword research. If you are selling used cars. To get high ranking you need to get links from websites with high PageRank, high traffic sites. I would do a search in Google and write down which sites you want links from.

You will have to think as the customer looking for something. So if you are selling used cars – what are the customer searching for?

I would think – used cars – max 3 years old cars – Ford – Toyota – blue cars – cheap cars -quality cars.

You see a lot of opportunities. To get ideas for keywords you can use Google AdWords Keyword Tool (we all love Google AdWords Keywords Tool don’t we) or maybe Wordtracker.




Now make the link building plan

Okay now you know your own site, you have to catchy titles, you know your competitors, you know your link opportunities.

I would do 1 hour a day making link building. So every day from 9 to 10 am you are going to take out your piece of paper. Go to the website you want links from. Get in contact with them and make it impossible for them not to link to you.

It can be sending them an article, writing on their blog, let the webmaster know about something you can offer to the sites customers etc..

And you will see in a month’s time you work will pay off.

This is tomorrows marketing guys 🙂


Wish you all well… Have a great day all

Best regards Henrik


Take control of your link building

Let me show you 10 hot websites where you can build links back to your juice loving homepage. This will be a fun tour – so get your black coffee, put the music on and enjoy the ride.


I have been working on this last weekend and I will finish it next weekend – so yes it does take some time – but it’s also worth it.




Sign up for a free account on Remember to register your main keyword phrase as your user name.

FriendFeed is a real-time feed aggregating that updates from social media and social networking websites, social bookmarking websites, blogs and micro-blogging updates. It’s a powerful feeder site where you can create backlinks to your homepage. If you don’t have an account right now – go and do it – NOW.

On Friendfeed you can show 5 of your feeds. Just click on the add/edit and add all the URLs feeds that you own. You can use all kinds of URL feeds from the web. Go and add the URL feed there to the assigned category feed or the custom feed field. When you refer back to your Friendfeed account from all your other feed URLs, your profile will automatically be updated.




Sign up for a account. Again use your main keyword phrase as your username. Post some pictures on Flickr and tag them all with your main keywords and also remember to include them in the short description. Remember to fill out the Tags description too at your pictures or videos.

And when it’s done – remember to grab your feed and add it to your Friendfeed account.

Remember to custom your Flickr URL to include your main keyword. You find your RSS feed when you click to “Your Photostream”. Scroll down and copy the latest to the right of the RSS icon. Something much easier is to go to Friendfeed – click the Flickr icon and add your username from Flickr.

Awesome right? And remember we just got started.




The next website we are going to sign up for is Again when you sign up use your main keyword phrase as your username. When you make your profile, make a post related to your blog, remember to use your main keyword in the title, the body text and tags.
Now click on your user URL – something like (just write your username Tumblr writes the rest) and right click on the RSS Feed and Copy Link Location. Then go back to your Friendfeed account paste your URL in the Feed category.

You get my point now right? Make some buzz around your site and copy the RSS Feed into I know – I feel it too – we are getting closer and closer to putting the link building on autopilot right?


Okay you get my point now. Go sign up for and use your main keyword as your username. Edit your profile and include your website URL in the box made for it.

You can also submit your blog, publish your existing articles and write a new post – while linking back to your website – with a desire anchor text. It sounds like music in my ear.





Again a free account. Again use your main keyword as your username. Again create a profile and post a link back to your homepage with your desired anchor text, to your desired web pages. has a PR6 (yes I know – Google doesn’t care much about this theses days).

(I was just told that is no longer accepting new members !!)



Well .. I don’t really have to write what to do now … right? Okay I do it… Sign up, use your mail keywords as your user name, add your blog’s URL to your profile.

Okay time for some new music. I love Paul McCartney, Sting .. And everything from 80s.



Same – set up your profile at and do it all over…



I only became aware of a few weeks ago. Qondio is an incredibly powerful resource for driving web traffic to your websites efficiently. Remember that your content on must be 100% unique, at least 500 words, you are allowed to include a keyword rich anchor text back to your homepage within your profile information. You must submit your blog and confirm you are the owner of Qondio’s verification process.

Qondio will ask other users to screen your article to make sure its high quality. So remember to do unique posts here. Very important..

Wow now we are almost done. I want to make a list of 10. So here are the 2 last ones.



On you can upload videos, photos and submit a unique blog post. So again don’t just copy and past a post. At least to some article spinning…



Get yourself a account. And yes it’s FREE. Here you can submit your blog or website to the the assigned category and write articles. Again unique and you can include up to 3 keywords. Like at the other sites use your main keyword as your username. And btw you can also add your feeds here.


I know to sign up for all theses sites will take some time. I have done it. It took me 2 hours. So now I have a lot of automatic link building back to my site. You can do it too.

And as long as you have your music and coffee you will be fine .. Promise 🙂

Good luck and all the best to you.. As always