How to Do Keyword Research

I want to show you this awesome Infographics about how you can do your keyword research. Click on the image to see it larger :) It's made by the folks at Promodo. You will get a better understanding that every one of your pages has its owns keyword to target. Enjoy it :) Henrik

SEO the Porter Way

Do you know Porter’s 5 forces analysis? It was developed by Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School in 1979. Everybody who has read or studying marketing ever since, knows about this analysis and has been reading about it. Most of the marketing people are also using it to determine the competitive intensity and the attractiveness of a market. I have been studying marketing too - so I love it too.

Popular Keyword Suggestion Tools

Do you want to incorporate the most popular SEO strategies into your website? Would you like to transform your new pay-per-click idea into a successful one? If yes, then this could just be the turning point in your online marketing career.