Getting B2B leads from Google Analytic and Boost your Sale Now

Let me show you step by step how you can increase your online marketing ROI by over 30 percent just by using this free technique. Do you know that you can get a very deep insight about who visits your website? And they don’t even have to sign up for a newsletter or fill out a form. That is possible. And the best part is that it’s absolutely free.

Does blogging really brings traffic and leads to your business?

Have you ever wondered if blogging really brings more traffic to your website? Maybe it’s just something all the SEO guys are talking about. Or maybe you have a blog already for your company but you are not really sure if it brings traffic and leads to your company. Well think no more. Let’s talk some facts.

How to Boost LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media for lead generation for B2B compared to other social media. Let me show you this report from a survey from HubSpot. The study was based on 3,128 HubSpot B2B customers. And the result is really amazing. LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate by 2.60 percent - four times higher than Twitter with 0,67 percent and seven times better than Facebook with only 0,39 percent.

How to Make Lead Generation using Social Media

The ultimate goal for companies evolving in social media is leads – really rock steady, solid lead right? And it doesn't matter if we are talking B2B or B2C.