New Infographic: Multi-Platform Internet Behaviours. Tablets now driving online content consumption

I am very happy to show you all this infographic. It shows how 36 key Internet behaviours play out across mulitple devices. Its all broken down into four key categories: Social, Publishing, Content and Services/App. And yes Tablets now driving the online content consumption. It's made by the guys at GlobalWebIndex. Click on the picture to see it larger. Enjoy, Henrik

SEO The Beatles Way

We all know there are two kinds of people right? Those who love the Beatles and those who are lying. But The Beatles is much more than great music, culture and old history. The Beatles is also SEO. Let me take you down memory lane and show you how The Beatles can help your search engine optimization. So here it is - SEO The Beatles way.

The Future of Online Marketing

I just found this awesome video about the future of online marketing. It's really not so far away from us. This mix of virtuality and reality. Google is playing around with it's Google Glasses and Apple is playing around with it's contact lenses. So what does it mean to us as marketers? Well it will change the world of marketing. You will make ads directly to the consumers while they are walking pass your shop. You will have to engage your potential customers.

What Happens in an Internet Minute?

Do you know what happens every minute on the Internet? How many YouTube hours of video is uploaded? How many new tweets? How many Facebook logins?

The Future Contact Lenses

We have seen the Google glasses already - but this might be the next future instead. Are you scared or excited? I think I am excited (and a little scared lol) But do take your time to enjoy the video. It really is amazing.
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Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2012 Q2 is Ready

I am very happy to show you this Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2012 Q2. And it's still free for all members of SeoCustomer. This guide contains all the post and articles from 2. Quarter 2012 about SEO, SEM, Social Media Traffic and Link Building - 92 pages.

This happen every minute on the internet

I came across this on the internet (source) and I wanted to share it with you. Do you know what happen on the internet every 60 sec?