Just click on the infographic to see it larger. I hope you will love this Infographic about authorship with Google. Remember to check out this

Okay so what do you think – is SEO dead?

Well I don’t think so – but the rules are changing all the time. But again I love that the rules are changing all the time.

Time for my coffee. Enjoy the infographic and your coffee. Just click on the image a couple of times and you will see it large.















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TheSeoPuzzleSmallI love Infographics – and I think this one gives me a great insight into SEO and how to work with it. So I hope you will enjoy it too.

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I just came across this awesome Infographic about the billion dollar startups. Not many companies made it to a billion dollar valuation right?

This Infographic from Straff includes companies started in 2004 and onwards (2004 is the year Facebook started).








































































































I just made this Infographic to give you all a step by step guide how to rock your website. You are all welcome to put this Infographic on your site as long as you link back to – I love to get backlinks too.

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How to Rock your site

I just came across all this awesome Infographics from Teach To Fish Digital and I wanted to share them with you guys.

So time for coffee and Infographics.




























































































Well I better stop now – my coffee is getting cold.

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socialmediaDo you know how you can cheat on the social media? How you can get hot tips and  avoid pitfalls?

I cam across this awesome InfoGraphic from the guys at, and I wanted to share it with you. Here you can get tips and tricks.

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embedded infographic logoDo you know what happens every minute on the Internet? 

  • How many YouTube hours of video is uploaded?
  • How many new tweets?
  • How many Facebook logins?

Well click on the picture to the left and check it out. The infograhic is from Intel.

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Statistics, dates, facts, anecdotes, graphs, charts, imagesthe Internet is saturated with data. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that our time is often called the “Information Age.”

This, of course, has some pros and cons. If you want to know something, chances are you can learn it. If you want to get a message out there, however, this massive amount of information can make it hard to get your voice heard. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, if you’re struggling to make your message relevant within the sea of online data, then it is high time you gave infographics a shot.

Infographics provide an elegant and attractive way to combine images, text and data in a unified and cohesive way. If you have a piece of information (in just about any format—timeline, pictogram, chart, graph, whatever—then there is a way to include it within an infographic in a visually appealing way.

You might be a little hesitant to try something new with your website so here are five reasons to consider infographics as the perfect option for you.


Aesthetic Appeal

Nobody likes looking at a screen filled with nothing more than black text on a white background. It’s boring and makes everything blend together. Inserting an infographic will break up long stretches of text and give an immediate impression—and we all know what they say about first impressions.

Viewers will be inclined to stay on the page before they even know anything about the content it presents.


Emphasizing the Important Stuff

We live in a fast paced world. Everyone seems to be in a hurry. If you have some especially pertinent data that you want viewers to see then chances are you only have a matter of seconds to grab their attention.

Infographics immediately draw a viewer’s eye so presenting your most important data in this way will ensure that they see that before anything else. Larger, more colorful images tend to hold viewers’ attention more than smaller images so an infographic will be much more effective than the simple boldfaced type.


Clear Comparisons

If you are in a competitive industry (and let’s be honest, in today’s global economy, every industry is a competitive industry) then infographics can be a great way to highlight the benefits you offer in comparison with your competitors.

Presenting side-by-side data and images is a great way to highlight what sets your company or product apart.

Viewers will be more easily persuaded if they can see the differences between products, statistics, or data than they will be if you simply tell them.


Increased Credibility

Utilizing infographics on your website enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, visual quality, and production value of your site, thus reinforcing an enhanced sense of credibility.

It takes more effort and expertise to create an infographic than it does to type a paragraph of text. Viewers pick up on this intuitively and will likely assume that commitment to quality in this specific aspect equates to commitment to quality in all facets of your business.


Presenting Detailed Information Clearly

Viewers don’t want to spend extra time trying to figure out complex data and extremely detailed information if it isn’t presented clearly. An infographic allows you to present detailed figures and data with the clarifying quality of illustration and elegant visual organization that helps viewers understand important concepts. The more complicated the data the more helpful an infographic will become. Infographics are also a great way to help viewers make connections between different sets of data.















seooptI just came across this Infographic about the conversion rate optimization – and wanted to share it with you guys.

All our efforts getting traffic to our site really doesn’t matter if we can make the visitors do what we want them to do right?

So choose “The Good Path” in the Infographic.

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