Spy on your competitor

Competitive & Marketing Intelligence. Do you really know your competitors? What are their keywords? Where are their customers coming from? There are a growing number of great tools which can help you discover a lot of useful information about your competitors.

Find the right keywords – quick and easy

When I am talking to people about SEO, many people don't really know what to do to find the right keywords for their page. How do we find them? What do we do? So I have been telling them about this method here. It's a quick and easy - step by step. So are you ready? Coffee in your cup? Let's start.

How to get into top 10 of Google

How you ever wondered what to do to get on the first page on Google. Well you don't really have to wonder anymore. I will tell you what to do.

Boost your conversion rate with dynamic keywords on your landingsite

Okay this time I will tell you something really awesome. I will show you have you can boost your conversion rate using dynamic keywords insertion. Hope you have a cup of coffee – cause you have to read this really carefully.

How to find your keywords… hmm

Well.... So many potential keywords. Where to start... Well if I was Columbus (do you know that TV show?) I would follow the money. Let me go step by step in showing you what to do in getting the right keywords for your website. Okay did you get your coffee? If yes.. Let's start...

The Secret Google Ranking Algorithme is here

So you wonder how Google calculates its ranking right? Well here it is - it's for you - and the best part is that it's FREE. Well I have to be honest to you - I don't have it from Google. The percent is taken from a 72 SEOs surveyed for SEO moz's biennial search ranking factors. But it's getting very close to the real thing.

You have a Twitter account but no traffic from Twitter?

Well I will tell you about a strategy that works. A strategy that will give you traffic. This is all about how to get Twitter followers and targeted traffic from Twitter.

Tools for SEO

Here I will collect the most awesome tools you can use to optimize your webesite. So PLEASE HELP.. tell about the tools in your comments and I will slowly build this page better and better.

The best kept secret of Google Adwords

Okay guys – I know you will hate me after this article. And why? Because I am going to give you some homework lol. Ready – you have your coffee? Okay... I have done a lot of Google AdWords and I have done all the usual stuff. A/B testing, different headlines, different text, putting the keyword in the URL... And some of that was working. (You do A/B testing by the way? If not remember always to do that). But I must admit that my CTR didn't change that much. But there is something that really can make a big change in the CTR. The trick is called Dynamic Keyword Insertion.