I just love to show you this new 2014 CMO’s guide to the 2014 social landscape. It’s about SEO, Brand Awareness, Customer Communication and traffic generation. I hope it will inspire you to consider new channels for your marketing campaigns.

social media predictions 2014This is my predictions for the future of social media 2014. Take a look and let me hear your predictions.

All the best to you, Henrik






9 challenging predictions about social media 2014 from






I just came across this awesome Infographic about the billion dollar startups. Not many companies made it to a billion dollar valuation right?

This Infographic from Straff includes companies started in 2004 and onwards (2004 is the year Facebook started).








































































































Social Media Explained With Coffee smallI love coffee and Social Media- so this Infographic is just perfect for me – and I hope you will love it too.

In fact it can tell you about all the different kind of social media. I am already inspired to get myself a cup of coffee now. Cheers everybody.

Coffee is on me, Henrik






Social Media Explained With Coffee







































































socialmediaDo you know how you can cheat on the social media? How you can get hot tips and  avoid pitfalls?

I cam across this awesome InfoGraphic from the guys at, and I wanted to share it with you. Here you can get tips and tricks.

Just click on the image to make it larger.



steps to get traffic from Social MediaI think most of us know by now that social media is important when we talk about getting traffic and attention to our website. But then the problems start right? Which one should I choose for my website?

Should it be Facebook (now more than 1 billion users), Google+, Twitter, YouTube? Or what about Instagram or Pinterest?

There are so many to choose between. And it’s important that you choose too many different ones, because then you don’t have the time to really rock the boat and get your traffic.

But if you are too busy with too many social media you will not learn to master it and really get to learn a social media.

After you have learned a social media, you can start to put as much as you can on autopilot to save time, but remember that social media means you have to be social right?

Well let me show you how you can choose the right social media for your site.


Step 1 – find the right social media from your own data

I hope you are using Google Analytic – if you are not – get it now.

Go to your Google Analytic data, and look at your referral traffic. You will find it under “standard reporting”, “traffic sources”, “sources”, “referrals”.














Here you can see my report for the last month.

I get a lot of traffic from LinkedIn and then StumbleUpon and Twitter.

Facebook is only number 7 on the list. So go and check your own traffic now.


Step 2 – find the right social media from your competitors’ data

And to go Alexa and check out your competitors. Maybe I have been too lazy with my Facebook. Maybe I should spend much more time on Facebook?

I will check out A lot of people interesting in SEO are using their software.














Now I can see that uses Facebook better than I do. The number 3 traffic source for Seomoz is Facebook.

So I should try to get more active in that social media.

You can get more ideas here how to choose the right social media.


Step 3 – Now start to rock the boat

Well now you know where to start. So let me give you some advices for some of the hundreds of social media that you can find.



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Let’s get practical no more talk

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Does Google+ really help in your search ranking

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How to use YouTube for SEO



Why you need red pumps to use Pinterest



How to use Instagram


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Instagram RedThere are new social sites coming up every few months, Instagram is one of the newest ones and it has just received its 80 millionth member.

It is also one of the social sites that are quickly becoming popular with companies or public figures who are looking to connect with their fans.

It operates on the same basis as Twitter where people are able to follow any person they are interested in.

Instagram is a marketing method that many individuals and companies are adopting to help create awareness. Here are some tips on what you need to do to increase the number of followers you have.


1. Post newsworthy and interesting content

This is probably obvious to most of the users of Instagram. The truth of the matter is that only interesting content should be posted for viewership. Anything less than that will be a disservice to yourself and your followers.

The aim of being on Instagram is to get noticed and if this is what you are after, then post things that are of interest to other people. Something that will generate a buzz so to speak. Always think about your audience before you post.

Unless you are someone famous who will get hits and comments regardless of what you put up. An approach that works is that one of putting yourself in the shoes of your follower.

Think of yourself as one of your followers and see the picture you are about to post from their point of view. If you saw it and would not like it and quickly skip it to view the next one, that is probably a good enough reason for you not to post your content to begin with.

It is better to put one picture that makes a huge impression that posting a million of them that make no impact.


2. Geo-tag photos and content that you put up

The application allows individuals to put up details of where the picture or pictures were taken. If you want to get more followers in Instagram, ensure that you always post a picture accompanied by details about where the picture was taken.

When you include the location of where the picture was taken, it will grouped together with every other photo available that was taken in that same location and that means other people who uploaded their geo mapped photos will be able to view yours as well.

There is a high chance that they will follow you since you visit the same places they do. If you have not been doing this already, then start now. It is never too late to start.


3. Like and Comment

You can’t expect to get noticed if you yourself do not notice the work of others. If you want to increase the number of your followers on Instagram, ensure that you like other people’s photos.

Do this especially for pictures that are most popular with the rest of the users. Narrow down your liking to pictures that are relevant to you though. Liking every picture that is posted will give people the impression that you are a serial liker so to speak. You don’t want to seem that way.

That’s the reason why you should like and comment with caution. Pick the ones that resonate with you and your interests. Much as liking every picture you see will lead to some people following you, be careful and pick followers that rank high on the Instagram platform.

If you like such posts, you are likely to get followed by serious individuals.


4. Use Hash Tags

Just like the Twitter platform, you can attach hash tags to every picture that you put up.

Many people who are prowling the Instagram platform often search for content they are looking for by looking for a particular hash tag. Kind of like how people type in particular keywords on a search engine to find what they are looking for.

It may seem like a tedious affair attaching tags to every post you put but it is well worth the effort when all is said and done. It is by far the most effective tool for getting noticed on Instagram.

More so when you are not very familiar with how Instagram works. Ensure that every hash tag you use has a relation to what the image on the picture is trying to portray. It doesn’t hurt to be creative when using this very effective tool.

If you set a trend then you are obviously going to get more followers.


5. Promote Yourself On All Platforms

Use other social network platforms to market yourself. If you already have a large following there, let them know that you are now using Instagram and urge or coerce them to follow you there. Make yourself known by putting yourself out there.


Steve writes for Buy Instagram Followers – a website designed to help boost your Instagram likes and Instagram profile artificially.